Target audience: mentors

This group is for people who do:

  • IRC core mentoring office hours,
  • mentor at sprints,
  • self-identify as mentors, or
  • are interested in the general principles of mentoring in the Drupal community.

We are not *doing* mentoring here

It is really important that actual mentoring happen in public:

  • on the actual issues (make comments, it is really OK!), or
  • in IRC #drupal or #drupal-contribute (talk in IRC, it is really OK!).

Please politely redirect any questions about contribution to issues or IRC.

Are you a new contributor?

If you are a new contributor, and have questions about how to get involved,
please do not ask them here. Instead:

  • ask them in IRC in #drupal or #drupal-contribute any day, any time,
  • check to find some specific times when mentors will be in IRC
  • check your account profile page has a dashboard and there are some links to getting into contribution there, also
  • see the Getting Involved handbook page.

Mentor to Mentor Discussions

Use this group to post announcements to mentors.

See also which has information about staying in contact regarding mentoring things, like the twitter account and calendar. Please go read that page. Also, read the children pages there. There is a lot of useful information about how to do mentoring, how to find tasks for new contributors, and how to plan or host a sprint.

Mentor issues, tag, queues

Some discussions should be in mentor issues:

Other groups

Other related groups:

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[Meta] mentoring mentor meeting March 7 2014 UTC 20:30 -- Notes

Notes from the March 7 meta mentoring meeting:

I did not get permission from the attendees to post the notes... so this is a bare summary. Will get permission next time so more detail can be included.

Meeting agenda/notes

dev days

drupal south

IRC mentoring


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Reusable mentor indentifiers: shirts, buttons, for Drupal events

Camps have thought they could benefit from mentor identifiers like DrupalCons have.

It's expensive to print t-shirts for mentors for every Drupal event,
events could print t-shirts that mentors bring back to other events.


  • Increased recognition through repetition, a global representation of mentors.
  • Simple for events, no need to design something new. Just locally source, re-using design.
  • A better fit for purpose, no need for event logos, they could even have the word "mentor" on them!
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New Hampshire Drupal Service Providers

This page is meant to be a comprehensive list of both companies and individuals in New Hampshire that work with Drupal and provide Drupal related services. If you see items that need to be added or edited, please help by editing this wiki page.

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