New: Drupal Quickstart 0.9.1 patch release

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Hello, I just released an update to Drupal Quickstart:

Version 0.9.1

This release works almost exactly the same as the 0.9 release, but fixes two issues:

  • Drush make file problem that appeared after the Git migration
  • Git 417 errors caused by squid proxy server

Quickstart 0.9 was broken "out-of-the-box" after the Git migration, so I wanted to release an updated version. 0.9.1 also includes some minor bug fixes and features that have piled up since the 0.9 release. If your 0.9 ain't broke, no need to replace it.

This version of Quickstart was built using Virtualbox 4.0.4, so please update if you experience compatibility issues.

The next release will probably be a 1.0 and include Ubuntu 11.04. Not sure the exact timing on this.

Cheers, and thanks for everything you do for open source,


Drupal Quickstart 0.9.1 patch release:


Minor features and fixes:

  • Show blob data in phpmyadmin as string not hex. Also make editable.
  • Show 1000 rows by default in phpmyadmin
  • Improved debugging for WSOD (display_errors = On)
  • Shorten computer name in terminal (easier to read)
  • Fix drush qc bug re: drush site-install D6 (remove site-install6)
  • Update to drush 4 and drush make (install with git instead of wget)


Downoad Link

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It appears that the download link at for 0.9.1 isn't working

Hi, I broke the link to fix

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Hi, I broke the link to fix the torrent file.

All the links and the torrent are fixed now, so go for it!

If you aren't finding any seeds, delete the torrent and fresh copy.

Damn! I lied. There was a

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Damn! I lied. There was a copy left in Varnish. Anyways, now the link and torrents are fixed.

Through my own stupidity, there are two copies of this torrent file in the wild. At this point, it is what it is.

If you have zero seeds, you probably have the wrong one. The right one is 24722 bytes. Please clear your browser cache, and re-download the torrent.

Sorry for any inconvenience,


I don't know if somehow I

Pyment's picture

I don't know if somehow I have my uTorrent configured wrong. I get to announcing then it goes into a countdown for when it will announce again. No seeds. It worked with 0.9.0.

I created a Drupal site using Xampp a few years ago. Maybe I should try again?

Hi Pyment, Re: uTorrent,

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Hi Pyment,

Re: uTorrent, delete the torrent and re-download. Verify the torrent file is 24722 bytes. Next, check your client configuration. Your upstream network may have blocked a port or something. Consult the uTorrent documentation for how to test and fix this. I've uploaded a dozen copies of 0.9.1 so far, and can see 10 seeds (from 2 different computers).

Xampp is a great project. Do what makes you most happy Pyment :-)


I tried to do that yesterday.

Pyment's picture

I tried to do that yesterday. I had done a search yesterday of my C drive for files containing "quickstart". I thought I got them all. I re-downloaded the file at 1:30 PM CST

This AM after reading your post, I checked the file and it was 23.1 KB. I deleted it and re-downloaded the file. Now it is the right size.

It appears to be working.

Thanks. I will probably work with both and compare the two methods.

Is there an update without needing to download?

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Is there a way to update these fixes without having to download a new vm?


Hi, short answer no.

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Hi Izmeez, the short answer is no.

The two major issues are linked to their issues, which have workarounds.

The minor features and fixes are only available through the download.

Good luck!


Is it working now?

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The link above seems not working now...... I can not download it, the error message is "This webpage is not available"

Could you send it to my email ?



Hi, to download Quickstart,

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Hi, to download Quickstart, try the link on this page:

In the page

zwm136200's picture

In the page , the download link is :

Do you mean any other download link I can use? is down

danieltome's picture

Is there any other place to download the torrent? is down and searching for the torrent in Google returns 0 results. Quickstart-0.9.1.torrent

Is it possible to upload the torrent on this page ( instead of having an external link?

Hello Danno, For some reason

MichaelCole's picture

Hello Danno,

For some reason my AWS instance is inaccessible. I just put in a trouble ticket. Check back in a few hours, or tomorrow.

It's not really possible, and having it on my site helps me understand how many people are downloading the project.

Thanks :-)


site is back up

danieltome's picture

ok.. I just downloaded the file. So you can disregard my PM.

I wonder if you can have statistics on files that are uploaded to

While your site was down, I downloaded vagrant and gave that a test. I'll have to see which one of the two suits my dev team the best.


Good luck Daniel, I hope you

MichaelCole's picture

Good luck Daniel, I hope you find whatever works best for you!

Be sure to contribute something back :-)


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