Long Beach Drupal Meetup Feb 28th - prep for Drupal8 sprint (plus D7, too)

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2013-02-28 19:00 - 21:00 America/Los_Angeles
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User group meeting

This month we hope to do some preparation for the upcoming Drupal 8 sprint: http://groups.drupal.org/node/277768 -- perhaps if we have enough local interest we can join the sprint formally as a group the weekend of Mar 9. Otherwise, our goal is to help everyone interested in joining this, or another sprint, to be prepared and have the tools they need to help contribute to Drupal.

It will likely be pretty informal and very hands on Q&A. We'll also have lots of time for networking and general Drupal Q&A.

We're still working out details for this months meetup, if you have something to share, please contact an organizer or leave a comment.

About the meetup

Each month we come together to learn or share something about Drupal or web development in general. WE Labs is our new venue and this will be our third meetup there. Its located in the heart of downtown Long Beach and is a kind of incubator for everything exciting and new happening in Long Beach. Be sure to check out their website, especially if you're looking for an awesome coworking space: www.welabs.us


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I have heard that porting sites will be easier in D8.
I'd also like to hear about responsive images if possible. I understand there are a lot of roads leading to Rome so to speak. Will that change in D8?


From what I can tell porting

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From what I can tell porting sites will be about the same to D8 as they where in D7. With that said, you do not need to port to D8 unless your running your site on D6, modules that you depend on have become Obsolete/Unsupported, or D8 has a feature that is required for further development.

In general the adoption rate for D8 should be faster than D7 for new projects. This has more to do with many of the modules that site builders depend on are now in core.

If you are interested in porting a module to D8, then now is the time to get started. CMI will take some getting used to as will the absence of variable_get and variable_set. However, hook_menu is still in core so one doesn't necessarily need to port all at once if they start now. They could move the configuration over to CMI and then wait till the routing system is a bit more stable before they tackle replacing hook_menu.

As it always is with programming I can build a site completely different from the say you build a site. I think that is part of the strength of the system.


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Thanks. I think I used the wrong terminology. By porting I meant moving a site from dev to test to live or just simply from localhost to live remote. There are a lot of methods for doing that. GIT, BAM, PhpMyAdmin, Drush rsync and sql sync, FTP etc. Has been a challenge learning how to do it right. Wondering if it will be getting easier in D8.

yes. content and

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yes. content and configuration have been (totally?) separated. this should make it much easier to push new features/changes in a workflow such as:

local --> QA --> stage --> production

(but we're still a long way away from D8 to worry about it unless you're contributing to help get it released this year)

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Can someone post a few link

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Can someone post a few link to the subject covered during this meetup?

I was looking for the event that listed the how to contribute links but can't find it.


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