Long Beach Drupal Meetup

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2013-06-27 18:00 - 21:00 America/Los_Angeles
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User group meeting

Check the comments for more info!

This meetup was cobbled together at the last minute today. Join us if you can!

UPDATE: We've decided on Belmont Brewing Company as the meetup location.

We want to check out what is going on with Drupal 8 as we approach code freeze. We might even get a little contribution in tonight.


Where we should meet?

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Downtown might be easier for those of you travelling ... if so, maybe we could meetup at Beachwood brewing company -- which has quite a nice selection of beer plus free wifi, and a nice outdoor patio. its also walking distance to at least 10 other similar venues, so it's a good starting point if we decide to meet downtown. (parking may be more $$ downtown)

Belmont has two options, either LA Net which is the office we've used many times over the last few years. Or Belmont Brewing Company has a nice outdoors overlooking the harbor ... and usually a nice ocean breeze. I think both have plentiful free parking after 6p

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I can talk about the

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I can talk about the experience of trying to upgrade a module from D7 to D8.

:) did you follow webchicks'

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:) did you follow webchicks' guide: http://webchick.net/node/118

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Alas, I did not. The pants

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Alas, I did not. The pants module doesn't have any style processing ;)

map(s)/links to possible venues

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Belmont Brewing Company? (next to Belmont pier)

Beachwood BBQ? (on the Promenade in Downtown Long Beach - 2hrs free parking at the Mall parking Structure)

LA Net? across street from where we'll likely start: Christy's on Broadway (Free street parking).

I'm leaning towards voting for Belmont Brewing, because thund3rbox said he'll find a way to make it out if we meet there.

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Belmont Brewing

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Looks like a fine place to me.

Belmont Brewing Company it is!

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I'll update the post with the venue!

BBC it is... sounds good...

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BBC it is... sounds good... I'm heading down in just a bit

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