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Videos Posted: Design for Drupal Camp Boston

The video we captured is posted and linked off the Session pages.

Titles with "+ Slides + Video" for example on the end will have those resources.

We hope that those that could not attend will enjoy some of the goodness we shared at MIT on June 13 and 14, 2009.

A special thanks to Sheeri Cabral and her assistant Ed Carlevale for their brilliant production work.

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Matt Cheney's Swish-E presentation now online

A screen cast of Matt Cheney's presentation on Swish-E Indexer module, from the June SF Drupal User's Group, is now online. Please provide feedback on what could be better (about the screencast; feedback on Matt's presentation can go to him... ;-)). I know the sound is low when audience members are asking questions, which is a challenge....

I got this up and edited in slightly less time than last month. Most importantly I got it done before the next SF Drupal User's Group (July 14th - look out for a post on this).

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Neil Drumm / SFDUG screencast

Here's a screencast of Neil's presentation at last month's SFDUG (33 mins). I've posted it on a channel, but I will link that with so it gets posted there too for future use.

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Video Podcasting on Drupal

I am currently working on a project for the Las Vegas Drupal Group and I'm in need of some suggestions for video embedding/podcasting modules. I'm curious what modules everyone that's doing vcasting with a Drupal-based site are using... like, is there anything out there module-wise that's like the CCK/Views of the video world?

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Wanted: Drupal Broadcasters!

Are you interested in video on the web and looking for a project to hone your skills? Do you want to raise your karma and your profile in the Drupal community?

Every month Roland and I try to live video stream and record the monthly meetings, but we need help! If you're looking for an opportunity to try out video recording, audio recording, or live streaming, let us know. We aren't looking for fancy, and there doesn't have to be a lot of equipment involved. If you have a current generation Macintosh notebook and an Eye Sight camera, you can help! In fact, we need someone to live stream the Thursday March 26th meeting.

We'd also like to explore student sponsorship opportunities. If you know someone in the local video and/or educational community who could help, please introduce us!

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Drupal Dojo + =

During the Drupal Dojo Birds-of-a-Feather meeting at DrupalCon Boston we discussed two seperate items that I believe are interconnected: figuring out how to get more video lessons into the Dojo and doing a better job of attracting more potential teachers and students to the site. To address the first of these issues, I committed myself to doing outreach to individuals and companies who are creating video-based instructional materials to try and get them to submit their work to the Dojo. After that session I started to look around the series of tubes known as the "Internet" and I found quite a few videos. But, what I also noticed was that a good percentage of those videos already are being shared with the Drupal community, but through rather than the Dojo, which oddly doesn't seem to appear on the videocast pages at all. This brought to mind something that I've heard Josh and others talk about, the idea that we should consider moving the dojo to something more aligned with itself, and I have to say that the more I think about it, the more sense it makes to me.

So, my question is this: does it make sense to consolidate our collective efforts in one location that is better connected with d.o. itself? Something like, or possibly as a subsection of a <a href=">tutorials section of the site (which is where the videocasts now sit), which could be called something like

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10 min video clip from DrupalCampLA has an excerpt from a really great discussion that ensued at DrupalCampLA during Firebright's dissertation on how hard it really is to properly upgrade the featureset on a Drupal site that's live and active.

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FrOSCon Drupal-Track videos available

The video recordings of FrOSCon are available now.
Anyone interested, finds the BitTorrent links in the d.o handbook pages [1].
A streaming version of all twelfe videos is available on our website at [2].

In cooperation with our freelancers Claudia Todt and Kai Thierfelder, who actually did all the hard work with filming and capturing, we managed to produce some nice videos. Thanks to them and all the other people involved, we had a great time heard many interesting things.


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Looking For Feedback/Criticisms on Videocasts

I've been doing a series of videocasts at for a few months now with the goal of showing new Drupal users "how things can work".

I'd like to keep things directed at making it easy for new users to jump and and get their head around some of the terminology, how works, and where they can get more info.

What do types of topics do you think would be most beneficial to new users? What are some of the concepts you can think of that are easy to a developer, but like flying a space ship to a new user? Any other suggestions?

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Quellen des Lernens

Die Quellen meiner Drupal Weisheit.

Alles auf ausländisch, sorry.

Ich liebe Podcasts und Videocasts... Habt ihr noch mehr?

    10 Podcasts (ab episode 30) für blutige Anfänger. Geeks & God ist genau das richtige. Thanks and Praise!
  5. <---- hab ich noch nicht gesehen/gehört
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