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I can't disable map zooming when inserting it into a View


I've inserted a GMAP macro into a view but I can't manage to disable the mouse zooming. I've tried to disable it at admin/settings/gmap but it doesn't work with all the maps that I have placed into a GMAP View.

I really need to disable it, since the map has the same widht than the screen, so when someone wants to scroll down with the mouse, it makes a Zoom instead, which is really annoying and not user-friendly.


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Zoom on markers and create sidebar/Block with categories

Hi all, Im new to the group, hope you are all well!

I have been switching a site that i have been working on into using Drupal rather than my own fully coded site. So far its all going well and just recently i discovered that Drupal also has support for Google Map API. This is great news as i already have the google api working on my site as i want it so if i can get the Gmap and location modules to acheive what i already have that should almost complete the site and i can go LIVE!

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Having alot oi trouble with Gmap

I am having difficult time displaying my cck fild in the map I create in views they are all type text. Can anyone help please?

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GMap popups

So, I've been trying to use views with CCK, Location, and GMap for a few days now. I can get everything working fine, but there is one problem that I can't figure out. I made a GMap styled node view and everything comes up fine except for the popup info. The popups work fine, but the only data that is put into the popup is the label for each field.

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New Module - GMap Extra Markers

I created mapping module just thought I would let the group know about. GMap Extra Markers allows you to combine the markers from multiple views onto map created by GMap. I created it because wanted to show the different content types on the same map and each type need its own filtering (causing the need for multiple views). Each view can have its own marker. Right now it is only for Drupal 5 but if there is interest I will upgrade it to Drupal 5.

To use:



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Topic for Tues: Issue with Views, Location, node_reference, and filtering on terms for a related node


I'm rebuilding the site in Drupal, with the very awesome assistance of himerus (Jake Strawn). There's a very complicated View to build and we could really use some input on how to make this happen. We will be there on Tuesday night for the Boston meet up. I've also cross-posted this to my blog as well, so there may be other comments there:

There are two content types, Restaurant and Soup (a restaurant can have more than one soup).

Client requirement:
1. The site visitor will click their state/province.

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GeoIP-enabled directory site contract developer | Healing Thresholds Autism Therapy site

Employment type: 

We have an exciting project to create a GeoIP-enabled directory of therapists for our autism therapy site. Even if you're not interested in doing the work, I'd love the expertise of people in the Business Directory, Classifieds, and Newspapers groups on whether we're taking a smart approach or not.

Thanks in advance for any comments or suggestions.

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Make Latitude & Longitude compulsory fields? and Location & gmap not working together properly...


Using the CCK, location, views, gmap and Gmap_location modules, I have 2 main problems;

  1. I CANNOT find a way to set the 'latitude & longitude' fields as 'required' on a CCK form

  2. Is there any way for these Location and Gmap modules to work together to 'validate' each other and not allow bizarre types of location data into a node type? (E.g. not allowing to form to save something like city: London, country: USA, GEO co-ordinates: tokyo)

This is what i have done...

I have installed the following modules: Location, Gmap, Gmap location, CCK, views.

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Drupal Lead Developper | PROMETE

Employment type: 
Full time
Not allowed

Located in the South of France, PROMETE is a startup developing Pest and Disease Decision Support Systems for Agricultural business sector.
We manage a large network of weather stations on the french territory and centralize their data onto our servers. They are then process through some algorithms - so called - Decision Support Systems.

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Google Map API key on multisites


I'm developing locally (with my /etc/hosts tweaked to point 3 domains at localhost), which are configured using the Domain module to all use the same code and database (as opposed to a true multi-site).

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