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Nginx, Mac OS X, Media Module Upload Troubles

Hi, I'm posting this because I'm at my wits end with trying to solve this one issue I'm having.

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Media module messes with alt tag

With the media module, image fields in D7 require the following changes to generate alt tags, which should be the default:
Please check - I hope that I am wrong: I have been waiting for them to fix it since am using the "Open Outreach" distribution & bypassing the problem until fixed.
I tested both the 2.0-unstable and dev versions:

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Feature request:Integrate Video and image galleries into Commons

I think it would be very useful,if we could create some Video and Image galleries in Commons using the Media module.Every community site needs such galleries.
What are your thoughts on it?thanks

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Social network site using the Media module

what I think is missing from Drupal is a distribution/social network site that has multimedia as the central point.
So as people can share photos,videos etc.And the Media module could play an important role on this.
Is anyone interested on such a social network?Any thoughts?

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Commons and Media module

I would like to see next version of Commons with D7 to support also the Media module so as someone can upload and use Images and Videos.
What are you thinking of it?

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Media module and comments on individual media entities

I've started to test the new media module (beta 2) and must say that this looks very promising.
But I can't figure out how to enable comments on individual media entities in the gallery. Is this possible, or is this still not implemented?



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Media DX Summit 2010

MDX 2010 FTW!

With a Drupal Beta planned for May 21, the time is coming for a Media Beta as well! Before we can do that, however, there are a few loose ends to tie up. I've identified two critical pieces for a happy Developer's eXperience (DX) before I'll be happy doing that. There are certainly more: see the Media issue queue for more.

MetaData Handling

The Media module creates Media entity objects, which are fieldable. That means we can already attach any fields or taxonomy to any media object, which goes a long way towards handling metadata. However, Media metadata needs are variable and complex. For instance, a field might be fine for adding a taxonomy vocabulary for Video genre or Bird species, but you would need something better if you want to automatically add video duration, YouTube categories, or grab a music file's getID3 data. Basically, we need a larger discussion of what's necessary, what's possible, and how we get there. See this Media metadata issue for more background.

Display Formatting

Currently, we're using the Styles module to power display formatting. We may or may not continue using that. In any case, we'll need to ensure the formatters more closely follow Media Types, and we'll need to offer a pluggable UI for changing formatter style presets, similar to Image Styles (Imagecache in core, for those not yet familiar).

Media DX Summit 2010?

I'd love to lock up some fellow developers for a couple of days in a room to bang on these ideas. At the same time, my partner Gwen is due on May 22 for our second child, so firstly, I can't really travel any time in the foreseeable future, and secondly, even if we had a summit here in Harrisburg, it would either have to be like this week, or in mid-summer. Considering the deadlines involved for this, we need to get cranking. Thus, the summit I would love to see happen will probably either have to happen remotely, or perhaps without my involvement. :(

Anything Else?

Are there any other issues you would suggest to be critical beta-blockers? Do you have any thoughts to add to the issues I've suggested? Please add to this thread!

Aaron Winborn

(Cross-posted at

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Embedded Media Field Roadmap for Version 2

FYI, Alex UA and I are planning a version 2 of Embedded Media Field, in part to prepare for the transition to the Media module for Drupal 7.

Here's the road map, mostly for my reference:

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Need Local Ambassador in Nebraska for GSOC Student

The Boost Drupal Media Module Development project for the Google Summer of Code 2009 is looking for co-mentors and local Drupal ambassadors, if you're interested! We specifically are looking for people connected to the community living near Lincoln, Nebraska, who would be willing to make sure student Jon Stacey takes a break from his computer every now and then...

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Media Sprint at Open Media Camp in Denver!

Make sure to attend the Media Sprint Update Panel and join the Media Sprint 2009 at Open Media Camp in Denver, on April 18-19!

The presenters of this panel, including Aaron Winborn (aaron), Arthur Foelsche (arthurf), and Alex Urevick-Ackelsberg (Alex UA), will discuss the ongoing efforts of the Media Sprint by the Drupal Media working group to bring to fruition the Media module and related work.

This panel will begin with a demonstration and discussion of the current state of the ongoing development of the Media module, and a thorough examination of the concept for its extensible API. Finally, we'll discuss the near and far-term plans, including the Media Sprint planned for the next day of the Open Media Camp.

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