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Drupal Developer | Natural Resources Canada

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Not allowed

For a project being led by Natural Resources Canada, Earth Sciences Sector, I am looking for a list of Ottawa firms with experience developing in Drupal that are currently listing through either:

* Temporary Help Services (THS)
* Standing Offer

with the Government of Canada in the National Capital Region (Ottawa / Gatineau).

Contract start date: ASAP
Contract end date: March 31, 2011

Positions: Intermediate and Senior Website Support
Position Classification Descriptions:

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Best modules for enabling triple tags

Hi there! New to Drupal. I need help.

What module(s) or resources are best to help me enable triple tags, where:
1. Each tag is composed of a subject, predicate, and object.
2. The subject, predicate, and object can be chosen from specific nodes on my site. Each field can suggest nodes as you type.
3. Two nodes with the same name can be differentiated by an ID or something.

My goal is to link my nodes into a linked graph that can be queried by something like views. I want to display the relationships between nodes.

Thanks for your help!


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How can I implement this in Drupal? (Display WMS from Geoserver on Map, based on node)


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CCK Version of Facebook-style Micropublisher Needed! (Facebook Style Link Attachment)

Hi all,

I've been wrestling with this for a while now, and read various conversations about why the Facebook-style Micropublisher module was designed the way it was, without using CCK and non-node based. But looking at the way Drupal is going and the modular approach it is taking, especially with fields being core in D7, I think that this type of functionality would be superb to be able to achieve using the various CCK modules.

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Media DX Summit 2010

MDX 2010 FTW!

With a Drupal Beta planned for May 21, the time is coming for a Media Beta as well! Before we can do that, however, there are a few loose ends to tie up. I've identified two critical pieces for a happy Developer's eXperience (DX) before I'll be happy doing that. There are certainly more: see the Media issue queue for more.

MetaData Handling

The Media module creates Media entity objects, which are fieldable. That means we can already attach any fields or taxonomy to any media object, which goes a long way towards handling metadata. However, Media metadata needs are variable and complex. For instance, a field might be fine for adding a taxonomy vocabulary for Video genre or Bird species, but you would need something better if you want to automatically add video duration, YouTube categories, or grab a music file's getID3 data. Basically, we need a larger discussion of what's necessary, what's possible, and how we get there. See this Media metadata issue for more background.

Display Formatting

Currently, we're using the Styles module to power display formatting. We may or may not continue using that. In any case, we'll need to ensure the formatters more closely follow Media Types, and we'll need to offer a pluggable UI for changing formatter style presets, similar to Image Styles (Imagecache in core, for those not yet familiar).

Media DX Summit 2010?

I'd love to lock up some fellow developers for a couple of days in a room to bang on these ideas. At the same time, my partner Gwen is due on May 22 for our second child, so firstly, I can't really travel any time in the foreseeable future, and secondly, even if we had a summit here in Harrisburg, it would either have to be like this week, or in mid-summer. Considering the deadlines involved for this, we need to get cranking. Thus, the summit I would love to see happen will probably either have to happen remotely, or perhaps without my involvement. :(

Anything Else?

Are there any other issues you would suggest to be critical beta-blockers? Do you have any thoughts to add to the issues I've suggested? Please add to this thread!

Aaron Winborn

(Cross-posted at

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Web Developer | Minnesota Historical Society

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Full time
Not allowed

The Minnesota Historical Society's Enterprise Technology & Business Development department seeks an experienced and innovative Web Developer to design, prototype, program, test and implement database driven web applications used by a range of audiences from elementary students to museum visitors to researchers.

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Theme Timeslots Metadata Kevin Stefan ichat Summary

This is a summary of several iChat conversations between Kevin and I re: theme timeslots and metadata

The Problems / Issues

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Images in newspaper

Using Drupal 6.13 .
I'm building a news site but there's one problem I don't now how to solve - the images database.
I'd like to ask You how do You do that.
I mean - site should have image database with taxonomy so that editor may search for images based on taxonomy.
So I need a module:
1. to upload many images and transforms metadata like description to tags
2. module to search through these images on the base of taxonomy
3. module that allows attaching an image from taxonomy database image.

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Open Media Metadata Standards Proposal

I've posted a Open Media Metadata Standards Proposal to the Open Media Project drupal group. This may be of interest to some on this group.'s picture

New Module: Image Nodes Now Inherit The EXIF and IPTC Metadata of the Image Uploaded

From the MAQUM (Metadata Aware Quick Upload Module) project page:

MAQUM is short for Metadata Aware Quick Upload Module. MAQUM works with (and relies upon) Drupal's image module to upload images. Instead of uploading an image directly with the image module, upload an image through MAQUM and MAQUM will process your image's metadata and create your image node. ExifTool must be installed on your server as MAQUM requires it to read your images' metadata.

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