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Generar traducciones de forma automática (sin pulsar Traducir/Añadir traduccion y guardar por cada lenguage y contenido).

!Hola compis Drupaleros¡

Para añadir contenidos a mi aplicación web he usado migrate, schema, views, table wizard. Todo me ha funcionado de forma correcta, se han importado incluso los campos que he añadido con CCK. Pero sólo puedo importar en un único idioma de los tres que tengo (español, ingles y aleman).

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Multilingual D7 Session for DrupalCon Chicago 2011

Support for multilingual D7 is not ready yet, but it certainly be until DrupalCon Chicago in March. We're so committed to it that we proposed a session on about just that:

Once you register to this DrupalCon (which I'm sure you're going to), remember to check out this session proposal and vote for it.

It's going to be fun.

You'll be hearing about how Drupal manages translations, how to build a multilingual theme and how to get existing translations for Drupal core and contributed modules.

Until the session, you can view the status in our multilingual D7 progress page.

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Drupal developer | Duthler Associates

Employment type: 

The project will be to implement a website that is based on an existing graphical design. This design must be implemented as a drupal theme. The site must be multilingual (e.g. i18n module) but maintain one single navigation structure. The site must include a module for calendar/event items. The site must also include a document library module to offer downloadable white papers only to specific (groups of) customers.

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Help with i18n multilingual variables in global.inc

Since settings.php gets overwritten during migrations or verifications I want to put the i18n variables into global.inc, but only apply them if i18n is enabled.

I've put the following code into global.inc:

if (module_exists('i18n')) {
    $conf['i18n_variables'] = array(

As soon as I save the change, though, I get this WSOD error on all sites:

Fatal error: Call to undefined function module_exists() in /var/aegir/config/includes/global.inc on line 23

Any idea why that is?

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Simpletest with multilingual sites

i am using simpletest with a multilingual drupal 6 site. whenever simpletest executes a link, by using clickLink or drupalLogin for example, the url gets corrupted.

this is because the language code always appears twice in the url. for example: http://example.com/de/de/node.

i was wondering if someone else ran into this issue when testing a multilingual site with simpletest? do you know of any workarrounds / fixes to this issue? (http://drupal.org/node/944066)

thanks a lot,

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Adding Strings for Translation for Accessibility

There are a number of places where for accessibility in D7 we still need to add strings to fields in core. There are still quite a few missing labels for fields in and this is very important so that individuals using screen readers have an opportunity to understand what the field represents. We want to do this however in a way which doesn't loading a tonne more work on translators.

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i18n dil değiştirici ayarları sorunu


http://www.fematek.com adresinde kurmuş olduğum drupal 6.19 çekirdek ve Internationalization 6.x-1.7 kullanıyorum.

Diller/multilingual system sayfasında, "Mixed current language (if available) or default language (if not) and language neutral." seçili. pathauto kurulu durumda.

şimdi sorunum şu:

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Integrating Drupal, Democracy in Action and, and i18n for form submissions

Hey all,

Dev seed did an interesting integration with DIA and Drupal.


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Translating strings in module admin pages

We're facing a bit of a sticky problem and are looking for ideas around it. It started with SEO for multilingual sites, but is more general than that.

Some module (e.g., Nodewords), create texts in their own tables. These texts are displayed to visitors (page title, meta description and other), so they need to be translated.

We can use drupal_alter to filter these texts and translate them. The only problem is, how to organize the translations.

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Webform + i18n

Does anyone have recent experience with webforms in a fully internationalised Drupal website?
I saw that the webform module does not fully support the i18n system but there have been patches that successfully address some issues (see: http://drupal.org/node/245424).

Do you think it's worth trying to make it work? or shall I go for a CCK-based solution? I won't be needing anything very complex, just a few beefed-up contact forms. Webforms work really well for that because of the email integration and csv export functionality.

Any opinions will be greatly appreciated!

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