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Show default block in a region

I'd like to have a specific block show in a region if there is no theme > block specified for that region. Notzach recommend the Context module, but that might be overkill for this single use case.

Here's the scenario:
I'm using the genesis theme, and the region is "secondary_content". This region will always have one block, the superfish menu block. The balance of available menus will be determined by settings on my theme's block page.

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Implementation of Simplecart(js) into | yapay!

Employment type: 

Integration of *multiple* Simplecart(js) into


I have expanded the project specification and made it much more complete, based on the comments I have received from various developers around the world.

Click here for the final specification.

If the above link doesn't work, try

Thank you

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Hjälp med argument i views

Jag har en content type: Page, i page finns ett fält som heter nr_of_notes. I min sidebar har jag ett view-block med notes. Meningen är att man ska kunna ändra "Inlägg att visa"(number of posts)-antalet i views med hjälp av nr_of_notes-fältet. Så skriver jag i 5 i nr_of_notes, ska det visas 5 stycken notes på just den sidan.

Jag får ut content-typen notes, men kan inte filtrera ner dem.

if($node) {
$view->nodes_per_page = $node->field_nr_of_notes[0]['value'];
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Text Blocks in Contact Form

Hi everybody,

I recently set up a contact page on my site. I put a link on my menu bar for the contact form by following these steps:

1.Go to Structure > Menus
2.Click "list links" for the Navigation menu
3.Click "edit" for the menu item "Contact"
4.Select the "enable" checkbox
5.Change the "Parent link" to "Main menu"
6.Click "Save"

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Dynamic block alter/creation with custom field

Hello all,

Still relatively new to Drupal, coming from WordPress. My objective is to allow my content editors to edit a "See Also" field on my custom content type, "Product," and have it appear in a "See Also" block in the sidebar region.

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Block placement adjunct to core Drupal block system

I'd like a module that would allow administrators to more intuitively determine block placement, both on the page and throughout the site, using the core Drupal block system. This is what I'm thinking of:

      o A button on every page should allow administrators to edit the blocks <i>for that page</i>.
      o When not administering blocks,
            + Quick links (ajax) should be displayed on each block for
                  # hiding from this page
                  # hiding from all pages with path …
                  # configuring the block
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Sidebar Filling

This idea is based on the post.

Simply described, the idea is to automatically show/add blocks, or panes in Panels, so that they only take up the same height space as the content. Then unused space will be filled with content, making the pages look better and content aligned on the height.

This could be done in various ways such as:



  • Global list of additional blocks/panes that are used in an orderly or random way to fill the spaces when the user scrolls down the page.
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    adding a form to any page of the site that will submit to existing exposed view block

    I have a view, displayed as a block, with exposed filters, assigned to one page node on my site.
    This is a simple search form with a Taxonomy drop down, keyword search for name, and a few other simple filters.

    My problem is that I want to include an additional form on other pages of the site (a sidebar block for example) that will submit to this view.

    Is this possible?

    I'm testing now, but have yet to produce results.

    I copied the HTML of the form and used that as my starting point.

    Of course, this view uses AJAX as it has exposed filters and is output as a block.

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    Assistance with changing around a theme

    Hi, I was wondering if anyone could help me in figuring out how to change something in an already existing theme. I am learning Drupal, all at the same time [configuration, architecture, templates and css] - I am actually a designer and my intention is to master it, but right now I am stuck in something I think is a very simple css/template glitch.


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    Webform in block follow up

    At our meeting the other night, I asked about adding a Subscribe To Mailing List form, with input field for email address and Submit button. Turns out the last upgrade to WebForm includes an option to expose in Block. So, I have chosen to use Webform for all three types of sub forms needed on the site.

    The method to embedded a Webform in a view to get it into a block is not needed. And the module "Webform in Block" is not needed.

    The best part is other enhancements are present as well, and I wanted a few of those.

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