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This group should probably have more organizers. See documentation on this recommendation.

This group exists as a place for people interested in the group to talk about Views development; all development talk is encouraged here, from people who want to work on Views core to people who are interested in Views' API for their own modules. This is a good place to:

1) ask questions
2) talk about problems
3) propose ideas.
4) talk about views related projects.

This group is now unmoderated, and anyone can join at any time. Public posting of ideas is encouraged.

What I want most out of this is to keep track of what views related projects are going on and their status, and proposals for what people would like to see as Views moves forward.

Note: This is a working group. Do not post jobs here, you will lose your posting privileges entirely. Do not post support requests here; they will be deleted.

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Database Developer/Administrator (Dhrupal,PHP,ASP,MySQL,Coldfusion and Perl) | Intellisoft

Employment type: 
Full time
Employment type: 
Not allowed

Requirement information:

Title: Mid-level Engineer (Database Developer/Administrator)
Location: District of Columbia
duration: long term


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Dhrupal - Graphic and Web Designer/Developer | Intellisoft

Employment type: 
Full time
Employment type: 
Not allowed

Requirement information:

Title: Mid-level Engineer (Graphic and Web Designer/Developer – Internal Websites)
Location: district of Columbia
Duration: long term

Bachelor’s degree required. Seven years of demonstrable, substantive graphic web design experience may be substituted to meet the bachelor’s degree requirement for this position.


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Dynamical exposed filters

Hi guys!
I am relatively new to drupal and have stumbled upon a pretty complicated problem... At least for me...
I have a shop, there are better exposed filters, basically i use it to have checkboxes... Those filters are using ajax...I am using taxonomy id filters.

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Calendar with footer, using data from another content type.

Making a calendar of events. In the footer section, adding in a view of another content type which uses the 'Inherit contextual filters'.

I can 'Preview with contextual filters' and everything works great.
In the real window, the view in the footer never changes. It's like the contextual information never gets passed to the footer.

Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks, MTG

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Handler using for a db field/column already defined in another handler

I am working on an inline ajax comments views handler module for Drupal 6 (an hopefully Drupal 7).

The idea is add a field to a view that just adds ajax loading of comments and adding new comments via ajax. I actually have the javascript and ajax callbacks all worked out, but I am new to making views handlers.

I want to define a "field" for the node _comments_statistics table's comment count column in my hook_view_data hook , but the problem is it already defined by views module itself. So, when I try to add it in the views UI, I actually get it showing up as

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Views and Tabs..


I am having a problem getting views to display the taps I want..

Basically I have a views "page" called Equipment which is a listing that is available to the public.. I then have another views "page" called Administer Equipment.. I would like the Administer Equipment view menu to appear on the Equipment page for users with the edit permission to the content type..

I have tried every way I know how but I can't get it to show up.. I have added views tabs to nodes before but never to another view.. Maybe what I am trying to do doesn't work or maybe there is a trick to it..

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Hello, i'm using drupal 6 and calendar 6.x-2.4, also i'm using the Calendar settings (Legend Terms to colorify my events based on their terms) i can give a color for each term by using calendar settings then Legend Terms, but i can't see this option in


i'm using drupal 6 and calendar 6.x-2.4, also i'm using the Calendar settings (Legend Terms to colorify my events based on their terms)

i can give a color for each term by using calendar settings then Legend Terms, but i can't see this option in Year View..

it's only feasible in Month, Day, and Week view, but i need it in the Year view...

so how can i extend this feature to be done for the year-view?

Appreciate your help

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Field label reacting items count

I think that it would be great to make field label settings sensitive to items count. I don't know it is possible (I'm not dev) but it would be just great.


If I have multi value field (taxonomy, entity reference, etc.) it would be great if I can set up different behavior of label reacting for count of items it labeling. Right now we have simple option "Create label" with "Place colon after the label". My suggestion: (o) is radio switch.

(*) Simple label (default)
(o) Label reacting of field items

Label for 1 item: _____________
Label for many items: _____________

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Set alternate grouping field if relationship is not required (drupal 6, views 2)

I have a view that displays seminar sessions, grouped by track title. Track is a relationship. This displays like this:

Big Picture

  • Developing a Fully Integrated Path to Purchase Strategy
  • Insights-Driven Performance Model

where Big Picture is the track title. The problem is, there are a few keynote sessions that don't have a track name. Now, I know I can set the relationship to "not required", and that does display the records with no track, but it sticks them above, like this:



  • Measuring Shopper Marketing Performance
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    Drupal Developer | Anonymous

    Employment type: 

    Looking for Drupal 7 developer with experience in custom coding for views, profile2 modules, location module and Javascript.

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    Programatically Remove Field from View (Views 2.x)

    I'm working on a module that needs to programatically remove a field from a view (both in the display and the query). The field needs to only be removed for their particular instance (ie: if they have two pages of the same view open and decide to remove a given field from one it should still be visible in the other page as well as any other users pages). Is this possible?

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    Custom search results

    Hi everyone

    I have been messing with Drupal and other CMSs for a while (3+ years). But I chose Drupal and stack with it since then no matter how hard the learning curve was.
    So far whenever I had issues either I figure it out or search site for any possible solutions time being sacrificed. But now I want to save time and be efficient expediting my projects getting direct help from all my groups. Most issues being discussed here are grabbing my attentions because they are very important that's why I joined so many groups.

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    Drupal 7 List nodes within the date range

    I am looking for a solution which displays node list within the date range. Requirement is to display events from today to next 6 days group by date. I have a content type "Agenda" with a date field enabled. So the display should look like:

    2 Jan 2012
    -- 8:00 AM Agenda A
    -- 9:00 AM Agenda B
    3 Jan 2012
    -- 8:00 AM Agenda C
    -- 9:00 AM Agenda D
    4 Jan 2012
    -- 8:00 AM Agenda..
    -- 9:00 AM Agenda..
    5 Jan 2012
    -- 8:00 AM Agenda..
    -- 9:00 AM Agenda..
    6 Jan 2012
    -- No events scheduled
    7 Jan 2012
    -- No events scheduled

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    How to filter only one user contextually

    Hi all,

    Stuck on an issue - hopefully simple and I'm just missing the boat here:

    I have a blog pane I'm using with organic groups. The contextual filter currently filters put all blog entries outside of the current OG - which is great. Yet now need to separate the OG managers' posts from the rest of the group's. I was able to create a separate pane and filter out all but the group managers' - success!

    Now however I'm having trouble getting a pane which displays everyone's posts EXCEPT for the group manager's.

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    Sort view before print


    Got as far as running a query grabbing a bunch of nids and passing them to a view, thought I was doing well! However you guessed it, the sort order is wrong, here's my pseudo code:

    //query to grab the nids

    if (!empty($nodeids)) {
    foreach ($nodeids as $nid){
    print views_embed_view($view, block_1, $nid);

    What I need to do is pre-build the view then run views_query_alter to sort the view before printing out the view.

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    Creating a CCK field module

    I wanted to create CCK field module. I am supposing there would be special considerations for cck field modules than a regular stand alone module. Where would be a good place to point me to?

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    Support to toggle enabled state of Contextual Filters

    Hi, I was wondering if there are any plans on adding support for a user to enable/disable a contextual filter?

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    Views 3 virtual numeric field handler question.

    I've created a custom handler for a counter virtual field for my module but it seems that I am doing something wrong since I can't sort it nor filter on it as a numeric field.
    Any one can tell what I need to add to the query method in order to actually place the values in the tables for views to use it?

    class mymodule_handler_field_count_for_interval extends views_handler_field_numeric {

    function mymodule_count($nid){
        if (isset($this->view->filter['timestamp'])) {
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    Views Exposed Filter Groups

    I was wondering if anybody has come across anything that allows the setting of filter sets which can be turned on / off, or switched between, for instance:

    --- Node is Type Page
    --- Node is Promoted to Front Page
    --- Node is Type Gallery
    --- Node is Sticky

    It would be nice to be able to set some form of Filter Grouping, for instance:

    --- Node is Type Page
    --- Node is Promoted to Front Page

    --- Node is Type Gallery
    --- Node is Sticky

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    How to pass contextual filters programmatically through views_get_view_result()?

    In the live preview I can successfully pass the uid (the filter is set to uid) but doing that programmatically returns an empty array.

    $results = views_get_view_result( 'my_view', 'default', array( 1 ) );

    How should I pass the arguments here? Thanks.

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