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Limitar publicación de contenido.

Buenos días compañeros,

Estoy involucrado en un proyecto en el que el cliente solicita el siguiente requerimiento:

  • ...
  • El usuario podrá introduccir un máximo de 500 caracteres en cada entrada
  • El usuario sólo podrá publicar una nueva entrada cada hora y temática
  • ...

No localizo ningún módulo que me permita limitar cuantas entradas se pueden publicar.

¿Podéis echarme un cable o decirme si me debo remangar a programar?

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Advice and help needed on CCK DP5

I need a nodereference kind of field, but with filters (filter by terms) built into node edit form to dynamically change the list of selection.

User will select Category, Country, Package, click go and the selection list will filter according to the filters.
User then select the nodes to reference from the list.

He may choose to change the filters, and add on another set of nodes to the selections.
On submit, all the nodes selected will be saved as per nodereference module.

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How to get RETS login details or register for RETS server?

Hello Friends,

I have installed module and it's asking for RETS server username & password.

Can you please help me from where I should get it for development?

I was unable to find any option / link for registration on


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passing cck values


In my site nodes I include a views block wich provide a cck field_id value.

In the pages is included also a block containing a script;

I need to pass the field_id value to a string in the block, like

"<form action="http://example.jsp?ID=id method="POST" >"

where id should be replaced with field_id value

Thank you very much for any help!

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Rights Ownership Question on Filefield Upload

Anyone have a suggestion for this, since I'm sure it must have come up?

A client of mine has a site that allows uploads of MP3 files through a filefield CCK field. What we'd like to do is to have a popup or some other sort of method that will ask the uploader if they have copyright permission for the file if they try to do an upload --- Maybe have them click a checkbox first agreeing that they own the rights to the music file.

Anyone done this in a straightforward manner? - This is in Drupal 6

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CCK module to embed multiple edit-in-place nodes?

My team is working on a custom node type (lesson) that contains multiple embedded nodes of a different type (activity.) The lessons require edit-in-place functionality for the embedded activity nodes. We have a version working, sans multiple-value CCK field support in the nodes.

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What is the best/right way to create a CCK field?

I need to create a CCK field in my module. What is the best/right way?

From this link I got:

$form_state['values']['_add_new_field']['label'] = 'Name of New Field';
$form_state['values']['_add_new_field']['field_name'] = $new_field_name;
$form_state['values']['_add_new_field']['type'] = 'computed';
$form_state['values']['_add_new_field']['widget_type'] = 'computed';
$form_state['values']['_add_new_field']['parent'] = 'group_some_group'; // put under fieldgroup (optional)

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CCK Version of Facebook-style Micropublisher Needed! (Facebook Style Link Attachment)

Hi all,

I've been wrestling with this for a while now, and read various conversations about why the Facebook-style Micropublisher module was designed the way it was, without using CCK and non-node based. But looking at the way Drupal is going and the modular approach it is taking, especially with fields being core in D7, I think that this type of functionality would be superb to be able to achieve using the various CCK modules.

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Integrating custom types (with custom schema) with CCK

I am currently producing a "family" of modules designed to manage a hosting infrastructure (email, dns, ftp, etc). I am cruising along, but keep coming back to one big stumbling block ... the role of CCK in my module. From a technical stand-point, I don't have a compelling need to use CCK (I'm happy to code up what needs to be coded), but it's clear that from a "best practice" perspective (and honestly, from a quality assurance & maintainability perspective), utilizing CCK as much as possible is a "good thing."

Among others, I have the following content types:


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Sub-lists or sub-checkboxes?

Noob here ;)

First what is the best practice for lists that could be 10 items long, with 3-4 sublists under most of those? Should I do this in a list? or in checkboxes?

This is what I need to capture:

Heart disease(there are going to be other categories as well, like Lung Disease, etc. I am thinking of making these big categories Taxonomies)

Atrial Fibrillation
Coronary artery disease
- Angina
- Myocardial infarction
Congestive heart failure


So to recap:

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Theory of everything

This is not feature request :) just brainstorming.

What if CCK would deal with 2 kinds of elements - GROUP and FIELD only. All GROUPS would be nestable multigroups, all FIELDS would have only one value?

Would it work? Would it shrink code base? How would influence performance?

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Help finding a multi page solution

So I am trying to create a Tutorial node type (similar to instructables) that has multiple pages, which are then rendered into a tabbed interface on the node page. This is what I have got so far
If you look at the html, I've taken textarea fields and put them into a



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What's the point of shared fields, anyway?

I've been reading many posts about cck's shared fields and performance, and they all agree in one thing: Do not use shared fields unless strictly necessary. The fact is i have never found the need for them, and I've been working with CCK for some years now...

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Senior Drupal Developer | Media Giant based in Central London

Employment type: 
Full time
Not allowed

Currently recruiting for a Senior Drupal Developer to work for a Media Giant based in Central London. Salary on offer is £50k Per annum

You will be building a global site using Drupal. You will have extensive experience architecting and developing large, high traffic websites using Drupal, working in an agile environment.

You will need to have good knowledge of existing modules and the ability to create custom modules.

You will play an active part in the Drupal community

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Unlimited field default to 1 row

Has anybody found out a good way to make a CCK field with an unlimited number of values to only show one empty field on creation/update instead of two. Is there a module out there to make it easy? Or what functions/hooks could I use to fix this with a custom module?


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Spliting up a CCK node entry form


I'd like to create a custom edit node form but only have it display two CCK fields in a node + the submit buttons, how can this be done?

I'd also like to preserve the default edit node form so I don't think hook_alter will do the job.



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Wysiwyg editor in multigroup field

I am using TinyMCE (in Wysiwyg) in multigroups but the editor does not show up in multigroup textarea fields. Any idea how to embed TinyMCE in multigroup textarea fields?

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hierarchical select node reference proplem

I'm having a problem with Hierarchical Select, and I'm not sure where to post the question. Hopefully someone here can help me out.

I have 2 Node reference fields controlled by hierarchical select in a node type. This is for a sports site. I'm using the node type to input matches between teams.

Node reference 1: sport -> league -> team1
Node reference 2: sport(will be the same as 1) -> league(will be the same as 1) -> team (can be different).

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video-6.x-4.0-beta1 Released

6.x-4.0-BETA1 Has now been released. I am releasing this as beta as there have been major changes and additions and I think its stable enough for a beta. We still need help testing this before its implemented in a production environment. This is a rewrite of the 6.x-3.x branch. The major improvements are listed below:

* FTP Video Attach. (Ability to FTP all your videos at once and then attach the videos through a drop-down)
* FLVTool2 integration.

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Fast and powerful servers, but slow site


We recently launched a new website with drupal and to avoid the site to often break, we decided to buy to servers. One who handles http requests, and the other where all queries occur.

We thought it would be easy, but the site is offline every our (almost when the cache is flush). Additionnaly, the site cannot handle more than users ( we consider a user is connected if his access time is lower than to 500s).

Here are the specs of our servers:

On the both servers, we have 16 cpus - Intel(R) Xeon(R) CPU - , and each has 2.27GHz speed.
Ram is at 12Go on both servers too.

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