Drupal for Evil

This group serves as the foil for Drupal for Good: a forum for all evil, diabolical, total misuses of Drupal. Think big people. World domination big.

As we march forward in our world domination, feel free to use this forum as a place to post your evil tricks and hacks. Deriding alternative web technologies is welcome and encouraged. We will rule them all. Post evil code snippets, laugh at evil websites, and generally take pleasure in all that is Drupal for Evil.


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PHP for evil

This blog author gets honorary membership to our fine group - PHP Advent 2009

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We have a Ruby on Rails for Drupal group

This site boasts a Ruby On Rails For Drupal group. Some evil loving admin must have approved that. There I learned about the drake module which integrates CakePHP with Drupal. We must repel these evil invaders.

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Lot of sites to manage? Maybe this can help (or you can help with it)

UPDATE Network Manager has been released for 5 6 and 7.
I'm releasing a new module soon and wanted to get some feedback on a screencast that I did. It's a project called the Network Manager (http://drupal.org/project/network_manager) and it helps you manage / maintain your sites all from within one site (given permissions set correctly for mysql user).

Here are links to the screencast (Jing forces it to be in 5 minute segments) --
Part 1 - http://bit.ly/PGu8J
Part 2 - http://bit.ly/yR6Zy
Part 3 - http://bit.ly/BLWrU

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Cracking Drupal

Gregg James "greggles" Knaddison has released a book about Drupal security entitled Cracking Drupal. Has anyone here been able to pick up a copy yet?

Barring disastrously negative reviews, I'll probably pick it up. Even if I learn nothing new, there's some value in remembering and reinforcing the basics.

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Best module EVER!

This module is really something for this group:


Mu ha ha haa!!!

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The term "theme", loaded, evil.

Theme is a loaded word.

Drupal's theme system is a template system.

It even uses .tpl files.

It doesn't theme anything.

That is all.

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Merging books / menus

I'm incorporating a database hack into a module I'm writing (an optional thing) that merges the book and menu outlines. What exactly does this mean? Well, as many of you know in Drupal 6 books work off of the menu architecture (stored in the same table actually). This is why book generated content can be modified by projects like DHTML menus. The issue I have is that I can't structure content in a book and then get a block specific to that book (the way menus does). Also, I can't use book "menus" in projects like Nice-menus and Menu Slice.

Here's the hack.
Create a book

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New Icon

Fellow Drupal evil doers, what do you think of this as a new icon for Drupal For Evil?

Is it evil enough?


Only local images are allowed.

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Evil FormAPI: Bringing back the Imagemap

Quicksketch and I have an arrangement, whereby we make insane things late at night. Last night he mentioned that a client of ours still had an imagemap buried deep in their site, and I started thinking -- why can't Drupal output imagemaps?


Now it can.

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Systems Administrator | Democracy Now!

Employment type: 
Full time
Not allowed

Forwarding this really cool opportunity to join the Democracy Now! team in New York. If you're a Linux Systems Admin with Drupal experience, this sounds like a fantastic opportunity to join a driven team of smart, passionate people working for justice. One of the responsibilities would be to develop new internal and public websites for them: sounds like Drupal would be a great fit!

Here's the info. It was taken from http://www.democracynow.org/about/jobs#sysadmin


Immediate opening for full-time Systems Administrator

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Force the use of tpl files for any theme function

On a theme registry rebuild, this evil version of the theme registration function peeks in the theme path for a template file with the same name as the theme function (i.e. if somethemefunction is called, it looks for somethemefunction.tpl.php), and forces the template found to register for that theme call, no matter how it was supposed to work originally.

This will provide all the variables that would have been passed to the preprocessor or the theme function directly to the template. This is quite evil, dangerous, and powerful.

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Wide open administration sections

This may not be news to some of you, but if you Google "Welcome to the administration section. Here you may control how your site functions.", you can find various Drupal installations with administration sections you can anonymously go crazy on if you have the inclination.

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Media Player with Dynamic Logo!

Made some progress last night with the Drupal Media Player that I blogged about recently. Dynamic logos!

You have to go to my blog to see the action.

This was created with an hour of tweaking the OpenLaszlo XML, and then pasting the following into this node: print theme('media_player_player', 'http://spindowners.com/files.dm/videos/20051210-w50s.flv', array('logo' => '/sites/aaronwinborn.com/files/my-logo.png');

Couldn't be simpler! I see a dev release as soon as we have an icon for the play button!

Of course, playlists and the like will take more. We've talked about including several players, including a light-weight and one with all the bells & whistles, and have the module call the proper one according to passed parameters.

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The patch queue...

...for Drupal 7 has 666 patches in it.

That is all.

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D5, e-Commerce txnid in Views

I did a little experiment recently to see how we could get e-Commerce Transactions into views in D5. The reason I did this was because I'd like to de-couple store crud routines from store admin ui code so that someone could write an alternative admin interface for ecommerce. The current admin interface is clumsy and always begging to be hacked.

For those not familiar with ecommerce, transactions are represented by a few tables, I was just interested in the main one ec_transaction for this experiment.

(Note: yes, usernode does something like this for users.)

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No Follow Hurting Drupal?

I found this coming in from Drupal planet http://www.tech-wanderings.com/drupal-nofollowed-too-pervasive.

Greg Holsclaw talks about how nofollow attributes could be hurting Drupal (rel=nofollow being a well intentioned way of deterring spam. Something that has managed to keep the ratio of spam to real content on the web down to a respectable 10:1 :P) Basically, he points out that most internal links on drupal.org get the nofollow attribute attached to them.

Greg makes a number of good points, but I think the two most important are:

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Should someone write a "Submit as" module?

Yesterday I downloaded and played with the Drigg module. Among its features is an option to let a privileged role submit content as a different user. The list of spoof users is also an administration option. The motivation for this is clear... it lets a handful of people easily make a site look like a bustling community. This is great for jumpstarting your Drigg site (which is designed to be a Digg clone), but how ethical is it?

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Evil with Forms API in 6.x

A small follow-on to brilliant past posts by Moshe and Angie:
How to dizzy the next guy
#DANGEROUS_SKIP_CHECK: the most evil of the Form API properties

Since core is mostly frozen, I'm thinking of evil ways to use new features in the Forms API for 6.x.

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New view plugin module: Node Cloud


I wanted to announce a new module, just released today: Node Cloud. If you're familiar with tag clouds this module should look pretty familiar: it themes the output of a view like a tag cloud.

The primary ordering of the view is from the first sort. The sizing of each item is based on the second sort order. This makes the plugin very versatile for making clouds of popular content, highly rated content (say with the voting api), highly commented content, etc.

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