Drupal for Evil

This group serves as the foil for Drupal for Good: a forum for all evil, diabolical, total misuses of Drupal. Think big people. World domination big.

As we march forward in our world domination, feel free to use this forum as a place to post your evil tricks and hacks. Deriding alternative web technologies is welcome and encouraged. We will rule them all. Post evil code snippets, laugh at evil websites, and generally take pleasure in all that is Drupal for Evil.


dww's evil todo

To make our evil plan to genocide "patch (code needs review)" issues today (under the guise of "patch review day") go off without a hitch, we will need dww to do our bidding as follows:

  1. Find the list of issues that are in a patch* state but have no attachments, and leave the list under the bridge in a paper sack.
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Taking over the world with deletion api

Deletion API documentation here: http://drupal.org/node/153904

Before doing anything else, we should fix http://drupal.org/node/154046

Additional links to issues:

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Ensuring your contributed code gathers dust

The über-evil Steven Wittens wrote this great piece of information/inspiration.

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Stop the progress, I wanna get off!

Drupal development/release cycle should be slowed
35% (27 votes)
Drupal's development pace is right on
53% (41 votes)
I scratch my own itches and don't care about speed of release cycles
13% (10 votes)
Total votes: 78
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Call for more lightening talks at DrupalCon

We still have space for several more lightening talks at the OSCMS/DrupalCon. I'd like to have around 10 or so, if possible, so please step up. You can sign up for a lightening talk by leaving a comment on the LT page. This would be an excellent opportunity to show off something evil. I'll be talking about viewfield, first announced here in D4E.

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Advomatic is hiring!

Us: A decent sized Drupal development firm, working with some of the biggest sites in the Drupal Community

You: A talented individual with php skills, MySQL skills, CSS skills, Drupal skills, sword fighting skills, etc, etc.

The offer: A short term 1 month contract working on a client site, leading to full time employment in March if you know your stuff.

If you like us and we like you, the possibility to join the company on a long term basis, or if you don't want that, a sweet 1 month gig.

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Drupal Lightning Talks at DrupalCon

Hey Evil Drupalers,

I wanted to point you to the Drupal Lightning Talks at DrupalCon. They're a great opportunity to showcase something truly evil about Drupal.

Now back to your regularly scheduled evilness.

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DrupalCampNYC 2

2007-01-20 10:00 - 2007-01-21 18:00 Etc/GMT

To my dear New York City, Drupalistas and soon to be Druaplistas,

We are two weeks away from DrupalCamp NYC 2, 20 & 21 Jan. A few of us have been thinking what if we concentrated our efforts on a single project instead of working solely on individual projects? I'm not talking about a classroom setting, but a project (ie install profile, module stuff and theme) to educate each other?

Well here is your opportunity to change the future of one lucky group. Big or small, non-profit or community organization... If you know of a project that can use the assistance of a Drupal site, we need you to nominate them. The lucky organization will also get one year of CivicSpace on Demand (hosted and managed install of Drupal 4.7 and CiviCRM + EMAIL)!

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contact.module is evil!

Every day I get two or three spam mails through the contact form on one of my homepages.
This is why I think, that the contact.module and Drupal is evil ;)

Do you have the same problems?
What are your solutions against this?

Regards Tobi

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Please review #103171

Hello views aficionados. If anyone has the time, could you review the module posted in


It's a module (that I will recode as a patch to views itself, eventually) that provides views within forms. These views can be used to select nodes. It includes exposed filters and a pager, and it generally behaves exactly the same as any other view would.

The module even includes a test harness where you can click a few buttons and test the new form element with any view on your website.

This is not production code, but I wanted to alert people early. Please do review this module and let us know what you think. It's a lot of code, and may require some changes to the underlying views implementation, so the more people who try it, break it, and suggest changes the better. Also, you can use this to start testing with your own modules.

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looking for help creating a drupal site for NYC's teachers....

Sorry, drupalistas, but this is a goodwill project for NYC teachers. Coquille, my good friend/teacher/activist wants to create a really really simple site to teach other NYC teachers how to recycle. By law the schools are to recycle, but the school system refused to educated nor provide supplies for recycleing. So enter my friend, armed with a dozen or fellow teachers to do data input and create content. They need something simple that will be functional and hopefully get a bit of press (IE... free advertisement for you.)

I'm just the connector here... So please be nice. ;)


I'm looking to create a website to encourage recycling in NYC schools. I'd like the site to start with teacher and student-generated content created by our school, with the idea that our resources/recycling system could be easily replicated in other schools. Eventually, other schools could join in authoring content. Currently, few schools are recycling in NYC, which is totally frustrating because it's the law and, more importantly, the right thing to do.

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Viewfield development timeline


I've posted a timeline of viewfield development, if anyone is interested:



Update: I've attached a screen shot of viewsfield working with filters. Also pictured: ajaxviews - loading a teaser on top of a views table. Way cool.

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A personal/community workspace, or another look at social networking

I've been thinking about some of the specifics of creating a personal workspace within Drupal -- although my main area of interest is education, these thoughts have applications outside education -- these are some rough notes, and I'm curious to see/hear reactions about what I'm missing/overlooking. These notes are not intended to be comprehensive, but a starting point in a conversation about some specific functionality

Some basic functionality--



  • Let users define who can see their posts --
  • To accomplish this, I was thinking about some integration between BuddyList (http://drupal.org/project/buddylist) and the ACL (http://drupal.org/project/acl) or NodeAccess (http://drupal.org/project/nodeaccess)module -- members of a user’s Buddylist can be used to form an access control list on a node by node basis-- I’m leaning toward the ACL module as I think a generalized API that can be used by other modules provides some advantages long term. However, was the ACL module designed to work primarily with roles, or with individual users?

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    Vaporware documentation... Hubris, anyone?

    [ Edit ]
    To make a long story short, it turns out that robroy was already well ahead of me in figuring out why the old documentation wasn't helping people and will update the documentation next week. Serious props to his chops for the effort.

    If you're interested in how this is shaping up, take a look here.

    [ / :) ]

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    Directories in CVS that get NO LOVE

    Here are some directories in CVS that do not get any love and by love I mean downloads.

    It could be for lots of reasons why they are not downloaded, but the bottom line is that they are not popular and could be considered for removal from CVS and/or Drupal.org project pages. These are only the directories in contributions for modules/, themes/ theme-engines/ and translations/

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    How to dizzy the next guy

    I wrote this on my blog 1 year ago. I bet the list could be made even more fiendish today

    Drupal has gained some powerful tools in recent year(s). They are all valid and useful. When used improperly though, they can become dizzying. Consider these misdirections ....

    • Rewrite arbitrary SQL queries fom your own module
    • Rewrite forms from your own module. Add/remove fields and change the Action attribute
    • Alias some system urls so he can't tell what module is handling the page
    • Implement some theme() functions so he can't find who is outputting an HTML chunk
    • Drop small node-story.tpl.php files in the theme directory so that he can't figure out why stories look different.
    • Use menu.module to restructure your Navigation block. Change some link text while you are there.
    • Use the 'arbitrary PHP' feature of blocks to show only for certain people on certain pages.
    • Implement advanced database prefixing so that he looks at the wrong tables by accident. Ouch!
    • Switch themes from some obscure part of your code by changing the global $custom_theme variable.
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    #DANGEROUS_SKIP_CHECK: the most evil of the Form API properties

    Tucked away in form.inc is the little-known #DANGEROUS_SKIP_CHECK property of the Form API. It's so evil that it's not even documented!

    What can you use this little nugget of fiendishness for?

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    Evil Trifecta: Views + CCK + Viewfield

    I believe the evil credentials of views and CCK are well established. I wanted to unveil a new module that combines the two into an unbelievably devilish system: viewfield.

    Viewfield allows content type administrators to add view reference fields into CCK content types. When a user creates one of these nodes, he/she can select from a list of views to embed into the node. When the node is viewed, the view runs and is output as one of the node fields. (Of course this can be themed).

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    Happy Halloween

    What an auspicious day to start the Drupal For Evil group. I welcome you, my brothers and sisters in evilness, to this group. May our reign of terror be long and fruitful.

    <-- break -->

    As we march forward in our world domination, feel free to use this forum as a place to post your evil tricks and hacks. Deriding alternative web technologies is welcome and encouraged. We will rule them all. Post evil code snippets, laugh at evil websites, and generally take pleasure in all that is Drupal for Evil.

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