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Drupal is a platform for cooperativism... coders and worker cooperatives, scholars and designers

Platform Cooperativism

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New England GiveCamp - build a D8 site for a good cause

Would anybody be interested in teaming together for New England GiveCamp? It's a weekend-long event where you build a site from scratch for a non-profit organization.

In particular, we could use it as an opportunity to build an actual Drupal 8 site. So, great learning experience, you'd get a bonafide D8 site to your name, and it's for a good cause.

Nov 6-8 (Fri-Sun)
Watertown, MA

Learn more at: http://newenglandgivecamp.org/

FAQ: http://newenglandgivecamp.org/faq/

Registration: http://www.eventbrite.com/e/new-england-givecamp-2015-tickets-18967131200

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Social Impact Grant to Learn to Build your own Drupal Website


Win a six-week live online Drupal course to learn to build your site and one-on-one strategic planning FREE for a web project that has a positive social impact.

We are giving out a Grant worth $700 to an individual who has an innovative idea for a website that will have a positive social impact. If you have such an idea you are eligible to apply. (Projects can be for-profit, nonprofit, sponsored by an organization or independent.)

Apply and learn more about the grant

More about the course

Mastering Drupal

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OC Drupal April - Drupal For Good - From Goals to Wells

In March, OC Drupal had the pleasure of having Kala from the local non-profit "From Goals To Wells" present her website as we all attempted to navigate through it trying to solve the problems at hand; albeit without success due to site.

This month, tentatively scheduled for Sat, April 19th 9a to 3p, we are going to go further in helping FGW achieve their goals by hacking through a website from the ground up.

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Request for input on our "Coders with a Cause: Community Barn Raisings and Drupal for Good" session at GLADCamp 2014

Hi everybody,

Lee Vodra and I (two of the founders of Droplabs, a Drupal-friendly coworking space in Los Angeles, and creators of the Coders with a Cause program) will be presenting on barn raisings and "Drupal for Good" in action at the Non-Profit Drupal Summit at GLADCamp next month.

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Mid - Senior Level Drupal Developer | Causecast

Employment type: 
Full time
Employment type: 
Not allowed

Causecast is looking for talented Drupal developers that have a minimum of 2 years experience. We are fielding applications for both module developers and themers. Applicants must have experience developing Drupal Standards compliant code. We are an exciting, fast paced company that uses our deep technology experience to do good. We create complex systems that provide technology support for nonprofits.

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VozMob Drupal Distro 0.5.1 released

Hi all, I'm happy to announce that VozMob Drupal Distro (VozMobDD) version 0.5.1 has been released. VozMobDD is Drupal customized as a widely accessible mobile blogging platform. VozMobDD has been designed to make it easy to post content to Drupal from regular mobile phones via voice calls, SMS, or MMS.

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Revolutionary Drupal: Coding and Supporting Social Change - DrupalCon BoF

At Drupalcon? Join us Thursday 12-1PM in the Erie meeting room for Revolutionary Drupal: Coding and Supporting Social Change

Technology doesn't drive social change, but it is one tool used -- from the streets of revolutionary Cairo to community organizers in Detroit. Can we help support these social change movements with Drupal? Are there ways we can code and structure Drupal projects to make them more useful to activists? Does Drupal have a role in protests and strategic direct action?

This session will be an open discussion for those working around social change, case studies of using Drupal, and brainstorming for ways we could collaborate or support Drupal projects that support social change.

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Drupal Dev Days

Hi all,

Hope you're all well! Anyone from this group going to DrupalDevDays Brussels?
Would be good to meet and have an informal panel / chat about "Drupal for Good", just like in DC Paris.


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Social Innovation Camp - March 2010 - Call for drupal developers

I'm looking for Developers that want to be part of the 1st Social Innovation Camp in Australia. If you have followed the Social Innovation Camp in the UK you will be familiar with how it works. You get and idea and as a group you build a site that address the social need that this idea is trying to address - This happens throughout a weekend. This will be in March 5th-7th 2010 in Sydney and applications are open now.

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