DrupalCon Maastricht 2009

This groups was about trying to get the next DrupalCon to Maastricht. Paris was chosen instead and drupalCon Paris rocked!

This group site is closed until furhter notice but may re-open one year :-)

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opheffen maar deze groep?

20% (1 vote)
20% (1 vote)
maar maar.. er is altijd nog 2013...?
60% (3 votes)
Total votes: 5
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Drupalcamp Ghent (Belgium) 2009

2009-12-11 (All day) - 2009-12-12 (All day) Europe/Brussels
Event type: 
Drupalcamp or Regional Summit

Drupalcamp Ghent 2009 is a free conference organized by the Belgian Drupal Community where you can meet fellow Drupallers, spread your Drupal knowledge and learn from others.

DrupalCamp Ghent is open for Drupal users, developers and groupies from Belgium and elsewhere. (There is only room for 100 people so register asap.)

Almost all presentations will be in English so everyone is able to participate.

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Stem op de volgende DrupalCon EU locatie (2010, 2011)

Stem waar je de volgende Drupalcon in de EU in 2010 en 2011 zou willen laten plaatsvinden. Deze stem is niet bepalend, maar wel een criterium op een lijst van criteria waar de besluit vorming op gebaseerd zal zijn.

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als we nog een keer willen

als we nog een keer willen tenderen dan hebben we nog een dag! http://groups.drupal.org/node/27616

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Group for organizing European Drupalcons

A new group has been created to work on the organizing future European Drupalcons:


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The news embargo is over so we may now officially react on the DA's decision to prefer Paris over Maastricht.

It is of course a serious bummer for the organizing team (well for me at least), but I guess there were good reasons to choose for Paris. Hopefully those reasons will be made public, so we and future organizers know how to propose better drupalcons.

I'm sure the French drupalcon will be even better then what we planned it to be.

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I hope "DrupalCon Maastricht 2009" will now be renamed to "DrupalCon Maastricht 2010"

Just stay active and try it next time. Please.

I enyoied the prepreparation time with you really and we got a to short time together.

As I had the chance to read your proposal and to talk with you here and at FOSDEM I justcan say: Well done work! It was worth to win, too.

Keep the sunny side up!

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Ready for Drupaltown Maastricht?

Only local images are allowed.
A lot has happened since the dutch/belgian drupal community met on the drupaljam in breda to kick off the organization of the next drupalcon in Maastricht, Netherlands.
What first started as a wicked idea from Bert Boerland at the entrance of the Szeged venue, has now shaped into the current proposal that has been submitted to the Drupal Association.

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Start spreading the word!

Nu het schrijf werk is gedaan moeten we laten zien dat we ook flink wat lawaai kunnen maken. Dus promoot DrupalCon Maastricht 2009 waar je kan en waar relevant is! Dit is niet alleen om meer bekendheid te genereren, maar ook om aan de Drupal Association te laten zien dat we weten hoe je marketing bedrijft; want als we de Con gaan doen zullen we heel veel lawaai moeten maken om onze en hun aspiraties waar te maken.

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Meeting to discuss organizational issues of the Maastricht 2009 Drupalcon

Meeting of the organization team to discuss organizational issues of the Maastricht 2009 Drupalcon.

This post will contain the details and agenda for this meeting. Some first unprocessed ideas (overlap possible):


  1. Status of the proposal
    ** Representation at DC Drupalcon
    ** Other bids (Paris, other?)
    ** Eurocon group http://groups.drupal.org/node/18528: what, how, when, where
    ** Evaluation writing proposal
    ** contact between team and DA

  2. On line, virtual and voluntary collaboration

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Coordination 2009 between Dutch, France and Germany

To avoid collision between the groups in case of sponsors and so on ...

Pay attention: This group is moderated strictly!


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Germany DrupalCon Team is supporting Maastricht and Paris in 2009

We have commited the final decision at http://drupalcamp.de/ and decided, not to write a proposal for a DrupalCon 2009, but to support Maastricht with activities.
We will achieve this in the form of manpower at the spot but also with our previous requests for http://drupalcamp.de/sponsoren and sponsors with whom we have so far only in discussion.
The decision to support Maastricht is from the proximity and the already advanced state of planning of
http://groups.drupal.org/drupalcon-maastricht-2009 arisen, where we wanted no further internal community competition.

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Idea: Drupal Village at Hacking at Random

UPDATE: Now our space-time continuum has been corrected to allow visits to both DrupalCon and Har2009 this is the time to get yourself a ticket, double check that camping gear in the attic and let me know if you'll be able to come!

August 13-16 2009 Hacking at Random, the next iteration in a 20 year long tradition of open air hacking events will be held in Vierhouten, the Netherlands. These events are (self)organized every 4 years (2 years after every ccc-camp) and are every geeks dream in cool presentations, workshops and technology phun in every way imaginable. I will be there for sure and I post this to find out if there are more Drupal people interested in coming to this event and possibly help to organize a Community Village.
Depending on the number of volunteers and contributers I can imagine anything from just a bunch of small tents gathered around a Drupal Flag drinking beers in the sun to getting some bigger event tents to hold getting started sessions, (security) code sprints or a CMS hacking face off.

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Drupalcon Deadlines

Its awesome to see a Drupalcon proposal coming for Maastricht. So that you are all aware the deadline for proposals is January 31st, 2009 and a decision will be made before Drupalcon D.C (so that it can be announced at Drupalcon D.C).

If you have any questions feel free to contact me or the Drupal Association.

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Kom op! Doe Mee! Wordt een held! (en meer kreten die je oproepen actief te worden in DrupalCon Maastricht 2009)

Kom op, je hebt zo veel van Drupal gekregen. Klanten, websites, omzet, liefde. Nu is je kans .. nee je plicht :-) .. om iets terug te doen aangebroken. Zet je zelf op de kaart, help Drupal en wordt actief in de DrupalCon Maastricht 2009 organisatie!

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Mailinglist set up

For those wanting to be / get active and discuss this, I setup a mailinglist at http://groups.yahoo.com/group/dcm2008/ Please contact me if you want to be added (and what you want to do! ;-)

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Task list for writing the proposal


We are slapping together a proposal for the drupalcon 2009 in Maastricht.

If you want the drupalcon to come to Maastricht, please pick a task from the list in the comments below.

Add in a comment your name, which task you undertake and when you will finish.

Add any doubts you have so we can clarify before you start.

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DrupalCon How many days? (please provide feedback if date is okay)

20/21/22/23 augustus 2009 (sunday codeing etc)
55% (11 votes)
19/20/21/22/23 augustus 2009 (sunday codeing etc)
45% (9 votes)
Total votes: 20

Meeting notes Drupalcon Maastricht 2009 31.10.2008 (with real action list!)

To meeting attendants: please add your notes and refine mine.

meeting notes drupalcon maastricht 2009 31.10.2008

14:00 - 15:00 avans hogeschool breda. drupaljam

present (artistic pseudonmys between brackets): armand maas (maastrix), appie verschoor, bert boerland (bertboerland), roel de meester (demeester_roel), frits hof, olivier jacquet (jax), joost geeraaerts (jog), bart haedens, boris doesborg (batigolix), roel guldemond
absent: many more

  1. Date

- between 14.08.2009 and 14.09.2009
- days of the con: drupalcon is a 4 day event taking place on wed, thu, fri, sat

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Agenda bespreking Drupaljam Breda 31okt08

We kunnen tijdens de aanstaande drupaljam van 31 oktober in Breda een bespreking houden over de voortgang van drupalcon Maastricht 2009

De organisatie van de Bredase drupaljam verzoekt om daar wat structuur voor aan te leveren. Daarom lijkt het me goed om hier een agenda op te stellen:

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