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Video module now compatible with WYSIWYG

Today I released new beta version of the video module, we have fixed lot of core issues on the video module, wiped out unwanted code, formatted code to match coding standards and lot more.

Module Required : WYSIWYG

In feature wise we could add WYSIWYG module support. In WYSIWYG setting button and plugin you can see option to enable video button.

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Video module 7.x-2.1-alpha2, what you should know?

Original post :

I released video module 7.x-2.1-alpha2 version on 11th of Sep. This major version completely redesign the video module and its core, I'm the only one worked on this release and seems our co-maintainers (6.x) had no time to contribute code to the 7.x yet. I'm very very happy about the progress of downloading and using video module. It has over 10,500+ usage now.

In this article I'm going to examine some new features added to the video module.

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What you should know about D7 Video module

D7 video module has been arrived and having huge usage over last couple of days, even I could see lot of hits to my documentation site, so it means a lot of people are using it, that's obvious cause video module is the one and only complete video solution we had since Drupal 4.7. So you might keen to know how handy D7 video module is?.

Basically, we left some configuration interfaces as it is to protect consistency :o). Major changes areas are highlighted.

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Video and Media module, in future how do they play togethor? are they friends?

Yes, we have already started developments of the video module and working hard to release a stable version very soon. So the D7 video module will be the most advanced video solution for D7. We will continue all the D6 features set and adding new features like editable presets and export compatibility with ChosTools, Features modules blah blah.

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What's new in video module 6.x-4.2-ALPHA2

On Dec 4th I released an enhanced video module build with many new features. Specially now its supporting HTML5 videos on Drupal sites. Not only they we added number of new enhancements to the module to improve the user experience and many other aspects.

Here are the list of new features and would like to get more user inputs to improve the usability of the module.

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What's new in video module 6.x-4.1-rc6

Today we released the latest video module release video 6.x-4.1-rc6 and we added number of new features to the video module.

First we added several new features to the FFMPEG conversion, now video module is allow your to convert video for progressive download and we changed the module to use latest FFMPEG with fallback to older versions.

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Future of Audio and Video modules in Drupal

..."The future in D7 and beyond is file (field)
along with PHP stream wrappers and other niceties. Media module makes
use of these features already.

We perhaps need a new discussion on, to analyze and
figure out what kind of functionality projects like Audio and Video
should provide, if any, starting from D7.

posted by sun on

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video-6.x-4.0-beta1 Released

6.x-4.0-BETA1 Has now been released. I am releasing this as beta as there have been major changes and additions and I think its stable enough for a beta. We still need help testing this before its implemented in a production environment. This is a rewrite of the 6.x-3.x branch. The major improvements are listed below:

* FTP Video Attach. (Ability to FTP all your videos at once and then attach the videos through a drop-down)
* FLVTool2 integration.

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Drupal Video module 6.x-4.x-dev Released

We have released our never version of Drupal video module :), but it is still unstable :(. But we welcome all you to test the module and see its extensible features.

Download the dev version and see how fit it is to you :)

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Video Module - What's Next?

Hi all,

We are developing never version of Drupal video module which is far more good than the last release, since we are using filefield and CCK we all know video module is very famous now. Since it is supporting views, imagecache, ffmpeg_wrapper modules its exposing more valuable features to the community.

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Media DX Summit 2010

MDX 2010 FTW!

With a Drupal Beta planned for May 21, the time is coming for a Media Beta as well! Before we can do that, however, there are a few loose ends to tie up. I've identified two critical pieces for a happy Developer's eXperience (DX) before I'll be happy doing that. There are certainly more: see the Media issue queue for more.

MetaData Handling

The Media module creates Media entity objects, which are fieldable. That means we can already attach any fields or taxonomy to any media object, which goes a long way towards handling metadata. However, Media metadata needs are variable and complex. For instance, a field might be fine for adding a taxonomy vocabulary for Video genre or Bird species, but you would need something better if you want to automatically add video duration, YouTube categories, or grab a music file's getID3 data. Basically, we need a larger discussion of what's necessary, what's possible, and how we get there. See this Media metadata issue for more background.

Display Formatting

Currently, we're using the Styles module to power display formatting. We may or may not continue using that. In any case, we'll need to ensure the formatters more closely follow Media Types, and we'll need to offer a pluggable UI for changing formatter style presets, similar to Image Styles (Imagecache in core, for those not yet familiar).

Media DX Summit 2010?

I'd love to lock up some fellow developers for a couple of days in a room to bang on these ideas. At the same time, my partner Gwen is due on May 22 for our second child, so firstly, I can't really travel any time in the foreseeable future, and secondly, even if we had a summit here in Harrisburg, it would either have to be like this week, or in mid-summer. Considering the deadlines involved for this, we need to get cranking. Thus, the summit I would love to see happen will probably either have to happen remotely, or perhaps without my involvement. :(

Anything Else?

Are there any other issues you would suggest to be critical beta-blockers? Do you have any thoughts to add to the issues I've suggested? Please add to this thread!

Aaron Winborn

(Cross-posted at

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Video Module 6.x-3.6 with ffmpeg_wrapper and imagecache


This should be a great news for all who are using Video module, yesterday I released a new version of video module which has several new features and bug fixes.
1. Now video module is using ffmpeg_wrapper module API's to convert / thumbnail videos.
2. All video thumbnails are now expose to views and you can use imagecache presets too.
3. No video_render.php file and now easy to setup cron jobs on video_scheduler.php
and many known issues resolved....

Download the latest Video Module 6.x-3.6

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Forthcoming Media Alpha!

So we're this close to an alpha for the Media module (for d7). There are only a few outstanding critical alpha-blocking issues that need to be resolved. I'd hoped to have it today, but it looks like it'll probably be Monday.

Next week is the time for you to jump in if you're interested in developing for the project! It's been loads of fun, from the initial discussions and plans over a year ago with arthurf, dopry, drewish, Roger López, myself and others, to fantastic core Drupal 7 integration of stream wrappers by pwolanin and GSOC student jmstacey, to some powerhouse #d7ux magic by mverbaar and Jody Lynn, to the latest overhaul introducing Media fieldable entities (with an eye for core Drupal 8) and WYSIWYG integration by JacobSingh and dipen chaudhary, with some potential upcoming fine-tuning from jQuery guru dmitrig01.

If you're interested, join us in IRC at #drupal-media. After giving the module a spin (you'll need Drupal 7 Alpha 1, Media, Styles, and WYSIWYG + CKEditor, and optionally Media: Flickr and/or Media: YouTube), you should subscribe to the Issue queue. (You can also see recent screenshots at

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Best practice for user-generated video sharing site?

Hi all,

I am building a user-generated video sharing site for my client. He wants users with appropriate role can submit their videos to the site and share it. A problem is, for some reasons unknown to me, he wants to use FTP instead of FileField upload functionality to submit a video. Then he wants to get these files hosted by a CDN provider and embed in a node a video file which is retrieved from a CDN provider. A video can last 1 hour or longer sometimes.

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Image management - the never ending problem!


As we all know image, any file actually, management is one of Drupal's biggest weaknesses. It has been debated since the beginning and there exist a virtual labyrinth of different solutions for it. I would say that looking at all the modules touching this more or less all features needed for Drupal to have excellent file management exist. The problem though is that very little is compatible with each other (won't go into that snake pit in this post though...)

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Drupal Media, Now with Fieldable Entities!

If you haven't looked recently, there's been some huge progress recently for Drupal's Media module. Jacob Singh from Acquia has jumped on board, paving the way for fieldable entities! This allows Media asset objects to be a first class Drupal citizen, alongside Nodes, Users, Taxonomy, and Comments. (Hopefully in core for Drupal 8!) Also, Dipen Chaudhary has been hard at work providing WYSIWYG support!

Media as an Fieldable Entity

Read more for a tutorial...

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Released Video Module 6.x-3.1 stable version.

It is very happy to say that I released a new version of video module 6.x-3.1 with many new features, mainly now video module directly depends on CCK.

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What's new in Video Module 6.x.3-dev release

It is happy to say now video module is supporting to the CCK. See the full story about it Video Module 6.x.3-dev Release

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Media + Styles + Media: YouTube Demo!

2009-12-01 12:30 - 13:15 America/New_York
Event type: 
Online meeting (eg. IRC meeting)

Join us at #drupal-dojo in IRC for a DimDim screencast demonstration, discussion, and quick Q&A of the Media, Styles, and Media: YouTube modules. Built to harness the new PHP stream wrappers in core Drupal 7, this powerful file browsing solution will awe and amaze.

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Media Styles

I'm adding display formatters to the Media module, and could use some feedback.

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