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Hey Everyone,

Great meetup....

Here is my affiliate link to Stylizer, (My Secret weapon) .... any commission i generate i will donate to food and drinks for the next meetups :)

I would like to see this group grow.




how well does it work with drupal?

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I don't mind shameless plugs if the products are great. So what makes this that much better than using firebug or other free tools? How many folks are using this with drupal? I read it directly updates the server CSS files which is nice. Does it place comments or other indication of what lines in the CSS file are being updated, deleted, or added? My process keeps the mods in a well documented block at the end of the files for easy reference.

Go through all the

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Go through all the videos....

Yes, it updates in real time. you can preview multiple versions in multiple browsers (windows only :P )
it writes all necessary browser hacks if you are using rules.

Best $80 i have ever spent...... EVER.

The more you get into it.. the more you will see its power. I kind of didnt want to come out with this...(i like keeping secrets) but these guys have a solid product, and it is time to give them the support they need now.

If you are using a mac... I recommend running a virtual box with xp or some flavor of winblows, and install it there... the power is in the windows build.


you are welcome.

          "we are the cult of personality."

Thanks for sharing this

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Thanks for sharing this application with everyone at the OC Drupal meetup last night. Sharing secrets with the community to speed up development is always welcome.

For those that have ever used tools like Adobe BrowserLab or Microsoft Expression Engine SuperPreview to see what you site might look in different browsers, from the demo given, it goes well beyond those in capability so worth checking out if you ever want to easily test / modify CSS on the fly.

As for documenting updates..

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As for documenting updates.. i don't know.. i do know there is a debug mode (i have worked with the devs a couple times to debug something) that could possibly get you what you need.

I'm guessing some structured log format you could parse.... they are a good group.. responsive in the forum and will work with you.

          "we are the cult of personality."

Thanks for the demo

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Thanks for demoing this at the OC Drupal meetup. It looked very useful.

John Romine

Stylizer is dope Son!

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I am running a Mac OS X 10.6.7 => Parallels 6.0 => Windows 7 => Stylizer 5.

With this configuration I can run Parallels in the coherence mode and Stylizer feels like just another application running on my system. Totally non evasive and smooth.

You can test and change your css real time.

Browsers installed...
Firefox 2, 3, 3.5, 3.6
IE 6, 7, 8

As a designer this is an awesome tool.

Thanks for putting this out there at the Drupal OC meetup philosurfer!

ie 6, 7, 8

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Stylizer sounds amazing!
gaffyslick, I noticed you have IE 6, 7, & 8 all running on your virtual Windows 7. How did you get those all running on the same system? I used to have a great tool that worked with Windows XP, but under Windows 7, the ie6 part of it had glitches that essentially made it unusable. I have Mac OX 10.5.8 => VMWare Fusion 3.1.2 =>Windows 7 Ultimate.

IE 6 on Windows 7...

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IE 6 works within stylizer. You have to be running stylizer on your windows system. The browser versions are built right into the software.

Here is the link that philosurfer posted above...

haha, thanks!

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this rocks, thanks!!! :D



Twitter: RomyEatsDrupal

If anyone bought this....

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Hey if anyone bought this... send me your first name and last name so i can get the software company to cough up the commissions... they are kind of dicking me around on the affiliate commissions...(their affiliate software is not tracking it correctly) they want names of people who bought it to give me credit for those... ill blow it all on beers for the next event ;-)

          "we are the cult of personality."

I purchased stylizer...

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Yeah, I purchased the software.

Russell Campbell
paypal Christa Devlin

License last four digits... 659RN

Thanks for the secret software.

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