Using CiviEvent for Events (Classes) for more than one day

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If you've used CiviCRM, particularly the CiviEvent feature, you'll know that for creating events there is a field for the Start Date and one for the End Date. This is great if your event (or class) is a one-day only event. There doesn't appear to be any provision for the same event taking place for more than 1 day, such as a class that meets from 1:00 to 4:00 PM on a Monday, Tuesday, and Friday. How have any of you who have started to use, or are considering using, CiviCRM for event registration (for classes or other purposes) dealt with this?


Maybe Event Summary field is solution

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Maybe the solution can be to use the Event Summary field to put the dates and times for multiple day events. It's not an elegant solution though.

Another, not so elegant idea...

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We are proposing creating each other day of the multi-day classes (like for Tuesday and Friday example above) as an event that doesn't allow online registration. You can put the URL to your first class date's registration if you allow late registrations. It's a bit more work, but it also should allow you to populate calendars and RSS feeds with the additional class dates.

It will be elegant soon...

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The good news is that we have word from Roberto Santiago, who is on the CiviCRM advisory council, is that multi-day events will be supported in the next CiviCRM release. I'm assuming that the release he was talking about was 2.3 as I just went to look at the release tracker on SourceForge and it looked like there was a new stable release committed six days ago (2.2.3.) This release has some features that I was hoping for including waitlisting that will be really helpful for classes.

With all this said I couldn't find the issue in the CiviCRM issue que so I made one. Want this for the next release? Vote on it here.

no immediate plans to support multi-day ..

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this will not be part of 2.2.x or 2.3.x

however we will definitely help folks develop the required code etc. or if a group of folks are interested, they can help sponsor this functionality

filing an issue and voting it up does not really accomplish a whole lot


The very same

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We are faced with exactly the same issue.
As you can see here in the site we are replacing, the bicycle safety course has two parts. One day is in classroom and the second is on bike. And the two do not have to be the same weekend.

So if you're interested I can keep you posted on our progress.


Believe it or not, there is

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Believe it or not, there is finally a plan to address this. It requires some people or organizations to commit $4,250 to turn this into a Make It Happen project by mid January. If you or your organization can commit anything, now would be a good time to step up.

Sounds great. There's the

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Sounds great. There's the date module and calendar module for drupal...they seem to have recurring support. Right now I just use those for recurring class info, and if its an event I have a CCK field that links to CiviCRM. Not the best...but it works.

@slavojzizek That's a common

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@slavojzizek That's a common work around. Another variation on that approach is to use CiviCRM's iCal feed to create Drupal nodes and then extend those nodes with another Date field for the repeats. The problem with all of these is if you want to trigger some activity after the class ends, CiviCRM is only aware of the first date.

There is also civicrm_events which uses the FullCalendar to display CiviEvents and the start of a patch to display CiviEvents in FullCalendar using Views.