Wearable technology and Drupal at the Wearable Tech Expo

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Hi all, if anyone is interested in wearable technology (device integration, quantified self, augmented reality, etc.) and how it relates to Drupal and some of the exciting work we do, I'll be speaking today on a panel at the Wearable Tech Expo in Universal City:


Hollywood has long driven the imagination with all sorts of advanced technology. In the past this tech was all imaginary but in today's world nothing is left strictly to imagination any longer.

From the wearable technology of Tron: Legacy to the advanced tech of the latest Star Trek, much of it can already be implemented in the real world. This session demonstrates the evolution of wearable tech in the movies to wearable tech in our real lives.

One of the topics I'll be speaking on is the Mobile Device Lab program that we've funded and operate at Droplabs:


If you're at the expo and can make it to the session, it's in Ballroom C at 3:30pm. Hope to see you there! If you can't make it, by all means please ask any questions here in this discussion and I and other folks in this community will do our best to answer them.


Missed this

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Guess I did not check in on time and missed this. Do not know if I would have had the time but this sound like and interesting topic.

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