Panels 2 is a module that uses drag & drop to add content to layouts. It is designed as an API so that modules can use these displays to customize their own areas, and we're working toward fully integrating this solution into Drupal 7.

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Disable panels for specific themes

Hi, still no answer to my previous question, but I have another one :

If I use node/% to override node presentations, I can't have access anymore to node/%/edit with the standard garland theme.
I would like to have a front theme with panels page aenabled for my visitors, but keep the garland with standard node presentation screens for the admin users.

Thus I would like to disable panels override for the garland theme. Is this possible or am I doing something wrong ?

Thanks for your answer

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block template for pane

I haven't found a solution in this group so far, so let's open a discussion.
On a site wurrently under development, we still haven't decided whether we will user panels or not. Our design's CSS are quite complex, abnd before switchcing, we want to be 100% sure that we wll be able to fully control the rendering.

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GDO Group Page weights not working

This has probably already been addressed, but since I haven't seen anything about it, I thought I'd mention it here.

I've implemented the new panel pages feature on two groups now: Churches and Drupal in Education. In both cases, I've noticed that the page tabs show up in the order I created them, not in the order I weighted them.

Anyone else notice this? How do I fix it?

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CCK Integration for Panels

I have just posted a patch which allows people to add a single field into a pane for much greater control over content layout.

See for the patch to CCK

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Passing Arguments to views inside panel

Hi There
I have been using panles 2 beta 2, with views 1.6

I want to be able to pass the panel page argument to the views inside the panel ,
I have read all the documentation here, but can't make this happen, any help will be appreciated.

I have a content type call event (with a date field called date_start)
I have set up a view called events that accept the date_start as an argument, (it's the second argument , the first is termid, and the third is RSS: RSS Feed Selector)
the view has argument code that set up the default value

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using panels 2 everywhere

We're happily using Panels 2 in our latest site. We're using panels for all node types and suppressing everything else around the panel (ie. we're not using the block config page much at all).

We'd now like to create a default panel to use on every page that is not currently a panel - this will make theming totally consistent - no designing css for both html output scenarios.

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Artist & Albums On The Same Page

Hi all,

I'm very new on this applying Panels to the Drupal CMS.

So, right here, I'm trying to accomplish something like or I'm sure Panels can do something similar, but I just don't know how exactly to achieve it.

To achieve a simpler version, I have created two different content types: Artist and Album.

I've also created a new category called Artist which points to the Artist and Album types. I've checked it as:
Hierarchy: Single
Related Terms
Free Tagging.

Then, I goto:

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What are the main features of Panels that cannot be accomplished with Views and Blocks?

Hi, I apologize in advance if this question is posted in the incorrect place. I am new to Drupal and facing a steep learning curve. I'm trying to focus my learning so that I can more quickly start implementing a social networking site for dancers (salsa, swing, ballroom, etc). I have read a lot of great things about Panels, and I am not sure whether to focus my limited free time on learning everything about Panels or just stick to learning Views.

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What are the future plans for integration of Panels and MySite modules?

Both the Panels and the MySite module provide a mechanism and an interface for creating pages with content blocks pulled from various sources. The main difference between the two is that Panels is aimed at the site administrator and MySite is aimed at the individual user. Compared to the complex functionality that both these modules provide, this distinction seems tiny.

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Questions with contexts (node add form)

For the life of me, I can't get the settings right for the node add form context setting for panels.
The tutorial for using the node edit form context is great, so thought it would be similar to set up the node add

The closest I get is to having the pane return:

Form goes here.

Looking through the panels/content_types/ include, I found the following function (plus my var_dump)

function panels_content_form($conf, $panel_args, &$context) {
$block->module = 'form';
if (isset($context->form)) {

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Having view pagers in a panel?

Hi there,

I am stuck on a seemingly no-brainer problem here. Yet I can't find a solution already half a day. In short I cannot get a view to show it's pager inside a Panel.

I have a view, which has the "Use pager" checked and "Items to display" set to 12. I have used the same settings under the Views Panels configuration (http://mysite/admin/panels/views). My "view type" is set to Page.
When the view is displayed alone, it shows its pager and I can browse through the pages if there are more than 12 nodes in the view.

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How to set the panel's title dynamically?

I need to display a panel in the context of a node and I need that panel to dynamically get its title from the node's context.

How can I do this?

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How to display a Panel Page as a tab for a specific node type?

I posted this as a support request but this group may be a better place for it.

I have just installed a fresh Drupal 5.6 and Panels 2 beta 2.

I have a custom node type called Destination. My goal is to add some content related to each Destination node as a separate tab in the main Destination node display.

Normally after viewing a node, I would see the two default tabs:
View | Edit
I just want to add another one, say called "Test Panel", so that when I am looking at a Destination node, I'll have 3 tabs:
View | Edit | Test Panel

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Panels 2 Screencast

Hello, all. I've just created the node for a screencast that I was to do for a GHOP task. The link can be found at:

Thanks very much!

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Ability to Drag and Drop Blocks

I am trying to implement a feature for users to rearrange the existing blocks on the home page (netvibes way ).
Users with any role anonymous/authentic can rearrange the blocks to customize the home page but only authentic user's customization will be saved.

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Overriding the node edit form

Panels 2 allows you to override the Edit form of a node. The advantage is clear for developers and non-developers as well, as placing difference blocks in different places is all made through an easy to use UI.

Let's override the Edit form of all the story nodes and divide it into two columns. On the left will place the content form, and on the right the node comments.

  1. In the panel settings 'Add' a 'Two Column' panel.
  2. Panel name = Override node edit
  3. path = node/%/edit
  4. Click 'next'
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Panels 2 API Documentation

This WIKI is currently a placeholder for Panels 2 API documentation.

proviso: schuyler1d is just putting some documentation here while I peruse the code. It could be all wrong.

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Suggestions for Panels UI

Attaching some thoughts on how to improve the organisation and layout of the panels administration pages. I started pasting this together before I coud see that the img tag is allowed in wiki pages. Let me know if you'd like a certain screenshot to be instantly visible here. I have an .ODT of this document as well but that's bigger than the 1MB limit for attachments here.

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Panels 2 documentation

Help brainstorm and or volunteer to help out with Panels 2 documentation.

Below is in an initial outline that is based on looking at Views documentation as an example, talking to merlinofchaos, and pondering what might be helpful. Constructive comments, additions, offers to help do specific sections are welcome and encouraged.

I. Panels 2 documentation
+Top level: brief overview of Panels 2


  • Panels basic options
  • Definitions
  • Panels displays
  • Panel pages
  • Panel nodes
  • Mini panels
  • Panels Plugins (See the demo module at Panels Plugin Example module
    • Argument Plugins
    • Context Plugins
    • Relationship Plugins
    • Content_type Plugins

II. Panels 2 Theming

III. Panels 2 tutorials

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Node decorator functionality

I think the CCk Blocks module can provide a possible work around in order to get the Node decorator functionality.

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