Panels 2 is a module that uses drag & drop to add content to layouts. It is designed as an API so that modules can use these displays to customize their own areas, and we're working toward fully integrating this solution into Drupal 7.

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Panels 3 API

Can anyone let me know if there's a panels API documentation available online. Would like to have a quick overview, but couldn't find it on

I have a problem with apache_solr + panels. When making a layout with left an right region. Left = facets (key = left), right = search results (key = right). The problem is that the facets aren't shown, because the search result aren't available when rendering the facets. First the right region should be rendered, then the left version.
Any idea how and with which hook I would be able to sort the render order.


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Create Content in Panels using Drag 'n drop


I participate in a web application project and we think about using Panels to accomplish it. The special behavior of panels that we would like to achieve is to create content in a panel region without the predefined ajax popup window but using drag 'n drop from a view. Creating content in a panel region will be able as described in the following scenario:

  • A user uses a drupal view in order to find the content he wants
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Drupal Developer (panels and web services expert) | UBERsource

Employment type: 

This project is posted at Project ID is 1791153

The website is an integration of various web services. It has already been set-up and is in need of a few features created/corrected. Here is a list of a few tasks needed;

1. Convert Articles/Feeds Category Page into Panel Page

2. Correct Related Videos results on Feed Item Pages

3. Correct Related Products pane on Feed item pages

4. Create "Related Feeds" panel pane and add to Products Detail Page and Video Player Page

5. Correct "Related Products" panel pane on Video Detail Pages

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Add content panes to panels layout dynamically

I want different modules to add content to panels regions as panes, so that the content appears only if a certain module is enabled. Is there a way to add content to panels regions dynamically from code? or the export/import feature is only for full configuration?

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Contributed styles

This is something that came up awhile back, Merlin and I briefly discussed it but he wanted them put in a sub-module and I dont have the know-how for something like this. At this point I have about 10 or so additional styles that I have created and I am open to creating styles that people would like to see (as my time permits).

So I have started a gallery as part of my site where people can download my styles free and use them as they wish. I would like to know what everyone thinks of this idea and the contributed styles idea in general.

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Custom node type teaser with Panels?

Hi, I'm pretty new to Drupal/Panels so forgive me if this is a silly question. What I'm trying to do is display a list of "linked nodes". Using a panel I include the list of linked nodes and choose rendered node in my formatter. This appears to display the node's teaser. However I want to customize (pretty much completely) how that teaser looks - is that done via panels or someplace else? Or is there an entirely better way to accomplish the overall objective?

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Custom selector for "Add content" area on panel layout?

Is there any way to create a "custom selector" for the "Add content" area in Panels?
E.g. You can choose "Existing node", but I would want to create "Add an article". That would work pretty much as "Existing node" but it only displays nodes with the node-type "Article".
Or if I have a node type called "Images", then it would be really great to have a link "Add an image", that displays a list of all images (or use an autocomplete field)...

Is there any way to do this? Using a view to filter out the content, or code a custom "selector"?

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How to remove/disable default panel layouts?

I've been searching around for an answer, but could'nt find any...

I want to disable/remove the "default" layouts that comes with Panels ("Builders" "Columns: 1", "Columns: 2"...).
So that the layouts I create is the only ones the user can choose from.
Is there any way to accomplish that?

Thanks in advance!

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Implement Jquery into Panel panes

Say I want to use the Sidebars Jquery plugin ( and implement it into my panel pane sidebars. I understand there is a panels contributed module "Panels Dashboard" ( which does collapse panel panes. However, I want the ability to collapse the panel pane vertically. So, it looks like the JquerySidebar would be the solution. But how do I get it to work with panels module?


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[SOLVED] My Panel Node is hidden by default - I have to click the teaser to show it - how make the full Panel content available automatically (i.e. remove the teaser)?

My Panel Node is hidden on the front page with a title, posted by-line (user and date) and teaser to show it - how make the full Panel content available (i.e. remove the teaser)?

I have a solution to remove the by-line:

BUT not to force the display of the Panel fully on the page.

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Project Application: Panels Breadcrumbs


I've developed a module "Panels Breadcrumbs" that allows you to set your breadcrumbs directly from Panels configuration, and also allows you to take advantage from Panels Arguments and Contexts as Placeholder tokens.

I've applied this sandbox project to a full project, and I was told to ask here for someone that could review my application:

Project Application:
Repository: git clone --branch 7.x-1.x
Configuration Screenshot:

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Granularity of node panes

I'm on Panels 3, and from what I can see, one can use an individual field or an entire node as a panel pane. I've just built a simple module that uses the Field UI and field_group module (or is it fieldgroup?) to float an image within a bit of text. I was thinking of digging into content_type and building something for field groups that would provide some intermediate granularity between a field pane and a node pane. I'm relatively new to panels, though, so I wanted to be sure that this facility doesn't already exist.

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Create panel pages for node type Feed-item

I would like to collect a TON of rss Feeds and organize them into categories. With panels module, I would like to create a Feeds Home Panel Page that will display all the category terms for Feeds (that I created with Taxonomy Manager) for feeds and feed-items, A Dynamic Category Panel Page that will display all feeds assigned to the category being viewed, a search results panel page that will display all feeds based on a keyword search, and finally a Feed Detail Panel Page that displays the article of the feed (title, description, image etc). I understand some rss feeds are only teasers.

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Page Title vs Node Title

I am somewhat confused by the difference between Page Titles and Node titles. I have a Node Template set up in Panels for specific content types. I've deleted $title from my page.tpl.php and am using a node template to place it in the content. The problem I am having is that when I use the "Node being viewed" title I get the correct title for all the pages EXCEPT the Home page (which is set for node/1). The home page title comes up as "Home" even though that isn't the page title.

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Conditionally show/hide panes depending on referrer URL or keywords

Is there any module (or custom code) to help me to achieve the next thing:
I have a landing page and I would like to use visibility rules depending on the keyword used on search engine or the referrer url,

i have found this module CTools HTTP Header Plugins but the maintainer doesn't answer to the issue queue for long, and I don't really know if this module can help me to achieve this.

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Panel Collapse

Hello professionals,

I need some help with module Panel Collapse
Shortly about the situation:
I am using Views+Ctools+Panels+Panel Collapse, the idea is to create a menu with Panel Page.

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How do I create a print layout with panels nodes


I have overridden my node template for a specific type with panels. But the print uses the default node.tpl.php file. How can I use my panels layout and use it in print, pdf?


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Panels with views, blocks vs panes

On a site with panels and views you have the option to create a display as a block or a pane.
What are the pros and cons? As far as I can see a block is more flexible than a pane and more universal, what was the reason for creating a pane display?

Kind Regards,

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How can I load a pane with code

Here's my problem:

I want to load a pane using code. Is there a function for it? Something similar to node_load (I mean similiar).


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Heartbeat stream as content element on a panels page?

Hi folks,

to log user activity on a community site I'm using the heartbeat module. I wrote a custom module to utilize heartbeat functions. I tried using the Views module with the heartbeat views integration but that's not as flexible as I need it to be. I'm testing my configuration with the "Public Heartbeat Stream" which comes with the heartbeat module (/heartbeat/publicheartbeat). Everything seems to work the way I want it to.

What I need now is to integrate the public stream into a panels page (panels module). And that's were I'm stuck right now :(. How can I do this?

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