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Trying to create a front/home page my way

Hi all:

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View Argument Handling Code - Using Multiple Taxnomy Term Names as Arguments


I've read a lot of requests for using multiple taxonomy term names as view arguments. I found a code, but it didnt work for me.
Views default argument handling using termid rather then name works beautifully, using forms like: ",termid3,termid2" or "", but I found the support for term names lacking.


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Lesson #24 - Theming Views output

2007-07-28 18:00 Etc/GMT

This week, EclipseGc will be demonstrating how to theme a Views table. Views is already a must-have module for almost any Drupal site, but knowing how to extend and theme it will really allow you to 'kick it up a notch', if you will.

Please note that this is a Saturday lesson. Shaking things up a bit!

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Views / Tabs / Panels - Dynamic Loading

Hello DOJO!

I want to be a Drupal ninja!

I have seen so many cool sites lately! There's one functionality set that has really caught my eye. I can't figure out how to do it, though. Can someone here give a hint? I've been through all the searches I can think of on and this is the first time I'm really asking, so I hope I give enough information! Here's a recent question verging on this:

What I'd like to do is display a view in a tab in a panel, and have the view be created by a stored argument that is autogenerated from the node ID.

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View / panel question

First, Thanks to everyone who works hard on drupal and everyone who is working hard on the learning a lot.

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Lesson #4 Class Notes wiki -- Module Mashups!

Contribution Module Rock Star Roundup! CCK, views, panels... oh my!

Today we will be seeing what we can do, creating rich content layouts with modules such as CCK, views, panels, and how to make use of some of the core modules, such as taxonomy. And as we shall see, you can use views within panels...

Comment: It would be helpful to have an abstract of what will be accomplished, or even a demo of the end results for those who get scared browsing half way down and seeing all that code.

First step is to install the relevant modules.

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Dojo Lesson #4 screencast link

Torrent for my high quality screencap of the Fourth Lesson is up!. The whole thing is 2:20 and about 180mb.

If you want to post a recode or other derivative, drop a link in the comments here and I'll flesh out the main node with more downloads.

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Dojo Lesson #4 -- Great Contrib Modules

2007-01-22 03:00 - 05:30 Etc/GMT-8

Drupal DojoNote: Video is compressing, will be up later tonight.

I'm back on to teach another Dojo Lesson this Sunday at 11am PST (2PM EST, 4PM Buenos Ares, 8PM Belgium/Hungary). Topic is TBA, but see the great wiki page Matt Koglin pulled together and let's start a comment thread on it.

I'm open to doing a more high-level beginner-friendly session after last week's dive into NodeAPI. I'm also open to doing a practical "how do I make a site do xyz" type lesson. Once it's decided I'll edit this event node to include the topic and we can collect pre-reading, etc, as per usual.

Join us in #drupal-dojo on IRC, and on skype #+99001110025448968. You can also see my screen here.

Two other points to note:

  • Greggles has stepped up in the IRC room to lead a session on how to use CVS to manage an official Drupal project. Awesome! He will be leading Lesson #5 on Sunday the 27th. [edit: see and edit the lesson plan wiki]
  • SamTressler has offered to set up a session at Drupal Camp NYC where the Dojo lesson will be projected and people can take part; an exciting real/virtual world crossover!
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