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Google Code-In 2013 - Announcement and Application

Are you interested in contributing to Drupal, but don't have the coding skills or experience necessary? Good news, now you have an awesome opportunity to contribute! Drupal is currently in the application process to be a part of the Google Code-In ( ) contest for pre-university students ages 13-17. Our current need is building a list of quality tasks for students to work on during the contest.

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[GSoC Proposal] Sales Reports for Drupal Commerce


Drupal Commerce is used to build eCommerce websites and applications of all sizes. It was built with a framework mindset, focusing what you can build with it.

The project is currently maintained by Ryan Szrama and the Commerce Guys.

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Version Abstraction For Module Customizations

One of the main problems faced by Drupal Developers today is that modules customized for a particular application cannot be updated to newer versions without loss of customizations. When updates to such modules are released for a newer version, the developer has to rewrite the customization from scratch in the new version.

I would be interested in working towards the creation of an abstraction layer/module, that would enable version free customizations of Drupal modules for Google Summer Of Code 2012.

Now, this module can basically work in the following way:-

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Tool for Suggesting Popular Modules for Core Integration

I would be interested in creating a tool which can initiated for the Drupal community website. It would sort out various modules available for Drupal, based on their popularity, and suggest on the most popular modules/themes which can be integrated with the Drupal core.

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Google Summer of Code 2012

Please join for participating in Google Summer of Code 2012 :)

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Bachelor Thesis


I'm a GSoC student working on Drupal working on .. I'm heading into my last year of my computer science bachelor (University of Antwerp), which means I'll have to do a bachelor thesis and I was thinking of doing it on Drupal. So I'm looking for a project. I don't really know what I want to do, but I was thinking somewhere in the direction of Drupal 8 core or the Prairie initiative however I'll take all the ideas I can get.

So there you go, I'm looking for a project that would qualify the following (loosely translated from dutch):

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[GSoC Proposal] Improve

My name is Gabriel Massaki and I am studying Computer Science at the University of Campinas (Brazil).
My e-mail is "gabrielmwb at" and my nickname on IRC "Gabriel_Massaki".

I live in Brazil, so it'll be "Winter of Code" for me, I study at night so during the day I will have time to work on the project.

Have you contributed to a open source project before?
No, but I always wanted to contribute, because I like the philosophy of open source projects.

Why do you want to do a project involving Drupal?

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Media Gallery

Overview: The existing Media Gallery is brilliant. I will like to extend it.

Description: In this project, I will develop an API module to extend Media Gallery and developing other features.
1) Making API to extend Media Gallery
2) Ability to import complete albums from Picasa and Flickr
3) Making a media gallery with tags{ from existing Media }
4) Listing associated gallery in a block
5) Add other features if time permits

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[GSoC proposal] Conditional text for the Drupal help system and the documentation team

Conditional text for the Drupal help system and the documentation team

“The basic idea of conditional text is to evaluate an expression, and display text if it's true. “
In short, this is what my proposed module will do.

However, sometimes the conditions will be topic level, sometimes it will be within the topic. The expressions must be user readable (eg.: module is views with version greater than 3.0). There can be 3 kind of displays of a conditional text: visible, hidden, collapsed fieldset, which can be chosen by the site builder.

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[GSoC proposal] Derivates API for Media ecosystem (D7)

Overview: The goal of this project is to implement Derivates API for Media Library (Media, Styles, ...) ecosystem in Drupal 7. This API will provide a flexible, extensible and abstract API to implement derivation engines for different types of files.


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