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Media Module Metadata

We are currently discussing how metadata should be handled by the Media module. Help us by joining the discussion!

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2 buenas noticias para celebrar!

Si todavía no se han enterado, Marco Villegas (@marvil07) está participando en Google Summer of Code 2009 (GSOC), vean el anuncio oficial y en su blog.
Y hoy acaban de aprobar la cuenta CVS de Franco Cedillo (@AdagioParaCuerdas), eso significa que ya tenemos maintainer para el release D6 del módulo Dokeos.

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Chennai Drupal Member in GSoC 2009

Hello Friends,

I am happy to share that i got selected for Google Summer of Code 2009. I will be working on Drupal Quiz module project for the next three month. For further details and updates please refer


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gsoc meetup at chennai

Hello chennai

Google summer of code 2008 volunteers are planning to organize a meet at chennai to share their gsoc experience with newbies for further information refer the link,

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Enhancing drupal quiz module

hello geeks,

      Updated proposal is here

About Me

I am sivaji from India doing B.E Final year computer science engineering, i have been using drupal for past six months, very much comfortable with its features and community support. I am looking for a chance to contribute something to our drupal community and learn some nifty hacks. My work and area of interest revolves around Ubuntu, PHP, Drupal, Ajax, Jquery, Joomla.


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Any Proposals from 2008 worth doing in 2009?

There are a number of proposals from last year that either didn't make the cut or, in a couple of rare cases, didn't result in a successful project. Are there proposals from the GSoC 2008 group that worth bringing over the GSoC 2009 group? I'm going to put some work in organizing the group, and I was thinking it might be a good way to populate the idea section with some content.

Here's the list from last year:

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Szeged SoC presentation online, Code submissions

Hi SoCer's,

You can grab the videocast of the Szeged SOC presentation over at It's available in streaming and full formats.

Also, our Google code project page (For code submissions) is live:

Needless to say, our projects pwned.

Please read the details at the page It has been updated recently for SOC 2008.

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Google Contacts API - student application.

He is my application. It about Google Contacts API integration into Drupal

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Google Summer of Code projects?

Is there any interest in having one or more Summer of Code students to work on this? Here at OSU we're getting some pings from potential applicants on working on OpenID 2.0 server support in D6. We'd be delighted to point some of our mentor and SoC student resources at this project. Especially adding support for AX, etc.


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Integrate Google's new Youtube API with Drupal

Moved to official ideas list at

Google announced that they will open up Youtube's API . This means sites can have the ability to upload video transparently. The API is here.

Sites can have a chromeless player (non Youtube branded) too.

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