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Extra Meta Tags


I would like to add extra Meta Tags like:

<meta name="classification" content="Internet">
<meta name="revisit-after" content="1 week">
<meta name="distribution" content="Global">
<meta name="rating" content="Safe For Kids">

I use nodewords, but I don't see how to add more additional meta tags, is there any module to do this? or I have to do hardcoded?


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Subnavigation, best practices -- help

Im struggling to wrap my head around which or rather how to construct menus for content heavy and simplistic (brochure) sites. I have a friend who recommends I use books for both. Only use new content types for pages that function differently or do not have the same fields. From a users (editor role) point of view it works really well, since there is way less clutter (not seeing all the primary nav items and subitems) when trying to add a new page to your site structure, and it works really well by using a book menu block per page.

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Having trouble creating Gateway module for SMS Framework

Sorry guys, but I'm a dummy. I've tried to create a module for the eztexting gateway (http://www.eztexting.com/developers/), and have not been succesful. Can anyone tell me what I'm doing wrong? Thanks in advance.

// $Id: sms_eztexting.module,v 2008/10/09 17:26:25 diggersf Exp $

* @file
* Adds support for sending SMS messages using the EZTexting gateway.

* Implementation of hook_gateway_info().
function sms_eztexting_gateway_info() {
return array(
'sms_eztexting_gateway' => array(
'name' => 'EZ Texting',
'send' => 'sms_eztexting_send',

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Some possible characteristics of a successful/useful open curriculum

I'm reposting this here from http://drupalkata.com/curriculum/node/466 at Gus Austin's request.

Inspired by the IRC discussion on 3 May, here are some notes on criteria by which we could judge the success of a curriculum design project. Sorry, it's all very sketchy and provisional but perhaps can serve as some sort of contribution to the discussion.

A useful/good curriculum will have the following properties (sort of a unit test for the curriculum):

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Drupal Dojo CoffeeTalk

Title: Drupal Dojo CoffeeTalk
Frequency: Weekly
Status: Commence production April 2010
Format: Short Audio/Video podcast
Producers: Open Learning Labs
Starring: Doug Vann, Gus Austin, and a rotating cast of Drupal community members.
Description: A roundtable discussion covering news, events, projects, and initiatives important to the community.


Please add your suggestions!

  • Google Summer of Code
  • Drupal.org redesign
  • Drupal 7
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XMPP and Drupal developers' round table

2010-03-26 17:00 - 19:00 Europe/Brussels
Event type: 
User group meeting

Recently a lot of people started are working concurrently on XMPP and Drupal integration. So I thought it would be a good idea to share our ideas
so we can work on top of a common platform.

We are going to have the meeting on Dimdim. You can join the event at http://my.dimdim.com/all/openlearninglabs/default/

Some background information for the talk can be found at

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Drupal APPcenter || Module browsing through Drupal Back End

* Good products has Appcenters like Apple App store , Ubuntu App
center ect..

* by using those centers we can discover thousands of apps in various

* When we consider about drupal, if we want to add module we need to
download that module from: http://drupal.org/project/Modules or http://drupalmodules.com
and install it.

I am trying to propose convenient solution for module installing

possible implementation

1. Develop separate module to access and browse module-galary through Drupal.

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When is it time to write a module?

I have a "system" that I have built in Drupal 6 for tracking employee time off. I used actions, triggers and php snippets to get this all working. I have a form for creating a time off request, which launches an approval workflow and email notifications, and that ends with (if the time actually taken) a record that records that time, and reports that HR uses for determining vacation and sick balances.

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ctools Modal css overide?

Does anybody know how I would override the modal.css file included with ctools modal window. I've tried putting a copy in a custom theme folder, but it's not working (perhaps because modal window opens in an iframe?). I've also looked for a theme_modal... function in the code to override that, but I don't see it?

Any help is greatly appreciated.



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Inserting a Span Tag into links - not into primary links

Does anybody know how to insert span tags into all links on a page the Drupal way? E.g. <a href="">link title</a> becomes <a href=""><span>link title</span></a>. This is easily done with javascript but there must be a way to do this in template.php. Any pointers are appreciated.

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