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Multiple forms on one page


I have been struggling with a forms issue that I thought maybe someone could help answer for me.

Basically I am trying to have several drupal forms laid out in one page, with one "Save" button, which will save all of the forms on the page at once. Each form is already assumed to edit an existing node, so I do not need to worry about the case where the user is creating a new set of nodes from the forms on the page.

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Workflow for Drupalversity - how to contribute!

Now that this project has started to move, I've started to think about it less in terms of something that I can build myself and more in terms of a bigger project that lots of different people can contribute to, usually in a relatively small way.

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using webform

I like to use a single contact form that is routed to different expert emails depending on where the user comes from. I also need the form title and intro text needs to be customized. I am using the webform module.

Example: I have a link “talk to expert A” and a second link “talk to expert B”. Both links point to the same form at forms/generic_form.

link A points to forms/generic_form?recipient=expert_a@example.com
link B points to forms/generic_form?recipient=expert_b@example.com

In the form I have set a field “recipient” with a default value of %get[recipient]

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Shoudl I use CCK for everthing?

This is a newbie question, so please forgive me if it's obvious (my copy of Pro Drupal Development doesn't cover it):

I am writing my first module. It needs to use a table with zip-codes and regions and other attributes to work. My first inclination is to add this table to Drupal. But I was asked if I could create a new content type and import these records as content (unpublished). That way if any

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How to professionalize my workflow by adding Drush, CVS, SVN, etc?

I'm still coding in DreamWeaver (embarrassed). Have tried switching to other apps/methods, but always drift back to what I know and where I can stay productive. Is there documentation anywhere on how to move to a more professional workflow that covers integrating a real code editor (perhaps Eclipse) with Drush, CVS, SVN, Dig, etc? I can find snippets on each but can't get my head around linking the whole process together--at least not fast enough to also stay productive.

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Where to Learn PHP?

The more I learn about Drupal, the more I realize that I should learn some PHP. Does anyone have suggestions about where to do so? Are there any recommendations for online tutorials? Ideally, I'd love to find a site that teaches PHP within the framework of Drupal, but I realize that might be too much to ask.

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Best way to do requirements checking on CCK or profile fields

Hi everyone,

I have code popping up like this in a few of my modules ... basically I go through and check all of the hardcoded profile and CCK fields I use actually exist.

It seems like there could be a better way to do it, any ideas?

function example_requirements($phase) {
$requirements = array();

if ($phase === 'runtime') {

// Check for the profile category
$categories      = profile_categories();
$category_exists = FALSE;
foreach ($categories as $category) {
  if ($category['name'] === EXAMPLE_PROFILE_AFFILIATE_CATEGORY) {
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I've discussed this idea to some extent on the dev and docs mailing lists, it was suggested that I also post here. In brief:

I think it would be great if we (the broad Drupal community) could put together a series of online courses which teach people different aspects of Drupal.

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Buttons on Nodes

I'm looking for a way to add a button to the end of a node that actually does something.

Rendering the button is easy:

function button_nodeapi(&$node, $op, $a3 = NULL, $a4 = NULL) {
  switch (
$op) {
$node->content['button'] = array(
'#type' => 'button',
'#value' => t('A Button!'),

The hard part is getting the button to DO something!



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Passing an Argument from the URL to view block

I am not sure if this is an appropriate discussion topic to post here. If not, my apologies. I saw how others had posted views arguments solutions here and thought if I could get this resolved, it would make a nice addition to the dojo.

I just created a forum help request on D.O at http://drupal.org/node/544884 and was wondering if anyone was familiar with the challenge of passing a URL argument to a view block.

I look forward to any advice you can share.


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