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drupal_add_js/css in _menu hook

Hi All,

I'm using Drupal 5, and I'm working on some improvement of the menu system.
I just want to know why put some drupal_add_js/drupal_add_css in the _menu hook noncache part. We can put them just in the module file, the drupal_add_XX will be called when load modules, no? Can anyone tell me the difference?


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Splitting a block into two?

Hi y'all, just wanted to know if any of you know how to split 1 block into 2? I have done some research and it seems its just a matter of modifying one block into two (adding an extra block) but just need some clarification. Which tpl do I modify?

Thanks in advance! :)

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Demographics Group Type

As I am new to Drupal and while looking for groups to help me learn and find contributions for my particular needs I was surprised to find no "Demographic" Group Type. Of the five types that do exist Geographic, Event Planning, Archive, Distribution and Working Group - none work serve Demographic based websites or development.

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Dynamic block alter/creation with custom field

Hello all,

Still relatively new to Drupal, coming from WordPress. My objective is to allow my content editors to edit a "See Also" field on my custom content type, "Product," and have it appear in a "See Also" block in the sidebar region.

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Have an existing website with multiple Views on a single page built with Panels module. Each of the views uses Pager. When any of the Pagers are clicked all of them advance. How can I make it so that each of the Pagers work interdependently?

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Seeking advice before starting development of an extremelly simple online shop

Hello everyone!

I'm looking for some advice while just starting with Drupal. What is the simplest solution possible to implement an extremely simple online shop? I don't need user accounts, wishlists, events or any other fancy features. My page will only have a few items for sale, around 20.

I only need that people can fill a "basket" and check out. Would be good if people could pay after checking out via Credit Card or PayPal.

That's it, nothing more.

Please note 'm just starting to learn PHP.

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Hi guys,

as you can see here:


I have 2 regions. Might sound like a silly question but how do I re-arrange it so that the "showcase" region is swaped with the "banner" region? Does anybody know which tpl i have to change?

thanks in advance! :)

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Template adjustments

Hi guys, I wanted to know how to move content in a block to the right hand side. Im a noob in php so it may appear like a dumb question to most of you.
This is the code:

please visit here:


to view the code (i cant paste it here for some funny reason)

...Where would I place the center tags???
Thanks in advance.

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Changing the presentation/theme of a view

Hi All

I'm having trouble changing the look/theme of a view I have created. I think it may have something to do with the original theme. Is it possible to change the look of the view?

You can view how my views appear here:


I really wish to take off the borders at the top and bottom and want to have rounded corners. Is there any way i can do this guys?

Thanks in advance, you guys rock! :)

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Resizing images within a view

Hi all, I'm fairly new to drupal 6 and had a slight query which I'm hoping somebody can help me with.

I have created a view called "News" and wish to display most recent news(obv). I have enabled the CCK for users to upload images when creating a new news article. The problem being that when user upload images to news articles, they will uploaded in various sizes.

In the view I have created called "News", I wish to use the "Rewrite the output of this field" option to resize the image automatically but this seems to be a big problem as I'm not too familiar with html or php.

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