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The best module to allow file uploads to have metadata?

Hello all. My apologies if this question belongs in a more entry-level group (let me know if you recommend one.)

The question: The site I'm building will need to have a strong ability to present files for download by users. The out-of-the-box drupal has the Uploads module, which allows us to place files onto the site. However, there is no functionality for the uploader to include metadata for the file like name, author, date, keywords, etc.

-- What is the most established/respected/good module that will allow uploads to have metadata?

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User-managed galleries - is that posible with Drupal 6?

I posted this in the Image group but haven't got any response yet. May be because the title is about user-managed galleries but in fact it is about user managed node hierarchies ;-)

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Drupal Dojo wallpaper

Hello everyone,

In my pastime, sometimes I jump into inkscape, and this time I decided to do something for the Dojo.

Since it has helped me so much in the past and the group is working hard to get it back in full force, (mind you, joshk already did an awesome lesson in November), I decided to do something hoping to inspire this process, and well, hopefully be of some use also in promoting the group.

If you are using another resolution, do drop a comment, and I will provide it, no problem =)

If anyone has suggestions, (I didn't include the url, because I like my wallpapers clean, for example), go ahead and fire away, we could make a different version, no problem =)

Hope you like it!

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DimDim ChipIn

We're trying to raise $495 so we can get a DimDim pro account whichwill support 100 simultaneous users in a single room. Click here to ChipIn.

The $99 version lets you have 100 total users, but only 20 to any given room. Click "details" on the DimDim product page next to "Annual Price" to see what we're talking about.

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Custom modules in Drupal 6x

Hi guys.

I've been trying the forums at drupal.org and have been hanging around the IRC till someone finally suggested I should try here.

My background is 4 years of website development on the .NET platform using CMS. The framework of the CMS is based on MOSS 2007 framework.

So I'm used to defining the main layout structure in the Masterfile (page.tpl.php in Drupal) and the content placeholders (regions in drupal).

So this consept is pretty similar to Drupal. I have made a page.tpl.php file and defined the different regions (Top, main and right).

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Getting Back In The Game, Again

Fellow Dojo enthusiasts,

It's been a while. I won't waste too many bits apologizing for being an absentee over the past year, but I will say that I miss y'all, and I want to spend more time in the Dojo. To be totally honest, it's taken until now for me to really start feeling confident about my Drupal 6 skills, and that plus a pretty hectic work schedule growing my consultancy has kept me on the sidelines for most of 2008.

But that's about to change. There are a number of factors combining to bring me back into the scene:

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Dojo 2.1: Another attempt to revive the Drupal learning and mentoring group

Several months have passed since the Dojo lost it's way a bit when some noble ninjas attempted to create a great deal of good for the Drupal project. In a group of 1500+ members, there is no way to achieve any sort of consensus to why it stalled, how it could succeed, or what the purpose was in the first place. There are, however, a lot of indicators that the concept/ideal of an open learning/mentoring group is solid and is worth reviving.

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Mentors/coaches for proposals

One observation I've had from lurking in the Knight Drupal Initiative meetings is something that's haunted me before. If only I was good at writing a solid grant proposal and subsequent review and revisions, some of my pie-in the sky ideas might actually turn into something valuable for the community (and provide a self-sustainable way for me to contribute).

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