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Using views and calendar to show dates and birthdays in a SINGLE calendar

So basically, I have some entities with dates, and I installed views and calendar to show these dates in a nice calendar.

But then I decided to add a birthday field to my user entity. And I'd like to get that in my calendar which already is showing the date fields.

I'm using the birthday module for showing birthdays.

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El 25 de Mayo: Tarde Drupalera en La Paz

Drupaleros por fin llego el día de la primera Tarde Drupalera en La Paz, con el auspicio de la UMSA, JUMPI, FORCONTU y el grupo Drupal Bolivia en forma tentativa el 25 de mayo por la tarde 15:00 a 19:00 se llevara a cabo este evento sumamente importante para la comunidad.

Se entregara certificados ademas se obsequiara el libro "Forcontu - Experto en Drupal 7 - Nivel Inicial" a todos los participantes.

Este seria el programa del dia

14:55 Inauguración (Lic. Menfy Morales - Jefe Carrera Informática)
15:00 Aspectos Generales de Drupal (Karim Boudjema)
15:40 Introducción a Drupal para programadores (Cristian Mamani)
16:20 Rendimiento (como mejorar la perfomance de nuestros portales web) (Fidel Aguilar)
17:00 Como lo hice (quedeporte.com) Carlos Monroy
17:40 ......
18:20 Utilización de Memcache para optimizar Drupal 7.x (Karim Boudjema)
19.00 Cierre Evento (Cristian Mamani).

Como ven solo falta una presentacion. Animense Drupaleros de La Paz y porque no del resto del país a dar una charla de Drupal.

Gracias a Karim y Cristian por su apoyo.


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What would you want in a web host??

If you could find an ideal web host what features would it have for you to run Drupal effectively for yourself or your customers?

I'm not talking about the Pantheon type development/drupal only hosts but the more general hosts that provide email etc. as well..

I have been looking around and cant find the "perfect" host, most seem to simply overload their servers, so looking at potentially setting up a service myself.. So thought this would be a good place to get a "wish list" of features..

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How do I enable clean URLs?

The clean URLs feature isn't working on my web site (http://www.dopplervalueinvesting.com). When I log into my admin page and go to Configuration -> Clean URLs, I get the button for running the clean URL test and the following error message:

Use URLs like example.com/user instead of example.com/?q=user.
Clean URLs cannot be enabled. If you are directed to this page or to a Page not found (404) error after testing for clean URLs, see the online handbook.

Also, the clean URL test fails.

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How do I select a Drupal theme?

How do I select a Drupal theme? I just started my first Drupal web site (http://www.dopplervalueinvesting.com). I understand that there are 289 Drupal themes.

I'm not sure what exactly makes one theme more suitable than another for various tasks. That said, I see that one criterion I should aim for is maximum compatibility with different browsers.

Since I'm new to Drupal, I assume I should stick to something that's user-friendly, has been around for some time, and is widely used and supported. (That's the logic behind why I recommend Linux Mint for first-time Linux users.)

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Paying for the Plumbing: Snowball initiative for a Drupal crowdfunding platform

Ever wanted a place where you could simply offer to pay to get something you need in Drupal done?

Please donate to make that place. (Yes, it's using a different crowdfunding platform, one that really lacks features for coordination, but is passing on all money raised -- if we reach the minimum -- without even deducting credit card fees.)

And spread this link! http://tilt.tc/usLL Is there enough interest in community funding of Drupal software to fund the software to coordinate this-- in just a few days? Also, if you are available to work on this project in DrupalCon Denver, we've got a DrupalCon ticket for you! Or if you're interested in working on this later, contact me for that, too!

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Dynamic Redirects

I'm working on a module that needs to create dynamic redirects. For starters, I've installed the Redirect module, which allows me to create static redirects via the admin panel (and API for further development). I'm finding that although it does redirect to external sites, it only redirects within the current window and I'd like the redirect to occur in a new window. I'm thinking this may require some javascript script as well, but maybe I'm missing something or another module is better suited to my needs.

Seeking thoughts and advice from the group.......

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Enquiry form on or from a node..


I have just recently launched a D7 site for a company that sells used equipment.. A request that I have had to to have an enquiry form or link on the equipment page to that visitors can request more information.. The site has the core contact module enabled but they have said just getting the visitor to go there isn't good enough, they need to know which item the user is enquiring about..

Looking at available modules I couldn't find anything that looked like it would do what I was after..

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local development WAMPserver performance issues..


I am using WAMPserver on my local Windows7 PC for a development environment.. The issue is the performance is terrible!!

Adding APC doesn't help much, eAccelerator helps a little.. MySQL query caching won't work.. Page execution times are well over 1000ms on average for a relatively basic site without too many modules installed.. When I am iterating through changes quickly is really annoying having to wait so long between every page load.. My production server out on the internet responds much faster..

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When to use hook_menu vs hook_menu_alter??


Can someone tell me when its correct to use hook_menu vs hook_menu_alter??

Quite simply I am wanting to create a local action on a view to add content.. In the past I have used Page Manager to do this but looking at the code it doesn't seem logical to load a whole module when this is all I want to do.. I am just not sure on the correct way to do it..

Any help appreciated..


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