All you WCAG nuts this is the place for you: how to make Drupal more accessible. Hints, tips, discussion and patch proposals.

Tools and Resources for Accessibility

We have a number of tools mentioned in various discussions on our site already, and I'm about to add another. So I thought I would put it in this wiki, where we can start linking to all these tools. It's also a workspace for refining our presentation of them until it's ready for prime time.

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Next #a11y chat is Tuesday June 1st at 2pm on IRC

2010-06-01 14:00 - 16:00 America/Montreal

So given the interest and levels of participation in the May Drupal Accessibility IRC chat, we're setting up another one for June.

Join the #drupal-accessibility IRC Group now and make sure to be there on Tuesday, June 1st

The agenda is still being formed but will likely include:

  • Drupal's Accessibility Statement
  • #D7AX pledge progress
  • Approaches for D8, especially in collaboration with usability team
  • Remaining items for D7
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GSoC Accessibility Project

Hey y'all. My Google Summer of Code proposal (see Drupal for All) has been accepted, so I will be working on improving the accessibility of Drupal 7 in a few areas this summer. Mainly I plan on making accessible sub-themes of the core themes, accessible content creation (through a wysywig editor), and making Views more accessible (or at least the output). I probably will not start the actual coding until the program officially begins (May 28).

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Accessibility pledge modules/themes

This is just a list of modules that would be good to pledge to do more on accessibility in Drupal 7. If we can get 10-20 of these central contrib modules & themes to sign on it will be much easier to get others to follow. The modules we want to pledge were originally taken from April's usage stats. This is largely a #D6 list and although I've eliminated some, there is more that should happen to whittle this list down.

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Accessibility pledge wiki

Accessibility tag:
#D8AX - Drupal 8 Accessibility eXperience (previously #D7AX)

Wording of accessibility tag:

#D8AX - I pledge to make this [module or theme] as accessible as it can be. If you find any flaws, please submit an issue [link to issue queue]. Help me fix them if you can.

Copy and paste the following to your project page:

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Accessibility pledge

Accessibility tag: #DAX or similar?

Wording of accessibility tag: “I pledge to make [this module or theme] as accessible as it can be.” With a link to a page on accessibility.

What the pledge means: The developer commits to evaluating their module or theme; fixing critical issues found during evaluation; adding accessibility improvements into future development; and responding to accessibility issues if they are filed. The developer should consider the user experience of administrators, content creators, and site visitors.

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Reworking of Accessible Helper Module

I reworked the accessible helper module into an api and a fix and help module. The documentation is below and does an ok job of showing what I am going for. Its more of a proof of concept than an alpha version, but I think it works. I'm definatley looking for feedback. I made an short video also. The module is at until I get it checked in.

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Accessibility review of Bartik

Most of you know that a couple of new themes are proposed for Drupal 7 core - at the moment the only real contender at this stage is Bartik and we have a deadline looming on the 17th May.

Right now we really need some help in the issue queue not least of which is a comprehensive accessibility review of work-to-date and ongoing as there are many changes to come.

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The Limited Vision Accessabilty Problem -- The Majority of the Accessiblity Problem

Between 12 and 16 percent of all adults (in America and Canada) are not blind but have difficulty seeing small objects especailly type. They are the readers of the large type book editions. The great majority of the people who have visual accessiblity problems with computers are NOT blind. The majority simply have what the medical profession describes as "low vision" or "limited vision." This is typically the situation where the individual has sight, but cannot discern small details or discriminate between letters of small fonts.

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Add an accessibility list to

Just a quick FYI that I have opened a new Infrastructure issue at to request an accessibility list be added to If you think this is a good or bad idea then I'd encourage you to leave a comment on the issue.

  1. Questions about the accessibility of Core, contributed modules, and contributed themes.
  2. Ideas for enhancing the accessibility of Core, contributed modules, and contributed themes.
  3. Questions about how to do X accessibly with a Drupal implementation.
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ARIA's current developmental status & Drupal accessibility

while i am biased towards early ARIA adaptation, having worked on the ARIA spec for longer than i'd care to remember, i would counsel both early adaptation AND redundancy for graceful degredation, for, as everett has consitently and correctly pointed out, implementation of ARIA is incomplete and inconsistent...

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Issues with Testing ARIA-based Interfaces for Accessibility

Not much to say here, but perhaps this would be a good place to hash out what we know and need to know about doing accessibility tests on ARIA-based interfaces. It's a real challenge.

A good place for background information is Jared Smith's presentation at the November 2009 Accessing Higher Ground Conference, Accessibility of Rich Internet Applications.

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Accessibility Conference Call for May 2010

I was overwhelmed by the amazing support that accessibility is receiving from the Drupal community, we really do rock! We had an excellent presentation at Drupalcon last week by Kate Lynch, and a couple of very productive BoF sessions. In the second session we started to put together some ideas for how we can move forward to ensure that Drupal 8 is a completely accessible CMS, including communicating an accessibility statement, and making sure as many Drupal modules and themes as possible are accessible.

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Accessibility Check Block Module

I am working on developing an accessibility checking module. Mostly this effort is to learn more about module development, but I am hoping that te module is helpful to others. The overview is that the module will provide a block with a list of links to good online accessibility testing sites. When a user clicks a link from any page on the site it will take them to the web-site of the testing tool they have selected.

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DrupalCon Accessibility BoF #2 Notes

After quick introductions, we chose 3 topics to focus on: first, the Accessibility Pledge idea; second, Drupal 8 planning; and third, the Accessibility Statement. Many of these ideas were discussed earlier, including at Accessibility BoF #1.

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DrupalCon Accessibility BoF Notes

At DrupalCon San Francisco 2010 we held an Accessibility BoF (Birds of a Feather) on Monday at 11:00AM in Room 262. I've included notes and links from our discussion. If you have any additions or corrections, please post a reply.

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Why Overlay should be disabled by default in all Drupal 7 profiles

After discussing the d7ux overlay accessibility issue with several at Drupalcon, and mentioning the issue in my lightning talk at the Core Developer Summit I noticed that an Allow users to opt-out of the overlay issue had been opened in the bug tracker. Overlay is a contentious topic for some in our community, and I will not rehash all of the pros and cons for Overlay's inclusion in core. I will however attempt to concisely present an argument for Overlay being disabled in all Drupal 7 core installation profiles.

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At DrupalCon?

If so, please be sure to say hi to my friend Everett Zufelt (he's the one with the dog in this photo).

Everett is a great coder and has made quite a few contributions to Drupal 7 in particular. If you were at the CoreDev Summit, you saw him give a killer of a lightning talk about how to make accessibility an integral part of Drupal's continued development.

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Accessibility support for media modules.

At today's BOF on accessibility, we were discussing a need for caption support for various media modules. I filed an issue here: for media module, but it would be great to have a discussion on where we should focus on adding caption support, especially getting some use cases up would be great.

Updated the subject line to focus this discussion around accessibility with media modules in general.

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Drupalcon Accessibility Meal / BOF

I am hoping to meet everyone interested and involved with Drupal accessibility while at Drupalcon SF. I'd like to see if we can arrange a BOF and hopefully a meal together to celebrate our accomplishments. Any suggestions of a time / place for a BOF or meal would be great. I'm currently free for any meal other than Sunday dinner. I'm thinking that dinner would be best, as it is an open ended time, but I'd welcome any recommendations.

Looking forward to seeing you all there.

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