All you WCAG nuts this is the place for you: how to make Drupal more accessible. Hints, tips, discussion and patch proposals.

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Drupal 8 Accessibility Skype Planning Session

2011-04-05 11:00 - 12:00 America/Chicago
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Online meeting (eg. IRC meeting)

Proposed Agenda

  1. Drupal 8 accessibility gate: Discuss our standards and process for 8 so we can finalize and propose to Dries. See .
  2. Drupal 8 battle plans: Brief sharing of your personal battle plan, and strategizing together. If you put your personal battle plan in writing in advance, please share a link to it here.
  3. Google Summer of Code: We are invited to submit accessibility project ideas, due before April 8. See .
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Accessible Helper Module Documentation

Use Cases: How is the Accessible Helper module useful or intended to be useful?

These lists should translate to feature requests in the issue queue if they are not already part of the functionality

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Accessible Helper Module for Drupal 7

I dusted off the Drupal 7 version of the Accessible Helper module. Its been ages so I needed to get it working against Drupal 7.0.

Here is the release url:
And the project is at:

Accessible_Help Module

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Reflection on Accessibility of DrupalCon's

I was impressed to see the number of people at DrupalCon this year with a visible disability. I didn't get to speak with hardly any of them, but I do think it's worth while to look at measures that have been made to make our events more accessible. I'm hoping that London is able to learn from & improve the experiences of people attending. I don't know what feedback #DrupalChi was collecting from attenders, but...

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Accessibility for Drupal 8 BoF Notes

BoF at DrupalCon Chicago 2011 3/10/2011 11:00am


Everett Zufelt (via Skype)
Mike Gifford
Jessica Chaiken
Kathy Kahl
Dan Mouyard
Jennifer Hodgdon
John Barclay
Brandon Bowersox


The group agreed on three topics for the BoF:

  1. Gates and guidelines for D8
  2. What we missed in D7 to fix for D8
  3. Empowering themers and developers with documentation
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Accessibility Testing for Drupal 8

In the BoF the other night the issue of testing accessibility was raised, I thought this was very interesting and we certainly need to move forward form the ad-hoc methods we used in Drupal 7 development and I think formalize our testing procedures and methods.

Examples include standardizing on software used in testing, for example a defined list of AT such as screen-readers and versions.

We certainly need to raise our game with regards to user testing also, perhaps looking to arrange defined rounds of end user testing at various points during development.

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Accessibility Gate Ideas for Drupal 8

NOTE: D8 Core gates are now posted.


Dries suggested in his keynote that accessibility, usability and performance would all the "gates" that new Drupal 8 core patches should pass before being accepted. In a later follow-up question, he said he is looking for input on what accessibility standards should guide these decisions.

This wiki page contains ideas about what the accessibility standards for Drupal 8 should be. Feel free to edit the wiki or post suggestions in the comments.

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Accessible Drupal collaboration site

We are looking for an an example of an accessible collaboration Drupal application. Does anyone know if this exists and if so can you direct me to the site so that we can test it? Thanks you.


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Accessibility BoF at DrupalCon Chicago

There is an Accessibility BoF today in the Ontario Room 3:15PM - 4:15PM.

Details and comments:

@Everett, perhaps you can join us by Skype at that time (3:15 Central Time).

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Open source, Drupal and Usability

Hi All,

I am considering to present a talk on open source and usability. Since the scope of this is too broad, I am focusing on the BIG CONCERNS of open source (especially Drupal) with respect to usability and user experience and the ways we intend to tackle them. I am particularly interested in getting YOUR reactions to this as it provides me with a fresh perspective on things.

Thank you!

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Looking For Generalized Solutions for CSS display:none; Alternates

last year I started an email exchange with an accessibility expert here in Canada. As I pointed out last year, there is a wealth of information on Drupal about strengths/weaknesses of any accessibility enhancements that can be useful for other tools.

The threads of discussion on the CSS display:none; start in April 2006 and was fixed in August 2009 in core:

It was then later determined to be broken again VoiceOver, so it was rewritten:

The end result that was found was:

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Please comment on this missing ALT attribute bug - oEmbed module

Hi Everyone,

I've just created this accessibility bug on the oEmbed filter for Drupal (D6 and D7),

I would welcome any comments and suggestion for improvements.

Many thanks,


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Meet to discuss issues that didn't make it into D7 and are pushed to D8

Hi guys, I'd like to revive a meeting of the a11y folks to discuss issues that didn't make the cut for D7 so we can create some fresh D8 issues for them.

For instance, a short discussion with sun about came to the conclusion we should create two new issues out of that one based on webchick's b) and c) in #232.

There are other a11y issues that got pushed back to D8. What is our strategy going to be? Please add up links to other issues we should discuss.

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D7 A11y Contributors

A roll call of the 395 amazing people who contributed in the issue queue to make accessibility-related improvements to Drupal 7 core. The list is sorted by the number of posts each person made in the queue, either filing an issue, writing a patch, testing, suggesting an approach or committing.

mgifford 1383
Everett Zufelt 1021
Jeff Burnz 412

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DrupalCon Chicago AT BoF/Booth

I'd like to run with the idea for allowing conference-goers to try out assistive technology at DrupalCon Chicago.

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Drupal 7 Accessibility Announcement

For people who are interested in more details about Drupal 7 accessibility, I suggest that we should post an accessibility announcement in conjunction with the release of 7. I've suggested a sample below for discussion purposes. This is a wiki page, so feel free to edit. The group of accessibility contributors accomplished so much that it seems like cause for announcement, celebration, and looking ahead. -Brandon

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Help write the D7 release announcement blurb on Accessibility has a copy of the D7 release announcement. We need some help on the accessibility blurb. Could someone please comment with a suggestion at ?

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Article Accessibility Testing Request

I posted an article on my testing Drupal site, and wanted to know what you folks think about it.
Posted the link on IRC, but also thought I'd post it here for convenience reasons. All comments to the article may be submitted on the article page.
Also feel free to comment directly here as well.
The link to the article itself is provided below:

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Drupalcon Chicago session proposals

I'm wondering if anyone is planning on proposing a session for Drupalcon Chicago. I was hoping that we could work together as a group to plan a set of excellent and complimentary accessibility sessions.

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An overview of navigating drupal with a screenreader

Hi all! There was some recently interest in the #drupal channel on Freenode by a few folks about how accessible was the interface for navigating drupal7?
Well, to that end, I've created an audio tutorial.
I didn't go into too much detail, but hear are the links.
The ogg vorbis format if you wish to download that is at:
And the MP3 format is available at:

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