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This is a group to organize and discuss the development of Drupal learning experience for helping people master Drupal.

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Join the discussions here on g.d.o, on IRC at #drupal-skillmap, or on Twitter with the tag #drupalskillmap!

If you're interested in setting up local learning sessions - please visit the Drupal Dojo too.

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Theme development | New Jersey Institute of Technology

Employment type: 


I am looking for someone to work with me to develop a theme for the NJIT Drupal Academy project. I am a fully competent drupal developer / implementor / etc... However, I do not have the time and I need someone with excellent graphic design skills that can produce a slick Web 2.0 Drupal community inspired theme for the Drupal academy that we are beginning to setup.

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NJIT Open Training Initiative

Hello Everyone...

Let me introduce myself, I'm a long-time lurker on the discussion boards. I've been using drupal for about 4 years and teach it as part of web development courses at New Jersey Institute of Technology. NJIT is located in Newark NJ and is very close to New York City.

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Volunteers for a more visual Drupal!

Looking for "Volunteers for a More Visual Drupal" can you help us organize a crowd?

Would you like to help make Drupal documentation more visual? Communicating Drupal visually will be a chance to create some good contributions to and the community.

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Booster Shots for Drupal 7: Sep 17, 2010 (two sessions)

2010-09-17 08:00 - 17:00 America/New_York

Yes, we here at Drupaltherapy knowyou're so excited to roll up your sleeves and get dirty with Drupal 7. The only thing holding you back are a few nasty bugs. Well, before you start sticking your nose into features and code it's never been in before, you should take a couple of proactive steps to make sure your experience is a healthy and productive one.

Drupaltherapy announces Booster Shots for Drupal 7, a series of half day courses designed to keep beginner and intermediate Drupal users in the know on changes in Drupal 7. All Booster Shots take place in Boston, MA, on September 17, 2010, in two identical training sessions with your trusted Drupaltherapist, Sean Effel.

Consider this your immunization to shock, surprise, and confusion when you see the new admin interface. You may likely avoid lightheadedness and fainting when you see D7's baked in field and file support, not to mention the native image handling solution. We can help you be prepared for the new season of Drupal development ahead of us rather than let this new environment get the better of you.

Please take a moment to see our offerings, Booster Shots or otherwise.

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Drupal Hands-On Intro for Builders

2010-09-13 09:00 - 2010-09-14 16:30 America/New_York

Dates: September 13 and 14, 2010 from 9:00am to 4:30pm each day.

Price: $550.00 (includes lunch)


Office of Continuing Professional Education at the Center for Innovative Technology
2214 Rock Hill Rd. Suite 400
Herndon VA 20170-4213
United States

Register at:

Description: In this classroom course you will build a site that has four site sections, custom content types, views and more. Each section demonstrates commonly used techniques used to build dynamic Drupal sites. In addition to using Drupal's many administrative features, you will use modules such as

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Learning Drupal Working Group chat

2010-08-09 15:00 - 16:00 America/New_York

In our chat today, we identified a few agenda items for the next scheduled meeting on #drupal-dojo IRC and gotomeeting:
- Introduction of panelists
- Review results of the Drupalista Survey:
- Review of module dev in support of curriculum development; the "Competency System" referred to here:
- Agenda for next meeting (@gusaus)

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Mac SW versus PC SW

This is a message to all you Drupalers that are on a Mac. We are in need of a new computer at my house. Do I go with another PC or a Mac? If I go Mac, I have to run Parallels so that I can flip back and forth between windows and mac to accommodate the Adobe SW in which I have a lot of money invested. So this begs the question, what SW out on a Mac that I can't get on a PC? What Mac only SW do you use as Drupalers? Is the switch worth it (processing power aside)?


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Drupal training in Herndon, VA near Dulles with Jacob Redding & Jen Lampton of Chapter Three

2010-08-16 (All day) - 2010-08-19 (All day) UTC

Site Builder training for people who are new to Drupal, delivered by Chapter Three in Dulles, near Washington, DC. Essential Drupal modules are covered: CCK, Views, Imagecache/field, Panels. As well as fundamental Drupal concepts and best practices. Delivered by leading developers, Jen Lampton and Jacob Redding, experienced with training.

This training event is organized by Acquia.

Note: Government discount available

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Efficiently Managing Many Drupal Sites - 3/4 Sep 2010, Bratislava - Cancelled

2010-09-03 09:00 - 2010-09-04 17:00 Europe/Bratislava

Dave Hall Consulting has teamed up with with Sven Creative to present an intensive 2 day workshop which teaches participants how to build, deploy and manage Drupal sites in a scalable way. Most sessions will involve an overview of a tool, then attendees will become familar with the tool by using it to complete a task. Time has been allocated to allow people to ask questions and share information about their own development workflows.

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Drupal Administration Course in Manchester, UK

2010-09-30 09:30 - 16:30 Europe/London

Now you have your Drupal site, how do you use it?
We'll show you how to administer Drupal: from adding and editing content to managing users and permissions, tagging your content and even setting up a forum.
You'll need to bring a laptop: this is a hands-on course and you'll be building and administering a Drupal site throughout the day.
More information at

Proposed Specs for Competency System

there are two parts: Competency repository and the competency-to-product mapping module

Competency Repository

The repository is a space/site dedicated to storing community defined Drupal-related competencies. But what is a competency? How are competencies organized? I have been doing some pondering and tested my thoughts with a google search.

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Open Source Training Curriculum

I've been chatting with folks about this idea for a while, and it's now time to write it up and get it moving. Summary version: as part of/in tandem with the Git migration, I want to create a set of git-for-Drupal training tools. There's a particular structure I have in mind for how these tools should work:

  • First, we define our different target users/audience. For git, some the obvious groupings are "authors & maintainers" and "patch contributors"
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Horizontally Scaling Drupal Workshop - 7 Aug 2010

2010-08-07 10:00 - 17:30 Australia/Victoria

I have been developing a couple of workshops around the theme of scaling Drupal horizontally. As Drupal becomes more popular people have to manage an increasing number of sites. It is pretty easy to manage 5 or 10 sites, but how do you manage 200 or even 2000 sites? During these workshops I will demonstrate some of the tools and techniques that I used to build, deploy and manage almost 2100 production sites.

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Drupal Training Classes in Boston in July

2010-07-20 (All day) - 2010-07-21 (All day) UTC

Hi All

We run regular Drupal training classes in Atlanta, Washington and New York.

For the first time we're heading a little further north and will be training in Boston.

If you'd like to know more please read on, click the links below, email us via or call on 678-223-3351.

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Drupal as a vehicle for federated identity/content

I'd like to get some feedback on a few ideas for federating identity in the research and education spheres and Drupal's role in it. On the surface, Drupal should be the ideal platform with RDF and OpenID in core but I haven't seen the notion of federation discussed much. I think this could be of interest to the curriculum and training community who often have to deal with the consequences of silos.

Here's my outline of how I think the education and academic communities could benefit from federation

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Learn How to Make Websites in 4 days flat using Drupal!


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Vote for DrupalCon Copenhagen sessions for teaching & learning Drupal

Of course we all expect to learn a lot at a DrupalCon, but these sessions are specifically about training for Drupal, or about learning Drupal. These might be of particular interest to those who are trainers or developing Drupal learning materials; or provide training services and documentation for clients.

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Chapter Three Drupal Training in San Francisco: Site Building & Begining Theming

I'm pleased to announce some of Chapter Three's upcoming classes, to be taught in the Financial District in San Francisco. We are offering two classes on basic site building in August, and a beginning Theming class in September. We're looking forward to growing the number of Drupalists and Drupalistas across the globe, so come join us! (save 15% by booking more than one class)

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Drupal Training Classes in Atlanta

2010-07-06 (All day) - 2010-07-07 (All day) UTC

Hi All

Here at Open Source Training we run regular Drupal classes in Atlanta and elsewhere in the United States.

In a couple of weeks we're back in Atlanta for our 2-day training session. If you'd like to more please read on, click the links below, email us via or call on 678-223-3351.

July 6: Drupal Beginner

You'll learn how to build a Drupal website, from content and user organization, to working with extensions and templates:

* Part 1: Introduction to Drupal
* Part 2: Managing content articles and nodes
* Part 3: Setting up and organizing menus and navigation
* Part 4: Site-wide settings and user management
* Part 5: Choosing and configuring Drupal themes
* Part 6: Configuring and working with Drupal modules
* Part 7: How to manage Drupal websites professionally and securely
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DrupalCampColorado BOF and Sprint Suggestion

I've proposed a BOF (preferably on Saturday) for DrupalCampColorado this weekend. Please see this proposal at...

Crossposting this to the Curriculum and Training group in case anyone wants to join on IRC (especially if we end up doing a sprint on Sunday).

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