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The Drupal 8 Design Initiative is core initiative with the purpose of adding a new theme to Drupal 8 and promoting Design and UX in Drupal. We've worked out a number of steps we need to take to get the work done and right now we're working on the most pressing of these:

  • Establishing the process for adding new core theme.
  • Building a site where designers can work together on Drupal design issues (including the development of our next core design).
  • Beginning to write the design brief and selection criteria for the new design.

If you want to get involved you can get stuck into the discussions or contact the initiative owner. If you're thinking about submitting a design then please stay tuned, we'll be launching the Design Phase on the 25th June 2011, at the Drupal Design Camp, Berlin.

Meetings & Events

Jeff Burnz's picture Prototype for Review

Over the past few months we've been working away behind the scenes on the Drupal Design site prototype. There are quite a number of technical considerations when building a new sub-site so these needed to be ironed out before we could really show this off.

I've posted a number of screen grabs to Notable and we can use these to collect comments and feedback on the various screens throughout the site - you can leave general comments here but if you're wanting to leave comments about the actual screens please post those to Notable.

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Jeff Burnz's picture licences for design files

Drupal Design sub site will allow uploading of design files for sharing with other users. There are three main sections to the site:

  • Challenges - where users contribute and collaborate on design problems for, drupal projects, drupal core and so on.
  • Assets - where users can upload and download high quality layered design files such as icons, templates, textures and so on.
  • Discussion - where users can post comps for discussion, collaboration, feedback and so on.
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Core template conversion methodology - cart before the horse?

The way we have been approaching changes to core templates has, at least afaict, been a piecemeal affair - we change one or two templates at a time working through the various markup issues until such time as we have some broad consensus and ta da, here's our new template.

This bottom-up-esque methodology seems reasonable because we we are not overhauling the entire system at any one time and are just looking to adjust or tweak parts of it.

I think this has worked OK in the past, however I tend to think this methodology has a few drawbacks.

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Jeff Burnz's picture

Design Camp Berlin - Design Initiative Workshop Photoblog

These images were shot during the Design Initiative workshops - we ran two brainstorming groups concurrently to find answers to some difficult questions regarding the design brief for the new D8 theme design.

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Design Initiative: How to measure reputation?

One thing that's been on my mind ever since the inception of the Design Initiative is some form of reputation system for If we can make this fly I'd be hugely in favor of it, and to that end I've put together a basic model of what this could look like (including an implementation), I'll get to that shortly, first I want to look briefly at what exists in Drupal ecosystem already - well, at least what I know of.

Lists of people who do stuff

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Twenty Eleven theme for Wordpress 3.2

Anyone spotted the demo for the Twenty Eleven theme for Wordpress 3.2 -

I think its worth us tearing this apart and looking at the ideas they have bought in, I've only played with it briefly and its pretty nice actually. That said my initial impression was not so favorable (omg this is lame), however the more I play around with and uncover its various features the more I like it.

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Design Initiative: Example Site for Designers - Brief

As part of our "Designers Toolkit" we are going to put up an example site to show all of Drupal cores front end output. This is to show designers what Drupal is and what it can do. I've been jamming some ideas and come up with simple site brief for this and wanted to open this up for public discussion befor we move ahead and actually build this.

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Design Initiative: Core Principles

Principles are important. They ensure consistent and fair decision making and they set objectives for us all to work towards. Most of all, they keep us honest.

We've been looking at establishing a set of principles that encapsulate our intentions in this initiative and give designers a strong story of Drupal. It would be great to get some feedback on the principles we have been working on.

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Design Challenges

The Design Initiative has three main goals - build a new core theme, build a new collaboration site for designers, and community outreach. The new core theme initiative is well under way and we're tantalizingly close to becoming a reality. What we need to do now is step up a gear and start thinking about outreach.

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Design Initiative: Narrowing the use case - who are our users?

To scope this discussion - this is about our new core theme for Drupal 8 and who it will serve, and how they will use it.

Its not possible to design and build something that will suit everyone, so we have been working on narrowing it down to identify who might use our new core theme and what their needs might be.

I have expanded on this and tried to think about skill-sets, constraints, features and what type of sites might they be building.

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