Drupal NYC Playday II

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2012-09-29 13:00 - 17:00 UTC
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User group meeting

FYI: Doors open at 1PM

Please RSVP via the meetup.com link as its just easier to keep track of this in one place: http://www.meetup.com/NYC-Drupal-Playdays/events/82120942/

We're holding our 2nd Drupal Playday at xCubicle again. If you missed the playday at Treehouse, you can come to our space. Come if your working on a Drupal project and want to work among others. Skill level ranges from newbies to experts! Its the best place to absorb Drupal knowledge from others that might be working on similar projects. I'll also be around to answer any Drupal questions if needed.

Our first Drupal playday went well as we pretty much gave a run down on how Drupal quickstart works and some Drush tricks! I'll be giving this intro again for those interested in learning about how to use quickstart and drush during development.

I'm going to limit my presentation to just about an hour as it was quite a run last time doing a 4 hour presentation with all the questions being asked.

Brief Outline of What I'll be going over:

-- What is Drupal Quickstart?
-- How to create a Drupal site in 1 minute.
-- Drush Basics
-- Drush Tricks
-- Q & A (Ask me anything Drupal related.)

Max capacity is 8-12 people to make it a comfortable experience for everyone.

If anyone that wishes to present something, let me know! Its a great way to get yourself exposed to the Drupal community and get your presentation skills up!

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