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Drupal Camp 5 Financial report back

Hey folks, sorry it took me a week to get this done, but here are the final financial figures on this past Drupal Camp.

Donations: total $1,500
(donations from hostmysite.com; Platypus Theory; Mansueto Ventures; Democracy In Action; Mayfirst/PeopleLink; APS Physics; Openflows Community Technology Lab)

Left over funds from DrupalCamp NYC 4: $182.22

Total Expenses: $1,684,26

more detailed list of expenses in the attached OpenOffice spreadsheet.

Thanks to everyone that made the event possible!

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Awesome Drupal Unconference

DrupalCamp5 was the most different technical conference I've ever attended. Its "unconference" style was really community-centric and was what made it really unique, IMHO. Like all the conferences I had attended (I had gone to events as large as the ones held at the Jacob Javits Center), DrupalCamp was very informative, yet I found that I took away uncharacteristically large amount of imformation and knowledge that "sticks". It was by far the most productive conference I had ever been at, for my own personal purpose, that is. I think it was due to its unique community-centric style.

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Drupal in Libraries

As library website
For exhibitions
As library catalog

Modules in use
Upgrade paths
Integration points

Library links
*Anchor Archive Zine Library Blog
*Ann Arbor District Library
*Darien Library
*Ebling Library, RSS feeds for tables of contents
*NYC Code4Lib

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Notes for The Semantic Web and Drupal Session


here are some links for the Semantic Web and Drupal session.

Semantic Web Layer Cake

Semantic Web and the Drupal

W3C Semantic Web Activity

RAP - RDF API for PHP V0.9.6

New York Semantic Web Meetup


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Notes for Intro to jQuery in Drupal session, NYC Drupal Camp 5

jQuery: http://jquery.com/

UPDATE: All of the files that I edited for this session can be downloaded here:


What you will need to play along with the modules I am using, and the files that I am modifying

Drupal 6.4



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DrupalCamp NYC Open thread

So, I hear there is a bar called The Gates that RobbietheGeek recommends. Are we all headed there tonight?

Also, what do people want to do tomorrow. I'm hoping afternoon we can do a code sprint or a documentation sprint.

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I can't go Sunday - anybody want to go in my place?

I can't make it on Sunday. Does anybody want to take my place? Please contact me at stephen@capellic.com

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Drupal Camp NYC 5 - Final Communication - Action (May Be) Required!

Fellow Drupallers. Drupal Camp NYC 5 is finally here!

Remember, you are only registered for Drupal Camp NYC 5 if you registered BEFORE September 1st.

For those registered, here is some important information:

1. For anyone brand new to Drupal and/or planning to attend the Intro to Drupal sessions, please download the required files to your computer.

Details and download links can be found on this page - http://groups.drupal.org/node/14569

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Intro to Drupal Hands-On for Drupal Camp NYC 5


Follow the below instructions to make sure you are ready for this session BEFORE you come to DrupalCampNYC!

Why? Biggest reason is to make sure you have all the files that may be used during the presentation (no guarantee we'll use them all!) You may be able to get a network connection and download them there, but from experience at prior Drupal camps not everyone is successful hooking up to the wireless. To be safe rather than sorry follow the below instructions so you have the files already on your machine...

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Drupal Camp 5 Sponsorship Information

Event Info | Sign Up | Location/Maps | Sponsorship Info | Sessions

Update Sept 5: Thanks to all those that came forward to sponsor the event. We now have enough to cover all basic expenses for the event.

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