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Going to BAD Camp?

Going to BAD Camp this week? Let's hear from you.

BAD Camp is the largest free Drupal event in the world, with signups of over 1500 last year. This year looks to be even bigger, as every hotel in Berkeley is apparently now sold out.

If you're heading out to BAD Camp, leave a comment indicating what you're looking forward to there. If you're not going to make it this year we still want to hear from you.

Official BAD Camp site is at

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Drupalcamp 10 NYC Planning Page Wiki

I've created this page to help the Drupalcamp 10 NYC organizers centralize the links to the pertinent planning documents that we are creating. For this particular camp, we have standardized our documentation tools on Google Docs. That is not necessarily what we'll be using in future camps, but this is what we're using now to keep it simple.

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Hello NY! Making connections

Hello NYC! Greetings.

On March 25th I will be in your lovely city for about a week and I would love to meet some of you, or to visit with any local Drupal agencies in the city. Currently I live in Portland OR and my clients are National and Global.

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Your feedback needed! DrupalCampNYC8 Survey :)

Now that DrupalCampNYC 8 is over, we're asking for your feedback to help us make the next DrupalCampNYC the best one ever!

Please take a few moments to fill out our brief survey and let us know what you liked as well as what could have been better.

The camp is only as good as the feedback and suggestions we get and the work of volunteers who help make the event happen -- We're so grateful for your feedback, and look forward to seeing it.

Thanks again to fellow organizers and participants for a great DrupalCamp!

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Volunteers for DrupalCampNYC8

We need volunteers to help out with the camp! There are going to be 345 people, 345 t-shirts, pizza, and over 50 amazing sessions, BoFs and sprints.

If you can help out please edit this wiki page (you'll need to be signed in) and add your name next to a task. Only people that have registered for the camp are able to volunteer; unfortunately the 345 person cap that we have from the venue must include volunteers.

Make sure that we can reach you through your user profile - Hally will be coordinating volunteers and will need to contact you. In the meantime, you can email her with any questions you may have to hally (at) workhabit (dot) com

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DrupalCamp Session Schedule Posted

The DrupalCampNYC8 session schedule is now available! If you see any glaring errors, please comment on this thread and Robbie and I will do our best to address them. After a few days of public review, we will refactor the schedule to include links to the session submissions.

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Any other dietary restrictions @ Drupalcamp? Gluten-free?

I'm gluten-sensitive myself, so I won't be able to partake in pizza or bagels. Is anyone else gluten-free or interested in a gluten-free option?

We could order a rotisserie chicken ($9-$12 for a whole chicken), salads, or some Asian food perhaps.

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Camp Q&A

Have a general question about DrupalCampNYC8? Ask it as a comment here.

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Parking and Transportation

Have information for attendees about where to park (for drivers), or how to get to DrupalCampNYC8 using various public transport? Post it here as a comment.

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Couch Surf - Ask or Offer

Have a spare bed to offer? Want to ask if anyone has space? This thread is for couch surf opportunities.

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