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Need your input on how you are using Drupal for EDU

Guys, I will be presenting a session at Drupalcamp Connecticut this Saturday on How education sector is using Drupal today.

If you are from school, college or Universities, I like to hear from you as I am trying to cover most of the use cases on how you use Drupal and how it's helping to solve your biz problems.

Thanks in advance.
Drupal is Big, we are Big in Drupal.

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NYC Drupal Camp - OpenScholar session

I proposed a session on OpenScholar for the DrupalCamp NYC (DEC 10)
any suggestions for topics, formats or ideas welcome

Demo site will include

  • School Brochure
  • Course Catalog
  • E-Commerce (Automatic student registration on payment)
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Design in the Browser: Use CSS to Stop Lying to Ourselves and Our Clients

Designing web pages as static images is usually a time-consuming exercise and produces a lie we tell ourselves and our clients. We're not designing pictures of websites, so why ask clients to sign off on one? Web work is dynamic, and needs to be seen and evaluated as early and often as possible in many browsers.

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Drupal for Content Creators - The Basics of using Drupal

So I have this thing called Drupal installed... now what? How do I post to my blog? I'm not a PHP/HTML/CSS guru (yet), I just want to learn how to use this contraption. What are blocks anyway and what am I supposed to do with them?

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Drupal 6 Search Engine Optimization

The earlier a site appears in the search results list, the more visitors it will receive from the search engine. Join Ben Finklea, founder of Volacci and author of Drupal 6 Search Engine Optimization and Bryan House, Senior Marketing Director, Acquia as they provide a practical walk through showing you which modules to install, which settings to use, and dozens of the most closely guarded “tricks of the trade” to get your web site optimized, higher in the search engines,
and more profitable.

Takeaways include:

Taking concise, actionable steps that increase traffic to your Website

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The state and future of online commerce with Drupal

This is a one hour session talking about the state of e-commerce in Drupal and what people can expect.

We'll be looking at:

  • Brief summary of online commerce on D6
  • Ubercart, past and present.
  • Future of ecommerce on D7:
    • What's going on with Ubercart development
    • The new Commerce module: what's the status, how does it differ from Ubercart, which should you use and when.
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Selling Drupal

Do you ever feel frustrated trying to sell your Drupal expertise/services? Has your excitement for Drupal not translated into more customers? Do you struggle filling up your pipeline and planning for future growth? In this session you will learn some ways to improve your Drupal sales method and process. The session will focus on developing and executing a strategy to bring in a constant flow of leads and customers. We're all tired of traditional sales "trickery", but we still need to find new clients.

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Drupal for Publishers & Media Companies

Many publishers and media companies have shifted their Websites to Drupal. This DrupalCampNYC8 session explores why this is the case by examining current and future trends. We will present several case studies and host an open discussion about workflow tools, popular contributed modules, mobile publishing, and techniques for monetizing content, all of which are helping publishers rethink their businesses. From workflow management, multiplatform publishing, and subscription payments, to video integration, social media integration, and user generated content, this session will focus on how publishers and media companies are using Drupal to invite wider audience participation and ultimately improving their bottom line.

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Drupal Super Spree

One hour, ten mini-sessions, any topic...as long as it's five minutes long. Pitch your crazy new module, complain about the state of documentation, show how you built your lizard selling site using Drupal, talk about the 5 best modules for organizing profile pictures, dazzle us with strategies for getting work done while taking care of five small dogs and a baby, demonstrate your awesome Jquery menus, show newbies how to review a patch, brag about how you got your users to navigate 70 different content types. As long as it's 5 minutes long, it's fair game.

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From a Contractor to a Shop: How to Make the Leap

In this presentation I'll discuss (possibly with co-presenters) the process of going from an independent contractor to a Drupal development shop, and specifically some of the problems I/we have gone through in building Zivtech from 1 to 13 people over the past 2.5 years.

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