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Responsive Ad Sprint at NYC Camp!

At NYC Camp this year we will be sprinting on Responsive Ad solutions for Drupal as well as working on a proposal for official responsive ad standards for the IAB. Join members from the Drupal and Advertising communities in helping to solve one if the hardest and most prominent hurdles in creating responsive sites.

You can register on the Responsive Ad Sprint page. I hope to see you there!

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Event Presentations and Thematic Session Planning...

I just had a great time at Drupal Camp in Brooklyn yesterday.

Might we review the presentations and sessions that are
proposed for this pending event?

Streamlining these event offerings to support the advancement of expertise seems pretty wise.

I happen to be focused on deployments and migrations from Drupal 6 to Drupal 7.
That is one complex set of topics.

Others will want to learn the MANY new facets of Drupal 7, including but not restricted to:

  1. Views 3.x and how views must be coded to play nice with blocks and contexts, etc.
  2. Views database performance solutions.
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Ctools developer tools demo

Would anyone be interested in demoing some code that they've written using the Ctools API tools? I'd especially like to see some examples of the Exportables, Ajax and Form Wizard APIs. A lot of sessions that I've been to touch on the tools but there haven't been any code samples or explanation of the methodology behind the code.

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Drupal Gardens: Drupal 7 SaaS - BOF

Drupal Gardens is Acquia's Drupal 7 SaaS product.

Hosted and maintained Drupal - similar to

It is promising, but is it ready for commercial use? There are already 10K+ DG sites!

Limitations such as no Calendar/Event modules are restricting its use, but it will surely grow in its capabilities in time.

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Graphic Design + User Interface Design

I am a noob. Are there any other graphic design-trained drupal newbies coming? If so, can we group up and learn Drupal together? I like making new friends. :)

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Making accurate estimates/proposals for projects BoF

I spoke with a lot of people lately who were interested in talking about this topic, so I would like to get a BoF going where we can all share our experiences with estimating project durations. It would be nice to hear from people who work with a company and those who are freelancers as well, to get a feel for what's common and what's not when getting a proposal together.

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COD BOF (Conference Organizing Distribution)

COD stands for Conference Organizing Distribution and the goal of the project is to facilitate coordination of and participation in conferences via the conference website. COD can improve the efficiency of setting up a powerful website for both Drupal and non-Drupal conferences and events and provide value to non-developers and developers alike.

Let's get together to discuss COD and potentially work on some patches!
See the COD Roadmap.

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Design For Drupal BOF at the DrupalCampNYC8

I want to talk about what we are doing with design and drupal, where we are going and how we can do it in small groups of focused themers :) here in the Big Apple

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Apache Solr BOF

Possible topics of conversation:

  • How to theme the apachesolr module to make compelling user interfaces (for instance, our jukebox from Drupal Design Camp Boston)
  • How to develop with the apachesolr module (if you missed my session at Drupalcon SF!)
  • The future of the Apache Solr Search Integration module
  • Exciting new developments in the worlds of search and Solr
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Drupal Open Curriculum BOF

I did this in D4DBoston, and would like to continue the momentum.

The Drupal Open Curriculum project was created to allow for creation of open source courseware for Drupal.

It is live on gitorious at, with more information at

In this BOF, we will discuss:



  • What is the Drupal Open Curriculum project
  • How does it related to other projects like drupal-dojo and the curriculum and training group on gdo
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