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Deliverance: Effortlessly Theming Websites of Multiple Software Platforms

How to include the best CMS, the best eCommerce software, the best LMS, etc. on your website - and theme them all consistently, at once, through a single effort and common tool, and by using only HTML and CSS.


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Design in the Browser: Use CSS to Stop Lying to Ourselves and Our Clients

Designing web pages as static images is usually a time-consuming exercise and produces a lie we tell ourselves and our clients. We're not designing pictures of websites, so why ask clients to sign off on one? Web work is dynamic, and needs to be seen and evaluated as early and often as possible in many browsers.

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How Firefox Addons are changing the web

Are you ready for Web 3.0? Disruptive collaborative technologies are converging so that your users will dictate how (or if) they interact with your site, and we’ll discuss the early edge of this wave and how Firefox addons (and Chrome/etc in the future) are already showing the way…

We’ll explore a variety of cool Firefox tools and tips, focusing on various addons, with an emphasis on items useful with/for Drupal.

Tools like Firebug and Webdeveloper, as well as more general items like AdBlock, Greasemonkey, and many others will all be discussed in the context of Drupal in particular.

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Theming Content-Rich Sites

As Drupal becomes more popular for media and other content rich sites, the need for fast-loading, highly maintainable and flexible themes becomes paramount. Let's discuss what modules and methods we use to obtain this in our themes. Focus on CSS and other front-end code techniques as well as template.php goodness to keep themes lean. I'll come with my toolbox and hope that you'll do the same!

Session time: one hour.

About the Presenters:

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Designing Your Site for Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO), Turning Web Visitors Into Buyers

Get the design specifics on taking your site to a higher level of sales effectiveness in 2010, with an inspirational, interactive talk with Josh Ward. He describes how to get 40-50% improvements in conversion from conversion-rate-focused design adjustments to a exisitng, well-executed SEO initiatives. Josh offers results from Volacci clients, such as an online retailer in health and wellness. Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) efforts yield big results with relatively minor changes.

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Drupal Super Spree

One hour, ten mini-sessions, any long as it's five minutes long. Pitch your crazy new module, complain about the state of documentation, show how you built your lizard selling site using Drupal, talk about the 5 best modules for organizing profile pictures, dazzle us with strategies for getting work done while taking care of five small dogs and a baby, demonstrate your awesome Jquery menus, show newbies how to review a patch, brag about how you got your users to navigate 70 different content types. As long as it's 5 minutes long, it's fair game.

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Drupal Site Building and Code Development on MacOS

If you're developing for Drupal there are dozens of freeware and shareware applications along with some handy gizmos and web services that can ease the pain of development, particularly if you're running a MacBook, iMac or Mac Mini. This session is for people with intermediate skills who know how to get Drupal running on MAMP but need a clue or two about version control, text editors, browser plugins and the rest of the tools that maximize your time and effort.

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Elevating 960gs in Drupal (7) with the Omega theme

This session will cover from the basics to advanced usages of, and tackle issues including how to start using it to simplify your site layouts and theme setup, how to quickly wireframe your site in a way that will truly represent your final product after design implementations, pushing theming & grid based layouts further with preprocess functionality in your theme layer.

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