How to tell what theme a site is using

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This site's design: looks very familiar to me. It looks very close to an existing drupal theme, whose name I cannot think of right now. Can you tell?

Is there a way to tell what theme a given is using. I am thinking probably not, but perhaps some of you have figured out some way to make an educated guess.


not drupal I think

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You can usually tell a drupal site by going to the home page and displaying the page source. In the top section there are numerous references to the typical drupal folders and files. Doing this on this site shows zero indication it is a drupal site.

Try this on a drupal site or two and the difference will be immediately apparent.



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If it is a drupal site, it will have Drupal listed under a heading "Content Management System"

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IDing Drupal / Themes

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Here's a related post on identifying a Drupal site.

I use Chrome Sniffer

I also came across this Chrome extension for Wordpress and Joomla themes would also like to know if there's something similar for Drupal

this drupal sniffer seems to work well

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Hi VMI, This drupal sniffer is picking up drupal sites for me.

One drawback: it sniffs only the root URL; if you drupal is installed in a subdirectory and you give it subdirectory, it still goes only for the root. But even then it was able to identify drupal through the "Check for 'Expires' value in page header" test, even though all the other tests failed.

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