LA Drupal 7 sprint

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Anyone interested in doing a LA code sprint to work on these issues to help get Drupal 7 to beta state?

Ninjitsu Web could provide pizza or something, and help train new developers in the basics of patching, reviewing, and navigating the issue queue, and get set-up with the tools for doing so.

We'd need someone else to provide a location suitable for a room full of laptops, and probably another coordinator to help the experienced dev's collaborate & providing general traffic control.

I'm thinking Saturday, June 12 might be an ideal date.

Any interest?

Update: we've combined the code sprint with a git bootcamp! "Git with Drupal 7" is on June 12th in Marina del Rey and details can be found at


I'm in.

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I'm in.

Cannot confirm for sure yet

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Cannot confirm for sure yet but I think I should be able to join in as well :)

Where are you thinking? Just

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Where are you thinking? Just somewhere in LA? I can offer a venue in Long Beach... but that would be a heck of a trek for Ashok ...

We can also hit up causecast or another local Drupal shop as a potential venue. Alternatively,,, might consider something like: - they have decent community rooms. tho not sure it'd work out for a full day.

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Maybe but New Ground

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I'd be interested, but never done this kind of thing before. Would relative codehead newbies be a help or a hindrance?

Any help is good help

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Anyone who can help test patches or write documentation is welcome. No PHP skills required. I'd be preferable if people are already capable of installing Drupal on their laptop, or have access to a server of their own where they can create test installs.

I'm even assuming there will be a few people who will spend the majority of the day just learning how to contribute, but I'm hoping they will go home and be able to jump in and help out on their own later.

Count me in then...!

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OK - sounds like I'm a step ahead of the base level then.

I am interested. Will

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I am interested. Will confirm about the time later.

I'll come up from San Diego

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Sounds good, assuming everything works out, I should be able to make it up from San Diego.

I'm in!

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About venues:
We could hitup Causecast like last year.
Phillippe's is a GREAT location. They have wifi & their community rooms are pretty large. We have some Planning Committee member meetings for LAMPSIG there & it works out great. Not sure if it'd be perfect, though, since Saturdays is really busy & we couldn't get Ninjitsu's pizza offering through the doors hehe.

Any other thoughts on venues? Would the group prefer to be on the Westside or more centrally located like, say, downtown'ish? I can help with finding a venue if I know what the group wants/needs.

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I'm In.

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I'm in if the site is located near public transport, Metro buses or light rail.

Although I don't have much experience. I am willing – no eager – to learn. I have a web server, MAMP, installed on my MacBook. I currently have the latest Alpha release for Drupal 7 installed.

Mark Blockinger

This sounds great. I've

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This sounds great. I've already asked Causecast if they can host our upcoming Git Bootcamp. I'll be sure to talk with them tomorrow about whether or not they can host both a D7 sprint and the bootcamp or if it makes sense to roll these two events together into one.

Git and D7

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It makes sense to do both in the same day and possibly make it an all day affair.

I would suggest Git first, to learn how to use it. Followed by D7 using Git as the version control.

I would suggest Git first, to

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I would suggest Git first, to learn how to use it. Followed by D7 using Git as the version control.

It makes sense, especially if git and the repository at are used when working with patches.

It makes sense to do both in the same day and possibly make it an all day affair.

I'm definitely interested in combining the two events if possible. In any case, I'll post an update when I hear back from the trainers and venues I've contacted about the bootcamp. My priorities right now are 1) offering a git bootcamp to the web team and 2) making the bootcamp an open event to the larger community.

Working on Drupal 7 is a distant priority. I'm not snubbing the D7 sprint or D7 itself (hey, I'm a core contributor). It's just that my priorities are on the bootcamp.

This is a great idea, I wish

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This is a great idea, I wish that I was going to be in town for it.

Does that mean we can have

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Does that mean we can have the event at your place while you're gone? ;)

Another possible venue is

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Another possible venue is coloft. they might be interested in hosting for the events. They are only blocks away from causecast.

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I say we start early dev plannings now; even if we don't get a venue (it can happen), we can have an online day (IRC/skype/etc.) to help D7. I know the issue queue will change from now until then, but that's manageable. People attending should volunteer to work on a ticket or three from the D7 issue queue. Please read the background of the ticket prior to the meeting and make sure it's something that the can be feasible to work on at the sprint either alone or with others.

If the ticket(s) you want to work on go away, that is a good thing, then you just move on to another set of tickets. The reason for this is last time our D7 sprint had a lot of bootstrap time that ate up entire mornings for people. I'd like to see us be productive while having fun and not just the latter. Some tickets will required more than one person to volunteer and working in teams is encouraged.

For those still learning we should set a table aside so there can be more active knowledge sharing without disturbing those who are head-down and in mode.

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Good idea. Maybe as part of

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Good idea. Maybe as part of the sign-up, we require people to list the issue number(s) they plan to work on? (And a possible exception for LAdrupal web team members, although the cool ones will want to work on Drupal 7 anyway.)

Christefano and I decided it was better to intentionally keep the event small, so we're thinking a cap of maybe 20 people, subject to change based on venue availability also. So hopefully demand will outstrip supply, and we can afford to raise the bar a bit.

I think that more leadership

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I think that more leadership is required. Having survived several of these, I have become an advocate of structure and curation. I have seen lots of good stuff come out of these sprints, but I have seen more wasted time.

It is fine to let a few experienced contributors pick projects, but they should then pick teams to work with them. The group can pick the leaders, or you and Christefano can do it. I am sure that the latter will be more effective, but either one is better than a free-for-all.

I started by narrowing it to

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I started by narrowing it to a list of 23 issues. Do we really need more direction than that?

If so, then maybe a point-person for each of the 5 categories will step forward:
-Upgrade Path
-API changes
-UI changes
-New themes

I'm comfortable working with a team focused on anyone of these, although I've already committed myself to helping newbies. But I can try to do both.

What I am getting at is that

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What I am getting at is that we/they should select 4-5 leaders, they should pick teams and the leaders and teams should pick the work items from the list.

This assumes about 20-25 folks.

If 23 folks pick 23 issues, there may be some progress, but I think that it squanders the synergistic value of a sprint.

Count Me In!

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I'm in!

it's official

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Matt and I talked today and we're working on combining the D7 sprint with the git bootcamp. When we finalize the venue details, one of us will post an event announcement with the signup information. Until then, can those who are interested in attending post their questions and expectations here in the comments?


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I'm new to this sort of thing, but I know my way around Drupal fairly well, am good with PHP, and I'm definitely eager to participate

Location host

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I can host the sprint at my office in Marina Del Rey:

Large space, plenty of desks, full T3 connection.

We've combined the code

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We've combined the code sprint with the git bootcamp. "Git with Drupal 7" is on June 12th in Marina del Rey and details can be found at

LA Drupal [Los Angeles Drupal]

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