SEO, showcase and promotion of Drupal sites

This group should probably have more organizers. See documentation on this recommendation.

Is group is for you if:

-= Want to share great article full of Drupal SEO stuff, traffic increase tips =-
-= Want to hire web marketing pro, which has clue about Drupal specifics =-
-= Just built or found some kind of web links directory, where we can add links to our sites =-
-= ...are just sad about those 5 daily visitors on your blog and want to share pain and get some tips from marketing gurus =-

and ultimate goal:

--++== Demonstrate your brand new Drupal project built to DOMINATE THE WEB!!! ==++--

Yet another (theorethical) objective is to compose online "Promotion checklist for Drupal sites" which would be the guideline for every Drupal site holder. Although that list will never be completed, this group may provide some basic clues, tips 'n tricks.

This group is NOT dedicated to SEO, social, promotion modules development - just to get most from what already exist.

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SEO advice needed from a Drupal novice

Hello all, any advice would be greatly appreciated.

I fear the main problem I have is that our business outsourced the building of our website so gaining access to the code is limited to main content regions but I digress, here's my situation.

Our new website is currently on and is running alongside our original website during this transition period.

Our old site did ok on page rank in relation to our main products, I'm really keen to keep this performance when we move fully to the new site.

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Advice on Drupal Modules...Module Advice Needed - Creating Reservation Site/Shopping Cart

Hi All,

I have ubercart and doing a shopping cart/reservation system online for courses. Course Operators page is built. I need advice on:

A module for a customised Search Function
The Scheduler or Availability Calendar for the course operator

Can UC Hotel Booking have elements adapted and used? Or, is this something for an experienced DBA?


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Gorgeous Drupal Sites

I would like to see what sites the Drupal community deems "Gorgeous Drupal Sites".
Here are a few that I think are outstanding examples of beautiful design and theme development.

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Just launched !!!
It´s a Community- and Tutorial-Website dedicated to Drupal 7 for Administrators, Content-Administrators, Designers and Non-Programmers which want to create a website with the new Drupal 7. Support, critics and links are welcome.

Launchdate: 2011-01-07
Contentupdates: in progress
Languages: mostly english, but german articles will follow

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I wished to connect two views. ie . supply the output of one view to the input to the other view.
For eg.

Suppose I have created a vocabulary project members.And I add two terms to the vocabulary male and female.Now i create 5 nodes of story type and tag them as male and female.
Suppose I have entered(Sudeep,Sudarshan as Male and Pallavi,Menka as female)
Now first page of view should show


then when I click on male it should show
Sudeep (Node Title to be connected to its node)
Sudarshan(Node Title to be connected to its node)

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Drupal SEO session v3

Submitted our session about Drupal SEO (v3).

Looking forward to see you in Copenhagen!

The third version of the Drupal SEO session will provide you with examples & use cases from the praxis.

Vote / Bookmark:

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Page Titles for Views, Panels, and non-node pages

I just wrote a module for Drupal 6.x that leverages the power of nodewords "custom pages" to set the Page Title using wildcard paths and tokens. Great for tough-to-reach page titles in Views, Panels, and other non-node paths!

Let me know if this solves some real world problems. :-)


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I need your opinion for the website


Just created the website
it was created with drupal 6.x and some advanced javascripts addons.
please give me your opinion about the level of realization, possible bugs and etc.
any comments will be helpful.

thanx to all!!!

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70 beautiful Drupal sites

Who said that Drupal sites are ugly? Take a look at 70 outstanding sites a an inspiration and a proof that Drupal can be beautiful.

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Drupal-based Online Museum Launches

Just launchced and developed in Drupal, the Global Museum on Communism is an online museum dedicated to documenting the legacy of global communism.

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Accordion Blocks module released for Drupal

Folks, we're happy to roll out yet another module for Drupal. It's called “Accordion Blocks”. As the name says, this module provides an accordion effect to all your blocks. You can also apply jQuery UI themes through the configuration settings of the module.

This block is for those of you who deploy apps with a lot of blocks on either side bars, and are looking for newer usability enhancements with regards to visibility of the blocks. It not only minimizes all blocks on a Drupal page, but provides a cool accordion effect to help your user to concentrate on a single block at a time.

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andre maljaars's picture implements Drupal at 5 Agricultural web 2.0 communities at The Netherlands have implemented Drupal successfully at 5 web 2.0 communities for the Agricultural business sector at The Netherlands. For this we cooperate with our business partners Ontwerpwerk from The Hague and aeMotion from Culemborg the Netherlands. Examples of these communities are:

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Community site for Indian Mothers

Please look at my new site
It is a Social Networking site and dedicated to Indian Mothers.
Main module is OG


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Idealware is looking for Drupal Service Providers in the Nonprofit Sector

Hello everyone, here is a great way to market your Drupal services to the non-profit community. Phase2 Technology is participating in this effort by sponsoring the Drupal portion of a new research report done by on the subject of comparing Drupal, Wordpress, Joomla and Plone. Of course, we want the Drupal community to be well represented so please consider adding your support by registering to be listed in the Drupal portion of their services directory.

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Welcome! List of Drupal showcase directories, lists

Hi all,

Welcome to this group dedicated to promotion of sites built on Drupal.

Here are some of the Drupal showcase directories (not belonging to* sites) I have found on web. Not many, but enough for begining. You are welcome to complement this list.

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