Theme development

This is a special interest group dedicated to improving and expanding the Drupal theme system including theme functions and templates, CSS, markup, and how contrib modules add in their functions, CSS, and markup.

for example, we'll take stock of the location and number of CSS files and discuss if the architecture can be improved through emerging frameworks like Object Oriented CSS.

We will consider the questions "What do themers need from Core in terms of CSS? Module developers? SEO specialists?" and "What's new in CSS? What does Drupal support? What's the roadmap for CSS support?"

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Drupal Themer in VA. | Capital Markets Placement

Employment type: 
Full time
Not allowed

Fortune 500 company
US citizens and Green Card holders only, please.
Location: Herndon, VA

Please send your resume to lana [at]

Job Description OMB project within our client is looking for a motivated individual with expertise in converting web page designs (mockups) in to HTML templates using CSS. Most of the assignment will be to create ?themes? for Drupal based sites, which require solid CSS and xHTML skills. Selected candidates will work in a dynamic team environment, on variety of projects, ranging from simple sites to complex collaborative sites.

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D8 Mobile Initiative IRC Meeting

2011-12-22 19:00 - 20:00 UTC

Please join us for our first IRC meeting to discuss issues related to the Drupal 8 mobile initiative. The meeting will be held in #drupal-mobile on IRC at 19:00 UTC on Thursday, December 22. Using IRC is easy; provides a guide to using IRC.

Thursday, December 22:
San Francisco — 11am
New York — 2pm
London — 7pm
Taipei — 3am (Friday)

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Design Initiative IRC Meetups

2011-12-19 20:00 - 21:00 Europe/Stockholm

Please join us for our 1st bi-weekly meeting to discuss issues and progress related to the Drupal 8 Design initiative. The meeting will be held in #drupal-design in IRC.

PST: 11:00 AM
EST: 2:00 PM
UK: 7:00 PM
CET: 8:00 PM

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Drupal Summit Latino

We want to invite Drupaleros around USA to our event!


Drupal Summit Latino, Guadalajara 2012 will take place on the "Universidad de Guadalajara". Drupal Summit Latino aims at being an event to unite and bring together all the Drupal communities, companies and people around the Latin American and Brazil.

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Drupal Developer NYC | ubergig

Employment type: 
Full time
Employment type: 
Not allowed

5+ years experience in web application development
2+ years experience in Drupal application development (developing Drupal Modules)
Education: Bachelor’s degree, in a relevant technical field.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities:
Develop and document technical requirements and solutions
Work with product owner(s) and Technical Leads to estimate development effort
Design and develop software using Drupal and PHP to fulfill technical and functional requirements
Design and develop software according to best practices and internal standards

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How to get group_renderd from content_profile in user-profile.tpl.php?


It might be not directly related with content profile module. I have a site where I'm using content profile module for user profiles, but I also use userpoints module and few other modules that display some information on user profile page. I created user-profile.tpl.php template and now I want to display content from CCK groups that are in content profile.

Usually in for ex. in node.tpl.php it's enught to

print $my_group_name_rendered;

But it does not work with page template user-profile.tpl.php

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Making learnability a priority in Drupal.

Drupal is growing up, and with its maturity comes a complexity that is making it harder and harder to learn. We have initiatives that focus on making the user interfaces easier to use, but we have not been paying attention to how improvements to core have affected new contributors, and their ability to learn how to code for Drupal. This wiki is be a place where we can track and discuss how to keep Drupal coding easy to learn.

(This idea comes out of the Engineering for the 80% talk given at Drupal Camp Colorado, and the Bay Area Drupal Camp in 2011.)

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Themer / Developer |

Employment type: 

We need a dependable themer / developer for immediate projects.
1. Responsive to communication (no long delays for quotes etc)
2. Fluent written and spoken English, Spanish or French (English is preferred). If I can't talk to you on skype it's a no go.
3. Affordable hourly rate.
4. INDIVIDUALS ONLY: no agencies.
5. Clean coding style.

Those interested should reply on my form:
DO NOT contact me through or through any other means (this includes looking me up through skype).

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theme function for comment preview page

does anyone know, if drupal has a theme function for the comment preview page?
I have a 3-column blog theme (page--blog.tpl.php), a one-column forum theme (page-forum.tpl.php) and a 2-column page theme (page.tpl.php).
You can see my blog and forum theme attached.
The comment preview is always shown in my page.tpl.php.

How is it possible, to theme the blog comment preview page like my page--blog.tpl.php and the forum comment preview page like my page--forum.tpl.php?

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Designing Drupal's Mobile Navigation

The first problem we need to solve is how users get around Drupal's interface on devices with small screens and touch screens. See the D8MUX road map.

Let's do some brainstorming and prototyping over how we get this good on mobile.

What do we need?

  • Simple
  • Consistent
  • Finger friendly
  • Complementary - The navigation can't upstage the main purpose of the page or task.

Current pain points

One page many purposes

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Front-End Developer |, Inc.

Employment type: 
Full time

Are you one of those folks who sees a cool website and immediately goes to view its source? Do acronymns like HTML5 and CSS3 get your heart beating a little faster? Does “Sass” mean something different to you than it does to your non Web-developer friends? If so, then you might be a good candidate to join the Palantir team! is a renowned design, development, and strategy firm that uses open source technologies to help enable people to share information in new and exciting ways, and we're looking for talented Front-End Developers to help us build sites for the Drupal content management platform.

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Want to create a mega menu

Hello Friends,
I am Novice, I want to design a Mega Menu for my Drupal site. Please help me out.
I have created a CSS for Mega Menu now I want to implement it.
Can you please tell me the steps which can be followed.

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Montreal, QC : Formation HTML / CSS et theming Drupal 7 pour debutants

2011-11-25 10:00 - 14:00 UTC

Vous voulez apprendre à faire un beau thème sur Drupal 7?
Le Réseau Koumbit, situé à Montréal, offre une formation de trois jours en HTML et CSS spécifiquement sur Drupal 7.
Le CSS3 et le theming Drupal seront abordés. Niveau : débutant.

Pour plus de détails et pour inscription:

25 novembre 10:00 - 14:00
2 décembre 10:00 - 14:00
9 décembre 10:00 - 14:00

Tarif : 325$ +tx.

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Drupal Designer/Themer | Clinical Tools

Employment type: 

Clinical Tools is looking for someone to redesign the homepage of one of our websites to include a rotating slideshow. For more details about this project as well as information on how to apply, please visit

This is a contract position, needed immediately and telecommute is OK. US Residents only; no companies or recruiters please.

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Any and All Proposals welcome for DrupalCon Denver Sessions

Hello Vancouver and Surrey Drupallers,

Rick Nashleanas, content manager for Drupalcon Denver, has asked me to post this announcement to the group. DrupalCon Denver is accepting proposals for sessions. Any and all proposals are welcome. Help keep DrupalCon 100% powered by you.

Rick writes:
Session proposals are still being accepted for the next DrupalCon, being held at the Colorado Convention Center in Denver, March 19 -23, 2012. The conference theme is "Collaborative Publishing for Every Device" and the deadline to submit sessions is October 26, 201123:59:59 UTC/GMT -7.

DrupalCon Denver will be focusing on 8 significant areas of expertise and of particular interest to Drupal users and developers alike. Preference will be given to session ideas that examine the following tracks and how they relate to the conference theme:

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Blueskying Drupal 8 Mobile Solutions

Building mobile solutions encompasses a large problem space: native apps, HTML5 web apps, responsive design, device capability detection, mobile/desktop switching, front-end performance, etc.

I'm seeing lots of really interesting contrib modules and themes tackling mobile problems in Drupal 7.

Since Dries has already indicated that mobile will be an important aspect of Drupal 8, my question is:

what do you think Drupal 8 core (not contrib) should provide for mobile solutions out of the box?

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Developer | FreeSchoolUniversity

Employment type: 
Part time

We are creating an online educational site for which is part of OccupyBoston.
Using Open Scholar, we are making a site that will host several sites for classes and teachers of many subjects.
It will be an International site geared towards teaching, mentoring and sharing knowledge.

I work with Drupal on a regular basis, but have not worked with the Open Scholar version.
If there are any Drupal developers out there that have Open Scholar experience, there are a few things we could use help with.

Advanced calendaring

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Drupal Trainer | Axis12 Ltd

Employment type: 
Part time
Employment type: 
Not allowed

About us
Axis12 are urgently recruiting talented Drupal trainers to join our fast growing London team on a part time basis. We are rolling out a large Drupal and SOLR focused training programme and need some like-minded people to help make it a success.

We are looking for experienced Drupal Trainers to join our team. Our Training programme will encompass all levels of Drupal Training from the Introduction course, HelloDrupal! through to advanced courses, such as Scaling with Drupal.

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Western NewYork Drupalcamp on Oct 14&15

Western New York is hosting their DrupalCamp on Oct 14&15. I would like to invite every one from New York, NewJersey & New Hampshire area Drupal Gigs.

Western New York Drupal Camp Site


Mahesh - Drupal PM/Themer

PixelClever's picture

Themer / Developer |

Employment type: 

I am looking for an experienced themer who knows how to work within Drupal coding standards for regular contract work.
Those interested should contact me through my contact form either here on this site or at

Information to include in your email:
- Your rates.
- Examples of sites you have worked on.
- Your preferred base theme.
- Your location
- Number of hours / projects you can take per week.
- Skype / Email / Website

Required Experience:
- Theming and configuring views on every level
- Theming Panels
- Theming forms

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