All you WCAG nuts this is the place for you: how to make Drupal more accessible. Hints, tips, discussion and patch proposals.

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Drupal Accessibility Scrum

2013-07-02 09:45 - 10:00 America/New_York
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User group meeting

This is a weekly scrum call for anyone who wants to be involved with Drupal core accessibility development.

I'll post a URL to a Hangout in this issue at 9:40am on Tuesday morning. I still haven't figured out how to set up an event with a Hangout beforehand.

I'll also post a link to the Hangout here:

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Free accessibility webinar July 16, 2013 3:00 pm EST

My boss is delivering this webinar, and since I am not a huge fan of shameless seIf plugs, I wouldn't have posted it if it wasn't a free webinar, so any and all are welcome to join!

  • Learn the components of web accessibility and how are they related and managed by the W3C’s Web Accessibility Initiative.
  • Go beyond the Guidelines – WCAG, UAAG, ATAG, and ARIA – to the supporting documents and tutorials that are freely available.
  • Learn about how WAI-Engage and other community resources can support your expanding web accessibility knowledge and skills.
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DrupalCamp Twin Cities 2013

Registration is now open for DrupalCamp Twin Cities, July 18-21st, held at the University of St. Thomas in Minneapolis, MN.

We're very excited about this year's DrupalCamp. We have a record number of sessions submissions, some really excellent keynote speakers, and the best DrupalCamp parties in the country. Before camp the University of MN is hosting a weeklong Accessibility testing of Drupal 8 and we have Accessibility, Twig, Media and Core sprints happening after the camp.

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Tables of links

Since screen reader users often navigate pages by reading just the link text, one of the accessibility guidelines is that link text should not be the same for links that point to different pages and link text should make sense on its own (e.g., no "click here").

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First accessibility scrum call is a failure

Dharmesh and I were the only two folks to attend the scrum call. This is probably because we're in the same office and I went and pulled him into the meeting. So, the question is, how did the tools fail?

Dharmesh and I went through the Google Event creation/invitation process and it's not good. You only get notification of an invitation to an event in your notification stream, not your email. And nobody checks their Google notification stream; it's just too cluttered and non-obvious.

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Weekly accessibility scrum call

I've set up the first of a weekly series of scrum calls that I will lead. The scrum call is meant to be short (15 minutes) and focused on tasks. If you are doing any work within Drupal regarding accessibility, I suggest you request an invitation to this event with the link below. Once I have a list of folks who have requested an invite, I will invite that group of folks to future meetings until you ask to be removed from the list.

We've only got a few months to get Drupal 8 into shape regarding accessibility. We should all be helping and motivating each other to do this important work!

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My GSOC project

Hi, I wanted to let the Accessibility Group know about my GSOC project. I'm going to be writing a module that will integrate Infusion's User Interface Options(UIO) with Drupal. The UIO helps your site be more accessible by allowing users to customize the UI. Some of the things that they can control are text size/style, line spacing, colour and contrast, adding a table of contents.
Here is an example of a website that uses the UIO:
You can click on the "Preferences" tab at the top right to see the options.

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Accessibility Sprint at Drupal Camp Twin Cities, MN - in person and remote

2013-07-21 09:00 - 17:00 America/Chicago
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The Twin Cities Drupalcamp team is thrilled to announce the addition of another Drupal core development sprint. We will be putting Drupal 8 through a series of accessibility evaluations with the help of University of Minnesota Computer Accommodations Program (CAP) team in order to help make Drupal 8 the most accessible and delightful release ever for our users with disabilities.

Sprint sponsors

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how to make A:hover changes happen when tabbing over

If I have a button that changes opacity on a:hover, is there something I can do with css to make the same change in opacity when it is focused on by tabbing to it?

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how to shift focus to result of form submission

On form submit, focus should be shifted to the alert at the top of the page that identifies success or failure so that the screen readers will get it . How can I do this? thanks

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the views accordion is not keyboard accessible

Hi, the accordion views I have made are not tabable (you cant read the content by tabbing) which I need for 508 accesability. Does anyone have an answer for this?

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Summary of DrupalCon Portland 2013 Accessibility Events

DrupalCon Portland took place from May 21st, 2013 to May 24th, 2013. Optional sprinting days bookended the conference on the weekends before and after.

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Multilingual Website Accessibility

I work on a multilingual website that will contain many languages that are not normally written, and I wonder if there are any ways to get this working for people using screen readers?

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Accessibility core conversation at DrupalCon Portland

I've scheduled a core conversation to discuss development work to improve Drupal's accessibility.

Day: Tuesday, May 21, 2013
Time: 5-5.30PM PST
ROOM: A105 - Pantheon

Here is the proposed itinerary:



  • State of a11y work in D8 (very fast and very high level)
    • What have we accomplished?
    • What does the team composition look like?
    • What is being worked on? I.e. what are the major focuses?
    • What do we hope to accomplish in this major version release?
  • Outlook for a11y work in D9
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    CAPTCHA alternatives for accessability.

    I have been looking for CAPTCHA alternatives. The audio alternatives are nearly as bad for the visually impaired as the pictures are (if you don't believe me, listen to one at One alternative that seems to have good potential is the honeypot method ( Does anyone have any experience with this type of method when used with screen readers or other alternative browsers? Any input is appreciated.

    Kevin Finkenbinder
    Web Developer/Programmer

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    Allow me to attend Drupalcon Portland 2013: help needed!

    Hi everyone,

    I am Vincenzo Rubano (@falcon03). Since November I've been actively involved in Drupal core development giving feedback on existing accessibility issues, performing some accessibility reviews of proposed patches and opening accessibility issues.

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    So, you want to be accessible? (Blog post)

    Thought this might be of interest to a few of you. Just a basic introduction to accessibility testing.

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    Media module messes with alt tag

    With the media module, image fields in D7 require the following changes to generate alt tags, which should be the default:
    Please check - I hope that I am wrong: I have been waiting for them to fix it since am using the "Open Outreach" distribution & bypassing the problem until fixed.
    I tested both the 2.0-unstable and dev versions:

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    Bringing Automation to our Accessibility Tools: Our Knight News Challenge Proposal

    If you work with a government organization who has ever used an automated “508 testing” tool online, you know the pain: a screen full of alerts and the dreaded words: “200+ violations.” What do you do with that information? Is it code to fix or content to fix? Who can fix it? I wouldn’t know either, and accessibility is my full-time job.

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    Future of accessibility checking discussion - QUAIL, Node Accessibility, Accessible Content, etc.

    There has been a very good discussion going on in the issue queue of Accessible Content about the future of that module, as well as how it will relate to other initiatives to provide accessibility testing in Drupal.

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