All you WCAG nuts this is the place for you: how to make Drupal more accessible. Hints, tips, discussion and patch proposals.

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Summary of DrupalCon Portland 2013 Accessibility Events

DrupalCon Portland took place from May 21st, 2013 to May 24th, 2013. Optional sprinting days bookended the conference on the weekends before and after.

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Multilingual Website Accessibility

I work on a multilingual website that will contain many languages that are not normally written, and I wonder if there are any ways to get this working for people using screen readers?

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Accessibility core conversation at DrupalCon Portland

I've scheduled a core conversation to discuss development work to improve Drupal's accessibility.

Day: Tuesday, May 21, 2013
Time: 5-5.30PM PST
ROOM: A105 - Pantheon

Here is the proposed itinerary:



  • State of a11y work in D8 (very fast and very high level)
    • What have we accomplished?
    • What does the team composition look like?
    • What is being worked on? I.e. what are the major focuses?
    • What do we hope to accomplish in this major version release?
  • Outlook for a11y work in D9
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    CAPTCHA alternatives for accessability.

    I have been looking for CAPTCHA alternatives. The audio alternatives are nearly as bad for the visually impaired as the pictures are (if you don't believe me, listen to one at One alternative that seems to have good potential is the honeypot method ( Does anyone have any experience with this type of method when used with screen readers or other alternative browsers? Any input is appreciated.

    Kevin Finkenbinder
    Web Developer/Programmer

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    Allow me to attend Drupalcon Portland 2013: help needed!

    Hi everyone,

    I am Vincenzo Rubano (@falcon03). Since November I've been actively involved in Drupal core development giving feedback on existing accessibility issues, performing some accessibility reviews of proposed patches and opening accessibility issues.

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    So, you want to be accessible? (Blog post)

    Thought this might be of interest to a few of you. Just a basic introduction to accessibility testing.

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    Media module messes with alt tag

    With the media module, image fields in D7 require the following changes to generate alt tags, which should be the default:
    Please check - I hope that I am wrong: I have been waiting for them to fix it since am using the "Open Outreach" distribution & bypassing the problem until fixed.
    I tested both the 2.0-unstable and dev versions:

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    Bringing Automation to our Accessibility Tools: Our Knight News Challenge Proposal

    If you work with a government organization who has ever used an automated “508 testing” tool online, you know the pain: a screen full of alerts and the dreaded words: “200+ violations.” What do you do with that information? Is it code to fix or content to fix? Who can fix it? I wouldn’t know either, and accessibility is my full-time job.

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    Future of accessibility checking discussion - QUAIL, Node Accessibility, Accessible Content, etc.

    There has been a very good discussion going on in the issue queue of Accessible Content about the future of that module, as well as how it will relate to other initiatives to provide accessibility testing in Drupal.

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    Looking for project

    Hi all,

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    Should we provide the drupalladder with some accessibility tests

    If some simple lessons could be produced on how to test for some common accessibility issues and posted to it might garner more help in testing patches for accessibility.

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    how to make text resize work in corolla theme

    I installed the "text resize " module into the corolla theme and the buttons to increase and decrease text size dont do anything. Is there a better module for this that I can use? thanks

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    Twin Cities Drupal Camp 2013 (MN)

    2013-07-18 (All day) - 2013-07-21 (All day) UTC
    Event type: 
    Drupalcamp or Regional Summit

    The Twin Cities Drupal Camp will be held Thursday, July 18 through Sunday, July 21 in Minneapolis MN. Camp kicks off with a day of classes on Thursday, followed by two days of workshops, and closes with a sprint on Sunday.

    More information and registration is available at the camp website

    If you would like more information, check out the website or you can reach out to the camp organizers at

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    Testing for contrast with buttons and gradients

    Lately I have been doing color contrast testing for Drupal 8, and I've come across two examples that aren't as straight forward as text color on background color. I wanted to know in particular if there was already a standard for handling the instances described in these issues and

    In issue 1858238, if both the text on button background, and button background on page background should pass the color contrast WCAG AA threshold.

    In issue 1858206, what must pass when there is a gradient applied.


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    Accessible Content and QUAIL 2.0

    After a few years hiatus from Accessible Content to pursue other things, the QUAIL project has moved on to version 2.0, and so too must the Accessible Content module.


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    State of Drupal in education update

    Just a quick community note about some momentum in projects that often times directly benefit the drupal edtech community.

    LTI is moving along in the community it seems --

    Epub would be an excellent format to support exports to which funnymonkey has some work into that I need to test --

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    Quick Intro

    After I "pouted" on the twitters about wanting to help with accessibility and not being sure how to do so, @ezufelt sent me over here and and asked that I introduce myself and raise my hand to help.
    So here I am.
    My name is Dillon, I live in Evanston (just outside Chicago) and have been working w/ Drupal now for 2+ years. I have a passion for making things accessible and creating good experiences.

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    Accessibility issues during drupal installation

    Hi all,

    this month accessibility call gave me some inspiration...

    Some time ago I was installing drupal 8 and I noticed some things that seem not so much accessible...

    So, yesterday I installed again drupal and took some notes about the issues I discovered.

    Now, I wonder what's the best way to report them in the issue cueue (I am a novice in drupal core development :-))?

    Should I start a meta issue that links to related issues, so that we have a related issue for each problem?
    And what component of core should I report issues against?

    Thanks in advance for your help!

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    Drupal 8 Accessibility Evaluation Priorities

    This wiki page is intended to compile a list of the priority pages or components of Drupal 8 that most need a formal accessibility evaluation before the release of Drupal 8. Edit this wiki page to add to the list. Add comments if you have different suggestions for how we compile an RFP, seek bids, and raise funds to have this evaluation completed.

    High Priority



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