LMS (learning management system)

Everyone interested in using drupal to power learning management systems (LMS) is welcome to participate. Particularly if you or your company has already built a LMS in drupal or some piece of functionality that could be used for course management or something like that.

This group is an outgrowth of one of the BOF's at drupalcon SF.

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ELMSLN packaged via Vagrant for easy spin up and try out

If you don't need to know how to setup vagrant and want to play:


This screencast is a series of 4 videos (for now, will be more in the future potentially) that show how to get ELMSLN up and running with Vagrant. This is the easiest way to setup this system as other methods require knowledge of bash scripting and a clean server to deploy against.

If you don't know what ELMSLN is check out http://elms.psu.edu/blog/post/elmsln-doodle-series

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Norways biggest e-learning site chooses H5P

www.ndla.no is Norway’s largest e-learning site for the secondary school level with 2,6 millions unique visitors in 2013. The website is publicly funded and has a large editorial staff for keeping the learning content up to date. NDLA requires most of its content to be openly licensed to encourage sharing and collaboration. NDLA now asks their vendors to deliver e-learning content as H5P, and uses H5P as their own authoring tool. They've already created over 1 000 H5P nodes.

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Richer experiences with Drupal 7 and H5P!

The H5P module is finally available for Drupal 7! Now you can download H5P and H5P content types empowering you to create great rich experiences for your users to enjoy. Content like interactive videos, presentations, drag and drop, fill in the blanks questions and more are available from h5p.org.

We have received many enthusiastic requests for an H5P D7 module and we are proud to present the newly released version. You can find it available on the H5P project page.

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Use H5P export to download and customize rich H5P content you find on other sites!

H5P's may now be exported. For a long time we've supported importing H5Ps, now we've gone full circle and also supports exporting H5P's. This means that if you as an editor finds H5P content on another site, and that site has H5P export enabled, you may download the content, upload it to your CMS, customize it and share it.

Take a look at demo.h5p.org. Here the export feature is enabled and you may export content from here and import it to your own site, make customizations and publish it.

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CyberCourse and the author note reStructuredText directive

CyberCourse is software for writing textbook-like things.

An important goal is that content lasts for years (think decades) without change. It will work on new devices as they come along. Authors can move content across platforms (CyberCourse to ELMS to Moodle to PeeWee's Buckets o' Content Management System) without needing to rework content. Well, not much anyway. What rework is needed is done once for all nodes with regex.

CyCo uses CKEditor as a semi-GUI, not its usual WYSIWYG self. Authors write in reStructuredText. Think Markdown, but standardized.

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Editable Interactive Timeline for H5P and Drupal

Timeline picture
The H5P timeline really shows of some of the strengths of H5P. A developer with the nickname “gafolini” took the great “TimelineJs” library by KnightLab, packed it as a H5P library, added a helper library and whoola! After two hours work we get this amazing new content type for H5P, and the existing library now is editable in web browsers, it is importable and exportable. It is amazing what H5P can add to existing js code with very little effort.

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Opigno : New Drupal LMS

A new Drupal-based LMS is available.

It's called Opigno, the idea is to provide an end product packaged as a distribution (Opigno). The user can download different apps separately and create their own, customized e-learning solution.

It has been designed to be very easy to use, and evolutive (through an app store). For more details you can have a look at: Opigno website

We'll be interested in your feedback on Opigno. Every comments or suggestions are welcome!

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ELMS Style Guide Released!

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Best LMS to use for online training, exams and certification?

I'm looking to build a combined Drupal / LMS, but the LMS needs to provide functionality for online training and also exams that people can receive certifications for. There may also be an element of online payment. Anyone have advice to share on what LMS would best fit these needs?
Thank you in advance.

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System for course design/creation

http://demo.cybercour.se shows (the beginnings of) a system for building courses. Course design and authoring tools only so far.

There's a list of short (< 3 min) videos about the system.

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Screencast: Rich content and applications in Drupal - what is H5P all about?

I've previously submitted a couple of H5P teasers here at G.D.O. without explaining what H5P really is.

We've now created a screencast that shows how H5P may be used by authors to create, publish and share rich content in Drupal. H5P focuses on enabling Drupal users to create richer content like interactive videos, presentations where tests may be included on the different slides, question sets, games and more.

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Is Schoology built on Drupal? If so is it violating the GPL?

I was researching LCMS (learning content management systems) or LMS platforms built to integrate or run on the Drupal platform. So far the most polished platform I've found was the SaaS (software as a service) product offered by schoology.


Now I'm not a lawyer but if schoology is built upon or in part using the Drupal platform is it not required to provide said code to anyone who asks under the GPL license?

Someone chime in and agree or set me straight on this subject.


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Try out the H5P Boardgame, Drag and drop and multichoice questions

A Boardgame content type is now available on H5P.org. Here students solves minigames that are layed out on a game board and gets rewarded with videos for success.

Boardgame also includes Multichoice, Drag and Drop and Questionset. It is completely editable using a web-browser. Download boardgame, and create you own boardgames, question sets, multichoice tasks and drag and drops using Drupal and a web-browser.


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Create presentations, "fill in the blanks" and more with the new H5P module

H5P beta has been released! This is a sneak peek into what is about to arrive:

(The presentation is 100 % editable using a web browser without plugins)

H5P stands for HTML5 package and is designed to fill the need flash once filled. HTML5 content is created as a singe file and may be uploaded to a website the same way a flash file is uploaded and published. BUT the content will also be editable using a web browser(without plugins), it will be responsive and work great on mobile phones.

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Can Drupal Works Well with Adobe Captivate 6 when comparing to Moodle??

I'm planning to launch an elearning website. I thought of starting off with Moodle which is an excellent LMS. I know it can support Adobe Captivate 6 well to submit scores to SCORM. But, I don't have any idea about drupal 7. Will drupal 7 provides same functionality as of Moodle?? Will it be able to support Adobe Captivate 6 and SCORM?? Can somebody help me by giving your good solutions??

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Drupal Books (i.e. content collected in a book module book) in Education.

I've been playing with the idea of using Drupal as a content management system for Educational content, thinking of any multipage content from a few pages of formatted notes to accompany a lecture to 100+ page online textbooks. I know there are a number of great projects out there that cover this to varying extents, so I didn't want to reinvent what they have done but to look at what might enhance this part of their functionality.

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Learning content authoring system (LCAS) group

There's a new group at:


It's for creating a distro to help authors write learning content, like Web sites that replace textbooks. The distro will have tools to help authors follow learning science principles, like outcome-based learning.

An learning content authoring system (LCAS) is not the same as an LMS. An LCAS instance will house content for, say, one course. Multiple LMS will use LTI/SCORM/TinCan to load content from the same LCAS instance.

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Developer | IWonder

Employment type: 

We are developing a learning management system using Drupal 7 and the Quiz set of modules. We have run into a few problems in dealing with the complexities of the project. The existing modules and functionality of Drupal 7 may not be enough to fulfill the requirements of the project and custom modules or custom code may be necessary, which is beyond the current developer's skills.

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Drupal distro for designing courses

(This is going out on several channels. Apologies if you get more than one copy.)

There are many Web sites and tools for authoring textbooks: iBooks Author, Flat World Knowledge, etc. Good tech, but there's a fundamental flaw in their specs. They're based on an obsolete view of learning.

Education researchers have shown how we can help students learn STEM skills (STEM: science, tech, engineering and math). Deep learning, formative feedback, other things. We need to redesign authoring software based on these research findings.

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Drupal distribution (EduERP) for Educational Institutions is Released!

EduERP is student and staff adminstration software for educational institutions. It is available for download and immediate use.

The student information system can do admissions, clearance, course registration, grading, exams processing and transcripts. With plugins for creating and synchronizing user accounts on e-mail servers, payment administration, HR management and a flexible reporting system, most schools can automate student and staff management with EduERP.

Notable Features



  • Student Registration
  • Clearance
  • Course Registration
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