LMS (learning management system)

This group should probably have more organizers. See documentation on this recommendation.

Everyone interested in using drupal to power learning management systems (LMS) is welcome to participate. Particularly if you or your company has already built a LMS in drupal or some piece of functionality that could be used for course management or something like that.

This group is an outgrowth of one of the BOF's at drupalcon SF.

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Many new features and four new content types available for H5P

With the latest version of H5P users may copy and paste entire interactions:
Animation illustrating copy and paste

And also bring content to front more easily, as well as many other improvements.

Four new content types has also been added: Arithmetic Quiz, Collage, Charts and Impressive Presentation.

Learn more and try it out in the interactive release note.

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New H5P Release!

We've made Interactive Video much, much better, created a new content type, improved the user experience for authors and a lot more.

Are you familiar with H5P? Learn about the latest features in the October release note :)

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iMindsX Platform: showcase for Learning Locker integration (and more)

As mentioned previously, we've been working hard on integrating Drupal with Learning Locker. Next to this we've invested heavily in usability for a blended learning platform based on Drupal. We'd like to show the Drupal community the two components on a live demo:

iMindsX platform - Drupal based blended learning demo

The iMindsX platform is optimised for blended learning. It uses Drupal 7, a large number of contrib modules from drupal.org, several modules from iMinds, some of which have been released on drupal.org already:

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// Accidental double post

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Education focused DrupalCampPA in Pittsburgh Aug 1&2!

Drupal Camp PA

When: August 1st & 2nd
Location: University of Pittsburgh
Drupal Camp PA will be held on August 1st and 2nd, 2015
Event URL: Drupal Camp PA Website - http://drupalcamppa.org/

Drupal Camp PA is focused on bridging Higher Education and Industry. We've got a lot of members of the Drupal PSU, Drupal Pittsburgh, Drupal Ohio communities, and elsewhere coming together to talk Drupal. While not exclusively for education, there will be a lot of developers from higher education institutions present including Write State, Pitt, PSU, CMU and more.

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xAPI module for learning analytics

At iMindsX we have been working on integrating Drupal with Learning Locker for a while now. We created a custom distribution for blended learning, and detailed analytics are very important. Last month, we made the set of integration modules that allows sending xAPI statements to Scorm Cloud and Learning Locker (developed by Matthias van Parijs, Nikos Verschore and Devan Chase) for various actions performed on the blended learning site. The coolest features are video player interaction for Youtube and Vimeo and Quiz integration.

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June release of H5P - two new content types, xAPI upgrades and more

The main focus this time has been in documentation. For developers wanting to create or modify H5P content types the documentation is way better.

But we also found the time to create a new question type, a documentation tool, improve xAPI support and more.

Click the image below to read about the new stuff:
June release note

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ELMS Learning Network: An EdTech Platform for Sustaining Innovation

New white paper released
ELMS Learning Network: An EdTech Platform for Sustaining Innovation

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ELMSLN + xAPI/Learning Locker + H5P + OpenBadges

Rick Humphries (@rickhumphries) recently did a video showing the work his group is doing with ELMS Learning Network, Learning Locker and H5P to transmit activity statements (XAPI) from ELMSLN to Learning Locker. Then it shows how ELMSLN is querying the LRS (learning locker) for what statements a user has passed and then granting badges based on matching those statements.

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H5P February release - xAPI, YouTube, new content types and more...

We've now released the february update to H5P featuring several new content types, xAPI integration, YouTube integration, adaptivity in interactive video and more.

Click the image below to go to the release note and see some of the new features in action:


Did you miss the January release note?


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H5Ps may now store scores

Results from tests and other H5P interactivities are now stored in both Drupal and Wordpress. This means that H5P may be used for homework and other use-cases where activities and results needs to be tracked. H5P stores when a user starts the activity, when he finishes, how many points he got of how many possible points.

It is possible to list all results for a specific H5P:

Results table

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It's now easier to administer H5P libraries!

We've had some feedback from community members who want more control of what happens behind the scenes in H5P, and we've now launched the H5P library administration feature

In earlier versions of H5P, the ability to administer installed H5P libraries were limited. In the newly published H5P module, the H5P library administration has gotten a lot better. Here we give you an overview of what the H5P library administration is all about.

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CyberCourse: distro for authoring courses

CyberCourse is a Drupal distro for authoring courses. It focuses on university skills courses, like programming, writing, and math. It makes flipped, blended, assessment-driven classes practical.

Build a course with many exercises. Students write programs, write emails, find math logic errors... No multiple choice quizzes. Students get individual formative feedback from humans. Practical at scale, at low cost.

Students can fix and resubmit their work until they get it right. Supports mastery learning.

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Consultant | ANI

Employment type: 

We're looking for an eCommerce solution that would integrate with the Sakai CLE (sakaiproject.org and apereo.org). Here are some of the features that we would need:

  • Course catalog
  • Reporting: Tracking/student progress and completion
  • Self registration
  • Payment option
  • Certificate/Badge
  • Wait list
  • Course expiration date (after starting course)
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DrupalCampPA: Bridging Higher Education & Industry!

2014-08-02 (All day) - 2014-08-03 (All day) America/New_York
Event type: 
Drupalcamp or Regional Summit

Drupal Camp PA, a 2 day Drupal Camp in Western Pennsylvania, will be held on Saturday, August 2nd and Sunday, August 3rd at the University of Pittsburgh, School of Information Sciences. The theme of the conference "Bridging Higher Education & Industry" demonstrates the understanding of the importance of open source solutions in higher education as well as industry. The 2 day Drupal developer conference will feature topical sessions, keynote speakers, "Birds of a Feather" breakouts, and code sprints.

The deadline to submit a session is July 1st.

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ELMSLN packaged via Vagrant for easy spin up and try out

If you don't need to know how to setup vagrant and want to play:


This screencast is a series of 4 videos (for now, will be more in the future potentially) that show how to get ELMSLN up and running with Vagrant. This is the easiest way to setup this system as other methods require knowledge of bash scripting and a clean server to deploy against.

If you don't know what ELMSLN is check out http://elms.psu.edu/blog/post/elmsln-doodle-series

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Norways biggest e-learning site chooses H5P

www.ndla.no is Norway’s largest e-learning site for the secondary school level with 2,6 millions unique visitors in 2013. The website is publicly funded and has a large editorial staff for keeping the learning content up to date. NDLA requires most of its content to be openly licensed to encourage sharing and collaboration. NDLA now asks their vendors to deliver e-learning content as H5P, and uses H5P as their own authoring tool. They've already created over 1 000 H5P nodes.

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Richer experiences with Drupal 7 and H5P!

The H5P module is finally available for Drupal 7! Now you can download H5P and H5P content types empowering you to create great rich experiences for your users to enjoy. Content like interactive videos, presentations, drag and drop, fill in the blanks questions and more are available from h5p.org.

We have received many enthusiastic requests for an H5P D7 module and we are proud to present the newly released version. You can find it available on the H5P project page.

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Use H5P export to download and customize rich H5P content you find on other sites!

H5P's may now be exported. For a long time we've supported importing H5Ps, now we've gone full circle and also supports exporting H5P's. This means that if you as an editor finds H5P content on another site, and that site has H5P export enabled, you may download the content, upload it to your CMS, customize it and share it.

Take a look at demo.h5p.org. Here the export feature is enabled and you may export content from here and import it to your own site, make customizations and publish it.

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CyberCourse and the author note reStructuredText directive

CyberCourse is software for writing textbook-like things.

An important goal is that content lasts for years (think decades) without change. It will work on new devices as they come along. Authors can move content across platforms (CyberCourse to ELMS to Moodle to PeeWee's Buckets o' Content Management System) without needing to rework content. Well, not much anyway. What rework is needed is done once for all nodes with regex.

CyCo uses CKEditor as a semi-GUI, not its usual WYSIWYG self. Authors write in reStructuredText. Think Markdown, but standardized.

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