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At our November meetup we discussed group organizers. Specifically, how does one become a group organizer, what is expected of group organizers, how should we deal with conflict.

The results of this conversation are as follows:

  1. Become an organizer

    • Have a good reason first!
    • Post a comment to the group about who you are and why you think you need to be a group organizer
    • Get at least one approving comment
    • Get one of the existing organizers as a "second"
  2. Is there a limit to the number of organizers?

    • Not at this time.
  3. What is expected of group organizers

    • REQUIRED Adhere to Drupal Code of Conduct
    • Do one or more of... Camp Organizing, Meeting Organizing, Website Maintenance, Liase with GDO admins
    • Assist with conflict resolution when possible
  4. What if there is a conflict with a group organizer?

    • Discuss conflict among current organizers
    • Minimum two organizers to agree to remove a third



you guys must be kidding me?

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you guys must be kidding me? All these "requirements" and "policies" do nothing more than give headaches and will drive potential contributors away. all it really takes to be an organizer is one's thoughts and feelings of "hey, i want to do something for the group". one could argue common sense should be part of requirement too but luckily there's the rest of organizers to help with that when some one makes a mistake.

long rant made short: dont impose rules and regulations on something is not required to be anything more than just a desire to do something positive for/by the group.

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Removed the word policies

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I removed the word policies. You're right, they aren't really policies. Just what was agreed to at the last meetup as reasonable procedures.

The only requirement listed was adherence to the drupal code of conduct.


I think that requirement

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I think that requirement falls under "functional member of global drupal community". has little to do with 'organizing nyc dug'. but i'm just being morning-crancy & nitpicky

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Speaking of organizing, how's 2nd January 2013 shaping up?

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Wanted to sign-up, but there's no meeting posted so I thought I'd ask, and this seemed an appropriate location.

(A few hours earlier and I could have gotten myself over to the WDHH at HoB!)

And this is probably a good opportunity to say that I appreciate all that is done by our volunteer organizers throughout the year. THANK YOU ALL!

New York City

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