Drupal NYC Meetup -- September 5, 2012

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2012-09-05 18:30 - 21:00 America/New_York
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User group meeting

Where?: 7 World Trade Center, 29th Floor (Mansueto Ventures)
When?: August 1st, 6:30 - 9:00 PM ORLY?



Final list will be given to the venue at 10pm on September 4th (the evening before the meetup)


    New feature. Have a topic you can present in 5 minutes (with 5 more minutes for questions)? The basic idea is there are patterns for developing sites the "drupal" way ("what would drupal do? etc."). Tell us a quick 5 minute recipe for how to put the Drupal "bricks" together. Theming techniques or other things may also be appropriate. Propose it below. Make sure you mention it is for the "lightning round" otherwise it might get confused with a longer presentation.

    • Tagging with tags ~ bleen
    • Signup for 5 minute ~ Lightning Talk
    • Signup for 5 minute ~ Lightning Talk
  • 20 Min Talks
    Have a topic that needs more then 5 minutes, we have slots of 20 minute talks. The basic idea is there are broader subjects or more detailed discussions this is the type of talk you would want to signup for, please mention 20 min talk when posting your talk description and the audience you expect to speak to.

    • HAR & Eric's Cool Tool ~ ericduran
    • Signup for 20 minute ~ Talk
    • Signup for 20 minute ~ Talk
    • Signup for 20 minute ~ Talk
  • We will also have the New 2 Drupal BoF(birds of a feather). If you are new to Drupal and the talks don't apply to you some of us will take a group and talk with you about your issues.

Signup Instructions!: 7 World Trade Center security checks your photo id against the list of attendees that we provide.


Hey all friendly ping, if you

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Hey all friendly ping, if you have wanted to present and speak in front of the group this might be the month for you to step up. Lots of open slots...

One more time...

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Happy Labor Day. If there is anything you would like to speak about, now is the time to step up, no need to be shy.

whoa, no presenters? I'll

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whoa, no presenters?

I'll give a lighting talk about a recent tool I build (http://ericduran.github.com/chromeHAR)

Talking points:
- What is a HAR file?
- Why/When is it useful?
- How to view HAR files - Warning I'm biased ;-)


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Take your time, explain what HAR's are, and why they are important and why you created your project and how you did it :)

Lets make it 20 mins.

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Lets make it 20 mins.

edit: Never mind, I see you made it 20 mins from the get go.

I'll do a 5 minute talk

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I'll do a 5 minute talk called "Tagging tags - I found a use case."


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Thanks sir.

Let's fill the slots people :)

Still time to sign up for tomorrow?

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Trying to sign up, but seems like I can't from my phone. Is there still time to sign up?

Seems like you are on the

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Seems like you are on the list please click signups on the top of this event so you can verify :)

All set

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Yes, sorry, I subsequently was able to register via PC (was trying from my phone earlier, didn't work.

See you all tomorrow.

Hey! Would love to register,

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Would love to register, is it too late? My colleague and I would love to attend, but having trouble with registration. Let me know if it's too late?

Final Attendees List for September 5, 2012 meetup

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I closed out the registration for the meetup last night after 10pm. Here is a link to the csv file I submitted to the venue.


Hope to see you tonight.

Great Meetup

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Just wanted to say thanks to the entire group, great Meetup! I had some questions and was wondering: ok to ask them here or is there a better place for that? IRC?

Thanks again.

Support / Response to Questions

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I would say that you are likely to get more response in IRC. Lots of us are in #drupal-nyc on FreeNode.net. Head over to http://drupal.org/irc for more info on IRC & Drupal. You may find that you can get more support responses in #drupal-support or the #drupal- but you can always ask in #drupal-nyc,

New York City

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