Drupal NYC Meetup -- February 6th 2013

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2013-02-06 18:30 - 21:00 America/New_York
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User group meeting

Where?: 7 World Trade Center, 29th Floor (Mansueto Ventures)
When?: February 6th, 6:30 - 9:00 PM Wednesday evening



Final list will be given to the venue at 10pm on February 5th (the evening before the meetup)



    New feature. Have a topic you can present in 5 minutes (with 5 more minutes for questions)? The basic idea is there are patterns for developing sites the "drupal" way ("what would drupal do? etc."). Tell us a quick 5 minute recipe for how to put the Drupal "bricks" together. Theming techniques or other things may also be appropriate. Propose it below. Make sure you mention it is for the "lightning round" otherwise it might get confused with a longer presentation.

    • Getting Started with the Drupal Ladder- Fureigh
    • Status of Twig and Theming in D8 core - Carl Wiedemann
    • What's next for Susy Next - Sam Richard
    • DevShop - Jonathan Pugh (ThinkDrop)
  • 20 Min Talks
    Have a topic that needs more then 5 minutes, we have slots of 20 minute talks. The basic idea is there are broader subjects or more detailed discussions this is the type of talk you would want to signup for, please mention 20 min talk when posting your talk description and the audience you expect to speak to.

    • "Short Stack" - Steven Merrill
    • Live from Sydney Drupalcon: Devops without the Devs or the Ops - Dave Hall
    • fun with the batch API, fun with the batch API, fun with the batch API, fun with the... - Alex Ross (bleen)
  • Break Out Sessions
    Breakout sessions take place in the "other room" and are more informal, covering any number of topics.

    • New 2 Drupal BOF table - New to Drupal? Bring your questions and problems for expert help. If you are new to Drupal and the talks don't apply to you some of us will take a group and talk with you about your issues.
    • Drupal Ladders breakout - Get started on the Drupal Ladder! Break out session to prepare for regular Ladders contrib event.
    • Drupalcamp NYC 12 planning discussion - informal, ad hoc discussion to plan next Drupalcamp

Signup Instructions!: 7 World Trade Center security checks your photo id against the list of attendees that we provide.



Re: Sign up for Drupal NYC February 6th

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RSVP yes for Gwynn Turner

You have to click the "Sign

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You have to click the "Sign Up" button to get on the list! A comment here won't get you into the meetup!

Jon Pugh
Founder & CEO
open source consulting

RSVP yes for Tim Boisvert

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RSVP yes for Tim Boisvert

How to RSVP

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  1. Click the 'Sign up' button above. (If you can't find it, look at the green arrow on this screenshot: http://www.evernote.com/shard/s163/sh/3f7566c3-f6a0-43e8-8835-e5463da2d7....)
  2. Then go to your profile (groups.drupal.org/user) and make sure the Full Name field is filled out in a way that matches your ID.
  3. Enjoy the meetup! (Okay, technically that's not part of RSVPing.)

fureigh on twitter and g.d.o.

RSVP yes

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RSVP yes

You have to click the "Sign

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You have to click the "Sign Up" button to get on the list! A comment here won't get you into the meetup!

Jon Pugh
Founder & CEO
open source consulting

Live from DrupalCon Sydney!

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Live from (his hotel room at) DrupalCon Sydney, Dave Hall (@skwashd) will present on

"Enterprise DevOps without the Devs or the Ops"

Those who were at the December meeting will recall Dave's preview of this presentation on managed, scalable DevOps services.

Dave will be taking a deeper dive into the topic on a live feed during DrupalCon Sydney (which starts the same day, albeit 16 time zomes earlier.)

I'd like to give a 5 min

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I'd like to give a 5 min update on the status of Twig in core, and Drupal theming in core. :)

Sounds awesome (and I'd

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Sounds awesome (and I'd suggest even a bit more time/depth if you're game)

I'll do a 20 min session on

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I'll do a 20 min session on Drupal's batch API ... I'll call it "fun with the batch API, fun with the batch API, fun with the batch API, fun with the... "

It will be a practical demonstration of how and when and why to use the batch API

The code I used during the

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The code I used during the meetup:


Susy Next lightning round if

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Susy Next lightning round if we've got time?

sounds great

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I was really intrigued by what I learned at the last Sass meeting, and would like to learn more on this in a Drupal context.


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I can take 5 minutes to demo our DevShop project, the open-source Drupal Environment Manager...


Jon Pugh
Founder & CEO
open source consulting

Don't forget to vote for lightning rounds!

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Everyone who's signed up, please add your vote to any lightning rounds in the comments you'd be interested in. It gives us a way to gauge interest going into the meetup.

(We''ll probably put them all on the schedule anyway, but would like to get a sense of what people are interested in.)

Also, feel free to add a request for a topic to be covered as a comment. If we can't do that topic next month, we'll keep it in mind!

Short Stack (with syrup!)

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This month (In keeping with our serendipitous DevOps theme) Steven Merrill will be giving a pared-down version of his talk from BADCamp, entitled Short Stack.

The description is as follows:

The average Drupal hosting stack is getting much more complex. The average high-performance Drupal stack might have Apache or nginx, PHP, HAProxy, Varnish, Memcache or Redis, SOLR and Tomcat, MySQL, and a CDN.

Each of these tools is great at a particular job, but the sheer number of daemons involved can have several adverse effects:

  • More configuration is needed to get developers a copy of the production stack for testing
  • Client system administrators may be less familiar with some of the new tools you wish to use to build out a site for them
  • More to install, more logs to check, more possible points in the stack to possibly have to debug when things go wrong

With that in mind, let's take a look at some alternative options around a leaner, meaner, open-source hosting stack. We’ll take a look at how much can be done with the following 4 tools:

  • nginx for reverse proxy caching, load balancing, and as a web server
  • PostgreSQL for SQL storage and search
  • Redis for caching and queueing

Notes on twig

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Here ya go:

Twig - A new theme system for Drupal 8

What is it?

New theme engine, part of fixing the Drupal theme system after Drupal 7.

  • More intuitive data types
  • Better syntax
  • Secure
  • Consistent API
  • Fewer subsystems
  • Easier to learn

See our talk from BADCamp 2012 http://lb.cm/twig-bad-2012

Why is it?

D7 theming was no fun :( Let's design an entire system. Twig is part of this.

What's done?

  • Sandbox approach. http://lb.cm/twig
  • Engine is in D8 core.
  • Sandbox patches (mostly) ready.


We've slowed-down -- focus has broadened.

Ok. What's happening now

  • We need to focus back on getting patches ready for core.
  • Switch to bottom-up approach.
  • Evangelize, help people understand what's up. (Hi!)

What's left?

  • Sandbox Twig patches into Core, progress by 2/18 code freeze.
  • Much, much more :)

How can you help?


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New York City

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