Drupal NYC August Meetup (1st meetup in new space!)

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2013-08-07 18:30 - 21:00 America/New_York
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User group meeting

New Location
This will be the first meeting in our new location at 10gen's new offices (see address below.)

This month's meetup focuses on Data in Drupal, with presentations on MySQL, Postgres & of course NoSQL.

We're still selecting the new location for our regular post-meeting mixer event. If you have any suggestion, please post in comments!

Please remember to register using the signup button on this page. (You have to be logged in.) Note that signing up on meetup.com does not register you for the meeting, you must rsvp on groups.drupal.org. Final list will be given to the venue at 10pm on August 6th (the evening before the meetup)


    Have a topic you can present in 5 minutes (with 5 more minutes for questions)? The basic idea is there are patterns for developing sites the "drupal" way ("what would drupal do? etc."). Tell us a quick 5 minute recipe for how to put the Drupal "bricks" together. Theming techniques or other things may also be appropriate. Propose it below in comments. Make sure you mention it is for the "lightning round" otherwise it might get confused with a longer presentation. Lightning rounds do not have to be related to this month's topic

    • Explain Explained - Kevin Moll
    • Drupal Ladder & NYC Camp Sprint Day report - Fureigh
    • Drupal Commons 3.3 preview - ezra-g
    • Drupal Community PM- alexpronove
  • Main Presentations
    Have a topic that needs more then 5 minutes, we have slots of 20-30 minute talks. The basic idea is there are broader subjects or more detailed discussions this is the type of talk you would want to signup for, please mention 20 min talk when posting your talk description and the audience you expect to speak to. 20-30 min talks do not have to be related to this month's topic.

    • Drupal and Postgres - Mason Sharp
    • Using Drupal for ETL/BI on any data source - Sara Robertson
    • Entity Rules - tedbow
  • Break Out Sessions
    Breakout sessions take place in the "other room" and are more informal, covering any number of topics.

    • New 2 Drupal BOF table - New to Drupal? Bring your questions and problems for expert help. If you are new to Drupal and the talks don't apply to you some of us will take a group and talk with you about your issues.
    • NYC Camp sunset discussion - informal, ad hoc discussion about NYC Camp which just took place.
    • Other ad hoc breakout BOFs - Have an interest? Start a BOF at a break out table

Signup Instructions!:
Use the signup button on this page to RSVP and watch this space for an update with any special instructions.

Where?: (10gen)
229 West 43rd Street
NYC, NY 10036
(866) 237-8815


When?: Wednesday August 7th, 6:30 - 9:00 PM


NB: You must have your full name on your drupal.org profile to attend this event. If you do not have your full name on your profile, it will let you register, but your name will NOT be at the security desk when you try to attend the meeting!



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Signup Instructions!: 7 World Trade Center security checks your photo id against the list of attendees that we provide.

This is 10gens office, they sued to have one at Bway and Houston
229 West 43rd Street
5th Floor
New York, NY 10036


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they sued to have one at Bway and Houston

Oh? I heard their previous arrangement was non-litigious.


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I think faster than I type.
Is that the proper address?

House Of Brews

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There is a House of Brews nearby, 46th st and 9th ave

Is Marty in NYC? I just

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Is Marty in NYC? I just signed up, thinking I might venture over to midtown. Maybe I'll see you there?

"Do or do not, there is no try" -- yoda

see you there

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I am and you will

Beer Authority

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http://www.beerauthoritynyc.com/ - 2 minute walk away, pretty spacious, excellent beer

+1 This is probably one of

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This is probably one of the closest, wonder where the 10gen guys go afterwards?!


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Our old hangout Suspenders was an 8 minute walk from WTC7 (https://www.google.com/maps?saddr=suspenders&daddr=7+World+Trade+Center,...)

It would be a 9 minute walk from 10gen to the 51st St House of Brews (https://www.google.com/maps?saddr=10gen,+229+W+43rd+St,+NYC,+NY+10036&da...)

It would be a 6 minute walk from 10gen to the 46th St House of Brews (https://www.google.com/maps?saddr=10gen,+229+W+43rd+St,+NYC,+NY+10036&da...)

It would be a a 4 minute walk from 10gen to Beer Authority (https://www.google.com/maps?saddr=10gen,+229+W+43rd+St,+NYC,+NY+10036&da...)

Beer Authority at 40th & 8th

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Beer Authority at 40th & 8th is across the street and my preference over HOB - Happy Hour all the time in the 1st floor bar!

Super Close to NBCUniversal

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This is super close to NBCUniversal (5 minute walk), I think I can get a bunch more Drupal devs to come from here than did previously!

This is super close to Time Inc. too

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This is awesome. A million thanks to 10gen for being so kind and hosting this. Hopefully I'll bring along a few devs from here as well.

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I'm your new Project Manager. I'm new to Drupal but no stranger to IT. At the NYC camp, I saw up close and for the very first time how the open-source community worked. And from the few I spoke with (like Cathy Theys), I learned how the lack of Project Managers (henceforth PM) adversely impacted the process.

PMs wear many hats. I've mostly PM-ed in one environment: IT infrastructure. I used to implement technology in hospitals in Chicago, Wisconsin, and central Canada. I worked with vendors, contractors, and engineers and programmers from my head office. My usual responsibility was to ensure that systems were installed on time and within budget. Sometimes the project was about an upgrade or a repair but they were always based on the idea that it should be done on time because on time usually meant within budget.

I mentioned two constraints but all projects have three: schedule, budget, and scope (also known as quality). I'm sure that applies to our type of software development, even if it is open-source! And that's why I want a slice of your time.

During those 20 minutes, first, I want to let you know what I can do for the community (5 minutes) followed by second, I want to listen to your needs (15 minutes). To help focus the conversation, I'd like you to identify the top two pains you have as a member of the community. Here's an example: Cathy's frustration dealt with the frequency of volunteers who commit and then renege on their commitments. Ahhh, that happens, doesn't it? We all have lives. This is a new type of problem to me but finally, three weeks after NYC Camp, I've developed an idea. It's based on Kaizen and I'm going to present it to you guys.

By the way, my name is Alex Pronove. I come from the Philippines and migrated to Chicago in 1985. I've owned two businesses. The first was successful and the second was not. After the second business, I became a networking engineer and then a storage engineer. My boss noticed that I cared about the outcome of my assignments which is why he encouraged me to become less technical and more project-oriented. That's how I became a Project Manager in 2008. I earned my PMP certification the following year.

See you on the 7th.


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Thanks for giving your presentation at the meetup! It's unfortunate there was a little bit of a communication mishap and you were only able to go 5 minutes.

Your background and experience are really interesting to hear about but I'd like to hear a little bit more about the specifics of your experience and how you used technology to accomplish your goals instead of an overall explanation of what project management is. I feel like for our audience it's a little bit too base-level.

Sign up next month! Thanks again Alex!

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Two step process
Migrate Classes
Field Mapping
Using Drush and Migrate

or maybe Drush ctools-export (aliases ctex/ctev/ctee) http://drushcommands.com/#CTOOLS
and drush_ctex_bonus https://drupal.org/project/drush_ctex_bonus

I will probably be running late the Columbia Alumni Center is having a British Invasion mixer for all the fogies like me :P - so maybe next month is better timing

Lighting Rounds Or 20 minutes: Entity Rules

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I can present on a new module I made Entity Rules.

Basically it creates a different way of associate Rules with Bundle CRUD Events.

I was thinking Lighting Round but I could do either.

Drupal Trainer and Developer

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I'd be interested to hear about integration with Commerce, such a common need

specifically some of the recipes at

Rules to mirror product displays when products created/updated/deleted (and vice-versa)

You're on the list for 20

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You're on the list for 20 mins. Thanks :)

Drupal Commons 3.3 preview lightning talk

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I'd be happy to do a preview of new features that will be included in Drupal Commons 3.3, due out this month.

Can one bring a guest to this

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Can one bring a guest to this meetup? I have been speaking highly of Drupal, but he has never used it. He would like to learn more and I thought this would be a great opportunity to stoke his imagination a bit more.

Please advise. Thanks.

Cheers, Lars

Your guest will also need to

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Your guest will also need to signup for the meetup.

Too late?

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I've just signed up but I noticed the 10pm deadline - is it too late?


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List finalized

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Anyone that signs up after this comment will not make the list.

If you are unsure if you made the list here is the final list that was sent to our hosts (https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/ccc?key=0AqaZFq5sjVerdFBJWE80eFpybTB...).

Note: If you're not on the list and you signed up before this comment then check your profile. You might not have your Full Name listed.

FYI: I also updated the final

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FYI: I also updated the final session list. Please refer to the event node for more information.

Thanks all.

New York City

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