Drupal NYC February Meetup

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2014-02-05 18:30 - 21:30 America/New_York

When? Wednesday February 5th, 6:30 - 9:00 PM

CPX INteractive
1441 Broadway (b/w 40th/41st - Times Sq.)


We generally go out as a large party for drinks & fare afterwards at a local establishment.

Please remember to register using the signup button on this page. (You have to be logged in.) Note that signing up on meetup.com does not register you for the meeting, you must rsvp on groups.drupal.org. Final list will be given to the venue at 10pm on January 14th (the evening before the meetup)


    Have a topic you can present in 5 minutes (with 5 more minutes for questions)? The basic idea is there are patterns for developing sites the "drupal" way ("what would drupal do? etc."). Tell us a quick 5 minute recipe for how to put the Drupal "bricks" together. Theming techniques or other things may also be appropriate. Propose it below in comments. Make sure you mention it is for the "lightning round" otherwise it might get confused with a longer presentation. Lightning rounds do not have to be related to this month's topic
  • Main Presentations
    Have a topic that needs more then 5 minutes, we have slots of 20-30 minute talks. The basic idea is there are broader subjects or more detailed discussions this is the type of talk you would want to signup for, please mention 20 min talk when posting your talk description and the audience you expect to speak to. 20-30 min talks do not have to be related to this month's topic.
  • Break Out Sessions
  • Breakout sessions take place in the "other room" and are more informal, covering any number of topics.

  • New 2 Drupal BOF table - New to Drupal? Bring your questions and problems for expert help. If you are new to Drupal and the talks don't apply to you some of us will take a group and talk with you about your issues.
  • NYC Camp 14 planning discussion - informal, ad hoc discussion about NYC Camp which is planned for April 2014.
  • Other ad hoc breakout BOFs - Have an interest? Start a BOF at a break out table
    Signup Instructions!:
    Use the signup button on this page to RSVP and watch this space for an update with any special instructions.

    When?: Wednesday February 5th, 6:30 - 9:00 PM

    CPX INteractive
    1441 Broadway (b/w 40th/41st - Times Sq.)


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    I could give a lightning presentation on work I've been doing on the TFA module for Drupal - providing pluggable two-factor authentication options for Drupal sites


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    Really looking forward to this!

    -sg shalo

    Ill give a 20 minute on auto

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    Ill give a 20 minute on auto cropping your images with focal point

    Can we get a microphone?

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    Can we get a microphone for the meetup?

    There was one presentation last month that was inaudible due to low speaking volume and nobody in the back could here. This resulted in lack of attention and talking that drowned out the speaker even more.

    When we have remote guests going through the speaker system it sounds great, maybe we could use that?

    Second the Mic

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    Just wanted to second the request for a microphone - the last meeting was pretty frustrating as you could barely hear the presenters, and the people in the back talking made it even harder to hear. Would also be helpful if the tall tables were in the back and the low tables were up front :) - hard to see as well.

    Looking forward to more...

    Signup for our BuildAModule.com gift card giveaway

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    Please be sure to sign for this event to be included in our BuildAModule.com gift card raffle.

    We have two gift cards to give away at this Meetup. If everyone signs up we'll use that to pick a winner at random. If that doesn't work out we can also do a quick trivia in between presentations.

    I strongly recommend you sign up for the event and possibly brush up on your Drupal Knowledge ;-) just incase :).

    Note: Not to worry, we're not subscribing anyone to any mailing list or anything like that.

    I'll do 5 minutes to demo the

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    I'll do 5 minutes to demo the feeds_meetup module, which can be used to pull event information from meetup.com into nodes. This quick demo assumes you know what feeds.module is since this is a feeds processor demo.

    bending technology to fit businesses.

    Mini howto

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    Here is a mini to get your starter with feeds_meetup. You should know how to use drush otherwise just download the backup I made of the site.



    bending technology to fit businesses.

    20 min talk for PSR and autoloading in D7

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    I could do a 20 min. talk that includes an quick intro to autoloading in PHP, PSR standards in D7, and using XAutoload to automatically discover test cases and entity classes. If I speak really fast and my Spanish-thinking mind does not trample me, maybe I could drop in a slide about the future of PSR in PHP and Drupal.

    Vote for session ideas in the comments

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    Just a general reminder to everyone that you can vote for sessions that are proposed in the comments by clicking the + button below each comment's title/author.

    This is how we get a sense of what people would like to see at the meetup.

    You can actually vote up ANY comments and posts anywhere on groups.drupal.org. It's a feature not everyone knows about, but is very useful for gauging public opinion and consensus.


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    I can do a live demo of devshop.

    I'll deploy the nyc camp website, with environments on whichever branches you want, and go through a few development tasks using a devshop server.

    Jon Pugh
    Founder & CEO
    open source consulting

    I'll be there, happy to give

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    I'll be there, happy to give a talk on some thing if you want/need it.

    MultiChannel Drupal Commerce

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    I'm happy to give a demo of Commerce Guys, as yet unreleased, module stack for doing Multichannel Drupal Commerce implementations. This is all about Product libraries and Order management.


    If there is still a lightning

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    If there is still a lightning round open, I can give a quick talk about about syncing modules status (enabled/disabled) between environments with the Master Module.

    You're on the scheduled :)

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    You're on the list :)

    Potentially no WIFI tonight

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    Hi All,

    For everyone presenting please be sure you can present locally as wifi might not be available today.

    Thanks and sorry for any inconvenience.

    Won't be able to go :(

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    Transit from Jersey to NYC is reduced and delayed due to the weather, so I won't be able to make it.

    Will the events and talks from today be shared later on?

    You can't have a left brain without a right brain. Keep them both going!

    need a tripod

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    Can someone please bring a (mini) tripod please? I can't seem to find mine.

    We should go to Croton

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    We should go to Croton Resevoir Tavern afterwards, or anything other than the port authority.



    Jon Pugh
    Founder & CEO
    open source consulting

    Great meetup

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    Thanks to Eric & Forest for facilitating the meetup and the presenters for the great talks.

    Hope to see you at the playday / ladder event on 2/22 :)

    New York City

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