NYC Drupal Shops?

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Hi! I'm working on an RFP for a well-known college in NYC. We're looking for Drupal shops who also have awesome design sense. Wondering if the NYC group can make some recommendations. Thanks.


If you're really, really

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If you're really, really focused on design, I would look for a graphic designer first before hitting up any dev shops. In my experience, most devs, especially Drupal ones are great with code but design is not their forte.

This of course doesn't apply to everyone and every shop.

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I typically agree with @IronPatriot, most dev shops that do the kind of content-heavy/complex websites needed for the academic sector do not bring equal expertise in design and branding.

My firm happens to be a boutique branding & interactive agency in NYC. For 14 years we've specialized in working with academic institutions and nonprofits and bring equal expertise in strategy, design and technology, years of experience with Drupal. Some of our current clients in the academic sector are Columbia, Yale and Pratt Institute.

Our greatest area of specialization is the kind of content-rich websites with extensive content types, taxonomies and front-end templates that research-driven organizations tend to need. And along with creating beautiful and intuitive websites on the front-end, we've evolved our core Drupal installation to include a range of features that academic websites tend to need.

Please have a look at our work at and see if you feel we'd be a good fit for you. If you'd like to discuss your project, just let me know. My contact information is available on our site under "Get in Touch".

Matt Schwartz
Founder, Director of Strategy

My two cents

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I just want to say that I can vouch for what Matt Schwartz has written on this thread. As Director of Interactive Services at Columbia University for several years I had the good fortune to work with Matt on several projects at Columbia. He and his team are extremely knowledgeable, organized, flexible and creative.

I can highly recommend them!

BTW - this endorsement was completely unsolicited .. i just happened to see the thread and Matt's response and felt compelled to join the conversation.

best wishes all..


Singlebrook Higher Ed Drupal Development and Design

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Hi Node9,

Just wanted to chime in and introduce you to Singlebrook Technology, a NY development and design firm focusing on Drupal development for Higher Ed. You can check out our Smart Drupal Development approach here:

We currently work with many departments at Cornell University. We are also launching a complete site redesign, including responsive design, and Drupal migration (from CommonSpot) for University of New England very soon.

Our lead Drupal developer, Jeff Amaral, is an active contributor the Drupal community. We're also bringing on a very talented senior Drupal Developer, Aaron Wolfe, who was kind enough to point me to your post.

I'd be happy to ask our NYC/Boston Biz. Dev. person to reach out to you about your project.

Good luck with your search, and let me know if I can help!


Erica O'Brian
Director of Operations
Singlebrook Technology

New York City

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